How to Fix Twitter Gifs not Playing in Firefox?

GIFs are an amazing way to communicate your word through visual representation.

Almost all social media platforms support animated GIFs that people can use in their chats.

These GIFs are read as simple videos, however, Firefox is facing some issues every now and then. A lot of users reported that Twitter is not playing GIFs on Firefox.

While most people have Google Chrome as their default browser, still there are a few people who have been using Firefox.

And Twitter GIFs not playing on Firefox is the latest issue that we will be dealing with today.

So let us see what is preventing the Gifs from playing on your browser and what the solutions are.

How to fix Twitter Gifs not playing in Firefox?

Before you start troubleshooting, let me tell you that there are various reasons that trigger the error.

Once you understand those reasons, solving the issue will become easy.

Internet issues, corrupted cache, hardware acceleration, ad blocker, and firewall are a few primary reasons that cause the Twitter Gifs not playing Firefox error.

Method 1 – Clear Cache

Our computer piles up cache every day and needs to be cleared. It is usually unwanted data and so you need not worry about your important information being lost.

So follow the steps given below to clear the corrupted cache and fix Twitter Gifs not playing in Firefox error.

Step 1 – Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2 – Click on the three horizontal lines and click on Options. Then from the left side panel choose Privacy and Security.

Step 3 – Next locate the Cookies and site data section. And then click on the Clear Data option.

Clear Cache data

Step 4 – Once more click on Clear to confirm your action. And restart your browser.

This will delete all the unwanted and corrupt cache that builds up on your system. And your Twitter issue will be fixed.

Method 2 – Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes disabling the hardware acceleration feature can be helpful in fixing the browser and hardware incompatibility.

Step 1 – Open the Mozilla Firefox app. And then choose Options from the Context Menu.

Step 2 – Now click on the General tab present on the menu on the left hand side.

Step 3 – Next choose Performance to open a new set of options.

Step 4 – In the Performance window, uncheck the box against Use recommended performance settings.

Step 5 – A new set of options will open. Now uncheck the box against the option which says Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.

Change Firefox Performance Settings

Step 5 – Now save the changes and close the browser. Restart your system and open Twitter on Firefox.

Method 3 – Checkmark the Safe Mode

A few add-ons configured on your Firefox browser can also be interrupting the smooth running of Twitter on the Firefox browser. And so one more way to solve the issue is by booting the addons in Safe Mode.

Step 1 – Double click on the Firefox icon to launch the app. And then open the context menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the right corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Next click on Help. And choose the Restart with add-ons Disabled option.

Restart Firefox in Safe Mode

Step 3 – Then click on Start in Safe Mode.

This will hopefully fix Twitter not playing Gifs on Twitter issues. If not, then you can try this alternate way.

Step 4 – Launch Firefox in Safe Mode by clicking the Shift icon and opening Firefox.

Step 5 – You will get a prompt window, mark the checkbox that says Start in Safe Mode.

This will rectify the problem with Twitter and resolve it.

Method 4 – Disable Plugins

Plugins are really helpful but sometimes they interfere with the smooth functioning of apps and their functions.

So if Twitter Gifs are not playing on the Firefox browser, try to find out the problem causing plugins and disable them.

Step 1 – Launch the Firefox browser. And then open the Context menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars.

Step 2 – Select Add-ons.

Addons on Firefox

Step 3 – When the Add-ons window opens, choose Plugins. All the plugins of your browser will be listed.

Step 4 – Check all the plugins. Select the plugin you want to disable, and then click on the three dots. A list of drop down options will come.

Step 5 – Choose Never Activate.

Do Not Activate Firefox Addons

That’s it. Now close the browser and restart your system. The Twitter Gifs should start playing.

Method 5 – Enable Flash

Enabling the Flashplayer that you have installed on your browser can work.

Step 1 – Open Twitter on the Firefox browser. At the right corner of the screen, look for the rectangle icon and click it.

Step 2 – Then select Flash and enable it.

Now refresh your page and check if Gifs have started playing again.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes, the issue is not as grave as we think. So a quick refresh can also work.

Also, check whether the Firefox browser you are using is updated. If not then update Firefox or you can also perform a clean reinstall.

Another trick that has helped a few users is running Twitter in incognito mode. So browse secretly and the Gifs will come back to work.


Mozilla Firefox hasn’t made an exit yet. There are a few people who still prefer Mozilla Firefox over Google Chrome.

While Firefox is a great web browser, some apps or features are not very well supported.

One such error reported by a lot of users is “Twitter Gifs not playing on Firefox.”

If you have also been going through such an issue, then check out the various methods mentioned above to resolve it.

Hopefully one of the solutions mentioned above works for you, however if none of themworks, then it’s time to change the browser.

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