How to Stream a Zoom Meeting Live on Facebook?

Video conferencing and meeting apps have become quite popular nowadays. From Google Meet to Zoom, every app is being highly used to conduct meetings and webinars.

But why should we limit our webinars or Zoom meetings to just a few people or those who have received the invitation link?

It’s time to reach out to more people, engage the audience and attract them towards your work. And the best way is to Facebook live your Zoom meeting.

Yes, you can live stream your meetings and webinars on Facebook so that apart from the participants, your Facebook contacts can also watch and share their views.

So here is the complete guide to Facebook live a Zoom meeting and level up your social media game.

How to Facebook Live a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom Meetings, as compared to other platforms, are simpler to use, have an amazing sound and picture quality.

Zoom meeting even offers the feature of going Live on different platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

So let us have a look at what you need to have to go live on Facebook with Zoom, and the complete process.


  • Pro, Education, Business or Enterprise account
  • Licensed host
  • Higher or latest Zoom version on PC or Mac
  • Live Stream feature should be enabled for Facebook

You might be wondering about the Zoom setting that you need to enable for live streaming, right?

So before moving to the methods to Facebook live a Zoom meeting, let us quickly look at the Settings that you need to change.

Now if you are an administrator, then you will have the ability to edit the account settings.

Step 1 – Login to your zoom account/ web portal.

Step 2 – Click on the Account Management option. Then choose Account Settings.

Click on the Account Management option

Step 3 – Under the Advanced “In Meeting” section, click on Meeting. And then click on the “Allow live streaming of Meeting” option.

Allow live streaming of Meeting

Step 4 – Then Choose the Facebook option. And click on Save.

You can similarly make the changes for a group or individual users, by following the same steps. Once you have made the changes, move on to the method to go live.

Method 1 – Direct Live Streaming to Facebook

Schedule your Zoom meeting. And send out the invitation links to all the participants.

Remember it is not important that all the participants have a Zoom account, your invite link is enough. Once this is done, let us stream it directly to Facebook.

Step 1 – Start your Zoom meeting or webinar. Check the control options of the Meeting, and click on More.

word image 1

Step 2 – Next choose Live on Facebook.

Live on Facebook

Step 3 – You will be redirected to a new window. The default browser will open asking you to log in to your Facebook account, if you haven’t logged in.

Step 4 – After logging in, you will have to choose where you will like to go live or stream the Zoom meeting or webinar.

stream the Zoom meeting

Step 5 – Click Next. And soon you will be able to see your Zoom screen on Facebook.

But don’t worry! it will not be shared with everyone or visible to your Facebook friends right now. You can add some description to the post to let everybody know what this is about.

Step 6 – So add some description to your Zoom live. Facebook will load the live stream and then you can click on the Go Live option.

Step 7 – You will get a notification on Zoom from your client that your video is live on Facebook. You can then start your meeting.

Notification on Zoom from your client

Step 8 – When you want to stop the streaming, click on Stop Streaming option or just end the meeting or webinar.

That’s it. This is how you can directly stream your Zoom meeting to your Facebook.

But there is one more way to go live.

Method 2 –Facebook Streaming via Custom Live Streaming

Another way to Facebook live a Zoom webinar or meeting is via the custom live streaming option. This method can be a bit long, but you can still try it.

Step 1 – Go to your Zoom meeting or webinar. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Configure live stream settings option. Click on it.

Step 2 – A new window will open. You can sign in to your Facebook account. And then click on the Live Video option on your timeline.

Live video

Step 3 – Now click on the Schedule Live Video Event option given on the menu on the left.

You can further customize it by giving the event a name, selecting the date and editing the privacy changes as well according to your need.

Step 4 – Click on the Next button. And then finally click on Create Event.

Step 5 – Next, copy the Url from Facebook and paste it to the Zoom’s Live Streaming page.

Step 6 – On the left side, you will find the Upcoming Live Videos and Events option. Select it.

Upcoming live videos

Step 7 – You will find the event that you created. Click on it and then choose Set Up Live Video.

Step 8 – Under the Get Started section, click on the Use Stream Key option. In this way you will find the Server URL and Stream Key.

Stream key

Step 9 – Copy these two inputs from Facebook and paste it into their respective place on Zoom.

Live API

Step 10 – The Add Live Service Stream window will open on Zoom. Click on Save.

Step 11 – After you start the Zoom meeting or webinar, click on the More options. And then select Live on Custom Live streaming Service.

That’s it. Your Zoom meeting will be streamed live on Facebook.

Common errors you encounter when Facebook Live a Zoom Meeting

A lot of users complained that they cannot find the “More” option on their Zoom window.

This is because they did not enable the live streaming option from the Account Management section. So before trying to go live with Facebook, make sure you edit the Settings.

Also, after you click on the Live on Facebook option, you login to your Facebook account; the following error message may pop-up-

“This endpoint is deprecated and will not be accessible once the next Graph API version is released. Please use the Live API instead.”

Do not panic. Just ignore the message and choose the option where you want to stream the Zoom meeting on Facebook, like on your timeline, or your friend’s timeline or in a group.

If you are thinking of using the Facebook Live Producer feature, then drop it. When you try to go live on Facebook, it notifies you to use the Live Producer. Do not accept the offer, click on Dismiss and go ahead.

And if you are not able to start the Zoom meeting stream, then clear the cache and cookies of your browser. And then try again.


Zoom is an exclusive platform to host meetings and webinars.

And when combined with Facebook you can reach a wider audience. It is very easy to use and let you level up your marketing and brand game.

You can share your screen, add various frames and even stream it on various social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

You just need to have a Facebook account and you can take your Zoom meeting live.

It is an awesome way to connect and so if you are thinking to stream your videos or webinars on Facebook then do go ahead.

And in case you get stuck somewhere or an error comes up, then share with us. We will be happy to help you.

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