A Guide on How to Install Vidtime on Kodi

VidTime Kodi add-on is the most well-known and well-rounded in Kodi. If you are a big fan of sports, cartoons, TV shows, and music then this add-on is definitely for you.

Now let’s get on to talking more about the popular add-on, Vidtime.

It is known for live sports, movies, TV, music specialty playlists, and much more.

Some of the key features in this add-on easily draw many users to it.

So, firstly let us run you through the process of installing this add-on. You need to have Fusion to get to the installing part of Vidtime. If you don’t already have Fusion, let’s run you through the process of installing Fusion too. To install Fusion all you have to do is

→ Open Kodi.

→ Go to System and then File Manager.

→ Type and click OK.

Now the following steps will help you install VidTime on Kodi.


The first step is to go to settings. From the settings dropdown list, click Add-ons as displayed in the options.

Go to Kodi settings


That brings you to this window where you will have to select Install from the zip file.

Select install from ZIP file


Now you have to select the fusion option in this list that will be displayed after you complete Step 2.

Select the fusion option


From this list displayed, click the xmbc-repos option. This will take you to the next window.

Click xmbc-repos option


Here click on ‘English option.

Here click on English option


Now when you land here, scroll through the options to find the VinManJ5V zip file and click on it.

Find VinManJ5V zip file


Now we go back to the main menu and click on the ‘Install from repository’ option. This brings you a drop-down list where you scroll down and select the option VinmanJSV REPO.

 click on the Install from repository


Select Video-add on and then select VidTime like the option displayed here.

Select VidTime


When this window opens up, click on the install button and Vidtime starts getting installed instantly.

Click on install Vidtime

Now you can watch movies, videos, or sports and stream them anywhere you want.

Now that we have spoken about the installation.

Let’s focus on the possible problems that you might be facing through the process:

Let’s just say you’re on your way to installing this third-party add-on and that is exactly when the application crashes.

So the first thing you have to do is to check the version of the app installed and update the app if required.

Sometimes the app could end up running slow while installing add-ons.

This can be solved by deleting an add-on or deleting the repository that has the add-on. To delete an add-on all you have to do is, go to Add-ons and tap/click on the icon that looks like an open box, open My add-ons and click All. Tap on what you want to remove and then tap on Uninstall.

What if your video takes a long time to buffer while testing your patience?

Worry not, there is a reason for which this happens. It is probably because your internet connection is slow and also because there might be network issues. You may resolve this by running a speed test and contacting your ISP if you see speeds that are slower than normal.

What if the video you are all set to watch is suddenly not playing?

One reason could be because the video is corrupted. There could be problems with either video or audio codecs. Or compatibility setting could be a probable issue. Taking care of VPN service is also needed to encounter this problem.

How to repair a corrupted video?

Launch any software that fixes corrupted videos like the wondershare repair it and add the video by clicking on the add button.

Click on the repair button and then click ok.

Now after it is repaired click on the save button and make sure you don’t save it in the same path as before.

This is all about getting to know what Vidtime is and installing VinmanJSV through a few simple steps.

If you happen to be a fan of streaming a wide range of genres like sports, cartoons, music, and movies then this Vidtime is for you!

This is one of the most versatile third-party add-on available on Kodi with some great streaming quality. So explore around with it to learn more. Happy Streaming!

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