4 Ways to Fix – YouTube Cast to Roku Not Working

Roku is a widely used online platform that lets you enjoy thousands of your favorite TV channels on smart TVs. However, users have reported problems that YouTube Cast to Roku Not Working. Maybe we could help you out!

When Google Cast first appeared, you had to connect your Android device and Chromecast to your TV. Over time, the cast button will start working on applications like Roku.

With emerging technology, everything is possible now. You can now cast the YouTube app with Fire TV, Roku, and even Xbox One.

Roku home screen

To cast Roku, open the YouTube app and start watching the video. When you are ready to cast and watch your video to the big screen, click the cast button and select the device you want to cast it to.

But what if this doesn’t work? What if you are not able to cast your favorite movie on the big screen? Don’t worry we will give you solutions. So, shall we go? Are you ready to solve the problem of YouTube Cast to Roku Not Working? Let’s go!

YouTube Cast to Roku Not Working-Fixes

Method 1: Make sure your device is connected to the same wireless network as your Roku device

You can start a channel directly from the Roku or Roku TV stream player, but you can also cast or watch content from your mobile device on your TV.

You can control YouTube wirelessly by activating the cast icon on your smart device and then by selecting your Roku device. The channel will automatically start on your Roku device and begin playing.

To use the cast function, the YouTube app must be installed on your mobile device and the Roku streaming device. You also need to make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same wireless network as your Roku device.

Step 1: Make sure you are using the latest version of the Youtube application.

Step 2: Turn off your phone’s WiFi and turn it on again.

Step 3: Restart your Roku and your phone.

Step 4: Change Roku device from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and vice versa (you need to set a separate SSID).

Setting the SSID

Step 5: Reset the Roku network or phone connection and connect it with the same network.

If your device and Wi-Fi network are working properly, you will be able to stream YouTube to Roku without any problems. However, there are still unresolved problems. We encourage you to try other methods.

Method 2: Reset your smart device and Roku

Step 1: First of all, select the Home button of your Roku remote

Step 2: Go to Settings> Go to options System> Then choose Advanced system settings.

Roku system settings

Step 3: Select option Factory Reset> Go to option Network connection reset> Follow the on-screen instruction.

Step 4: At last, open Youtube on your device and Roku and enter your credentials to get it started.

Step 5: This time, cast YouTube to your TV by clicking the cast option on the main interface of the YouTube app.

Method 3: Manually link your smart device’s Youtube to Roku TV

Step 1: After following the above steps, if you still have trouble casting YouTube to Roku, set it up manually by connecting the YouTube app to your phone on your TV and clicking “Watch on TV”.

YouTube watch on TV

Step 2: The application requires a PIN and is available on streaming devices.

Step 3: Now open the settings in the YouTube application on your TV and look for the Link with TV code option.

Link with TV code

Step 4: When the verification code appears on the screen, enter the verification code in the PIN code field on your mobile phone.

Step 5: And it’s done…enjoy Youtube on Roku!

Method 4: Remove and again add Youtube on Roku

Step 1: First of all, open your Roku on your TV.

Step 2: Go to the Settings option of Roku.

Roku settings

Step 3: Go to the Network option of Settings. It takes a few seconds to check your connection. Make sure your signal strength is excellent.

Step 4: Go back to the Home screen of Roku.

Go back to the Home screen of Roku.

Step 5: Remove Youtube by selecting the start button of your remote and select the option Remove Channel.

Remove the channel

Step 6: Now go to the option Streaming Channels> Select Youtube

Step 7: Now go back again to the home screen and open Youtube.

Step 8: Try to cast again.


Youtube subscription done! All set to watch your favorite movie tonight by casting Youtube on Roku but on end moment YouTube Cast to Roku Not Working. Sad!

It happens with all of us, that’s why we have explained the 4 ways above to solve this problem of yours by following a few simple steps.

We hope that the above guide will help you resolve your issue and you will watch your favorite movie on your favorite couch with popcorn and a cold drink. Share your feedback in the comment section below. Thank you for reading our post.

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