How to Fix Twitch Prime not Showing Up on Stream?

Twitch Prime, now known as Prime Gaming is a premium facility that you get to enjoy with your Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video memberships.

Also, if you are using Amazon’s gaming service Twitch, then you have signed up for some really cool and fun features.

To access the Twitch Prime gaming features, you just need to link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account.

However, everything doesn’t seem to be going smoothly in the Twitch streaming department.

A lot of Twitch users raised an issue regarding their Twitch Prime option not showing up on their stream.

If you too are facing a similar issue as a streamer or as a viewer unable to subscribe to a stream using Prime subscription then this article is for you.

Today we are going to discuss some solutions to fix Twitch Prime not showing up on Stream.

Solutions to Fix Twitch Prime not Showing Up on Stream

To use the Twitch Prime option first you need to sign up for Amazon Prime. Unless you have a valid Amazon Prime subscription you won’t be able to see the option of Twitch Prime on your stream.

If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime and still are unable to access the Prime Gaming features, then here are a few tricks that might work for you.

Method 1 – Link your Twitch and Prime Gaming Accounts

The first thing you need to check is whether your Prime gaming aka Amazon account and Twitch account is linked.

Sometimes, we log out of our Twitch account and after signing in we forget to link our Amazon account to it. So follow the given steps to check and link the two accounts.

Step 1 – Go to the Prime Gaming website.

Step 2 – You will see a yellow button on the right side saying – “Connect your Twitch Account.” Click on it.

Connect your Twitch account

Step 3 – A prompt message will appear. Click on Confirm.

Confirm to link Twitch account to Amazon Prime

Your two accounts will be linked. This is important to avail features like Chat Badge and Twitch subscription credit.

Method 2 – Check Users Linked to Amazon Account

Another thing that we usually miss out on while streaming games on Twitch using Prime Gaming is the number of users that might be using the same Amazon Prime account.

Yes, a lot of people worldwide use shared subscriptions for streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

However, Twitch allows only one user per Amazon account. So make sure that no one else who is linked to the Amazon account is using it to access Twitch Prime as well.

Method 3 – Clear Cache and Cookies

A few users came up with a solution that helped them resolve the Twitch Prime not showing up on the Stream issue.

Clearing the cache and cookie along with the hosted app data helped them get the Prime sub button back.

As the Twitch Prime feature is available only on a few platforms like Chrome on Windows, iOS, Xbox, here we are sharing how you can clear the cache and cookie while running Twitch on Chrome.

Step 1 – Open the Chrome browser.

Step 2 – Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the window. And then select Settings.

Step 3 – Scroll down the Settings page, and click on the Advanced option.

Advanced Setting option

Step 4 – Then choose Clear browsing data. And change the Time range option to All Time.

Clear browsing data

Step 5 – Finally, click on the Clear data button and wait till the process completes.

The method to clear the cache is almost similar for other browsers as well. You can try this method and return back to check if the Twitch Prime option shows up again.

However, make sure you take a backup of any important game file or data that you might lose after clearing the cache.

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Bonus Tips

  • Check if you are located in a country that supports Prime Gaming.
  • Before signing up for Amazon Prime ensure you change the country settings.
  • Also, do not use any VPN service while streaming.
  • While you are trying to subscribe or use Prime Gaming, check if you have Amazon’s active subscription.
  • If you cannot see your Twitch Prime subs, then it could possibly be because they haven’t refreshed their page.
  • Also since a free channel subscription does not get renewed automatically, you won’t be able to see the re-subs, till they share it again. Subs with payment are permanent.


Amazon Prime subscription happens to be very fruitful in every sense.

A one-year subscription is not only cost-effective but also offers abundant streaming content and services like Twitch Prime.

Subscription to one gives you a free subscription to the other, however, it too is bugged with a few errors.

As a streamer or viewer, if you are unable to see the Twitch Prime option on the streams, then try the methods given above.

We hope that one of the methods or tricks will definitely help you fix Twitch Prime not showing up on stream issue.

Share your experience with Prime Gaming with us and which method helped you in the comment section.

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