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Xbox One External Hard Drive not Loading Games – How to Solve?

Xbox One is undoubtedly the all-in-one entertainment system introduced to us by Microsoft. It is an advanced successor to the Xbox 360 console and is popular amongst gamers.

However, users raised an issue with Xbox One wherein their external hard drive could not load games.

If you are also stuck with such an error and looking for ways to troubleshoot it somehow, then you have reached the right page.

Today we are sharing some easy solutions that will help your Xbox One recognize your external hard drive.

Now the Xbox One console itself has a pretty large storage space. However, sometimes to have some additional storage option we connect an external drive.

Let us start with some easy ways to fix the Xbox One external hard drive not loading games.

How to Solve Xbox One External Hard Drive not Loading Games?

Before you start to resolve the Xbox One external hard drive issue, examine the given external storage drive requirements and ensure you have it right.

  • The external hard drive should be at least 128GB.
  • Not more than three external storage devices should be connected to the console.
  • The storage hard drive should have a USB cable 3.0 connection or a USB hub of a similar connection. This ensures higher loading and transfer speed
  • Ensure your hard drive has a partition.

Method 1 – Power Cycle Xbox One

A quick restart can help you fix the Xbox One external hard drive not loading games. Power cycling the device is the ultimate quick fix to every problem. Follow the given instructions to complete the process –

Step 1 – Unplug all the cords and cables from the console.

Step 2 – Press the Xbox button and hold it for about 10 seconds till it shuts down completely.

Power Cycle Xbox One console

Step 3 – Wait for a few seconds and then plug in the cable back. And press the power button to turn on the console.

Note – You can also remove the external hard drive before disconnecting and then connect your fixed hard drive again.

Method 2 – Update the Xbox One Console

Check for any pending updates that you require to manually update. Updating the console with the recent firmware update can help resolve the issue with the external device.

Step 1 – Press the Xbox button to open the Guide.

Step 2 – Click on System. Open Settings.

Xbox One Settings

Step 3 – Select System and then click on Updates.

You will be able to see the remaining updates in this section. If there are any updates, then install them right away.

Then return to the Settings and under the System> Storage check whether your device name appears or not.

Method 3 – Reset the Operating System

Your Xbox One might not be able to recognize hard drives or load games because of the operating system. Without losing your apps or games, you can fix the external drive issue by resetting the operating system.

Follow the steps given below –

Step 1 – Open the Xbox Guide by pressing the Xbox button.

Step 2 – Then open Settings. And go to All Settings.

Step 3 – Next choose System. Click on Console Info & Updates. And then select the Reset console.

Reset Xbox One console

Step 4 – A prompt message will appear. Click on the Reset and keep my games and apps option.

Reset Console and keep my games and apps

The operating system will remove all the corrupted data in no time, keeping your apps and games.

Method 4 – Adjust Power Management

If the above methods don’t work, then you can check the power settings as well. Here is what you can do –

Step 1 – Press the Xbox button and open the Guide. Go to System.

Step 2 – Open Settings. And click on Power & startup.

Step 3 – Next choose Power mode & startup. Now set the power mode to Instant-on.

Step 4 – Also, uncheck the box against the option – When Xbox is off, turn off storage.

Xbox Power Mode

After applying the changes made to the Power settings, restart our device. And then check if your external hard drive is loading games or not.

Bonus Tip – You can try connecting your external hard drive to a different USB port on your Xbox console. Or you can also check your drive with a different computer or laptop.

Also under the storage settings make sure that your default destination to install a game is set to External Hard drive. So all the games will be downloaded and loaded further from the external drive by default.

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The external hard drive might be causing issues wherein it couldn’t load games or is not being recognized by the Xbox One console.

Issues like this can be resolved with some simple and common troubleshooting tips and tricks.

However, ensure that you follow all the steps carefully. Also, before starting with the troubleshooting examine your hardware and confirm that all of them are in working condition.

We hope that this article was helpful and now you can save more games and load them via your external hard drive.

If we missed out on any method, or you know of some solution, then share it with us in the comment section.

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