Twitch Leecher Error Fixed – 5 Solutions You Must Try Right Now

Twitch is a platform that has diversified with time.

Initially, its content was limited to watching video games, but today you get all sorts of live broadcasts, reaction videos, music, and even stand-up comedy shows.

Twitch even allows you to fulfill your need to download content, the easiest way being Twitch Leecher.

Twitch Leecher is an amazing platform that allows you to download content from Twitch in a super-easy way.

However, since it is open-source, it is attacked by various bugs and technical glitches. If you have used this application, then you might have faced one of these Twitch VOD errors like “Twitch Leecher Error 404” or “Twitch Leecher Error 410- Not Found.”

And so today we have got you some solutions that you must try right away to fix Twitch Leecher errors.

Ways to Fix Twitch Leecher Error

Ways to Fix Twitch Leecher Error

Twitch Leecher is an intuitive software that takes a different approach from other applications to help you download Twitch VODs.

However, some of the users complained that as they started downloading, the remote server returned to show an unexpected 410 (gone) error.

Now there can be several reasons behind the error. According to the developers, the issue was not with the Twitch Leecher application. The list of VODs received through the Twitch server was causing the problem.

And so here are a few workarounds that can get you back to downloading VODs.

Method 1 – Change the URL

One way that worked for most of the users is by changing the URL. If you will notice, the URL of your video looks like this.

However if you make the following changes to your URL then it will work.

Adding the m3u8 extension to the URL will help you download the videos using the app easily. Once you change the URL, the download will start in Chrome.

However, in .NET gives System.Net.Web.Exception- “The remote server returned an error: (406) Not Acceptable error occurs.

And so to fix it, you can add to the Web Client a plain Content-Type header, like this-

wc.Headers.Add(“Content-Type”, “text/plain”).

Your app will start downloading videos again.

Method 2 – Use a VPN Service

One of the reasons behind an issue with the downloading of Twitch VODs can be your location.

It has been noticed that people residing in the US have been frequently facing the Twitch Leecher 404 error.

Due to geographical restrictions, the twitch servers might not be responding to your download requests.

And so installing a VPN service is the best way to deal with issues that are caused by regional boundaries.

Method 3 – Update to the Latest Twitch Leecher Version

Another easy way to fix downloading errors on Twitch is by downloading the latest version of the Twitch Leecher application.

Twitch Leecher introduced its new release 1.8.4 about 18 days ago.

Update to the Latest Twitch Leecher Version

According to the developers, with the new release, several bugs have been fixed. Like –

  • You can now see the “Open Download Folder” button with every download now option.
  • The assembly reference that made 1.8.3 version crash on Windows 7 has been removed
  • No error message will be shown if the channel you are browsing does not exist

Also with its previous 1.8.2 version, the error 404 that comes up while downloading the Twitch VODs was fixed.

Twitch Leecher made API changes from their end to ensure that the process of downloading any file on Twitch takes place without any error.

Method 4 – Disconnect Twitch Leecher Account

Disconnect Twitch Leecher Account

If you are getting the Twitch 410 error while downloading the sub-only vods, then here is the workaround that you need to try.

Connecting your Twitch Leecher account can be the possible cause creating the error. So follow the steps given-

Step 1 – Go to the Twitch Settings> Connections.

Step 2 – Now choose the Disconnect option to remove the Twitch Leecher connection.

Step 3 – Then confirm your action by clicking the Yes, Disconnect option.

Now try downloading the subscriber-only VODs. This method has proved to fix the 410 (Gone) error on Twitch.

Method 5 – Try iTubeGo

If even after trying the above methods, the error still persists and the download process doesn’t start then you can try the various alternatives to Twitch Leecher available.

iTubeGo Downloader is one of the best software to download videos from various platforms including Twitch.

It downloads video and converts it to the format of your choice. With its compatibility with different streaming sites and lossless outputs, this site became quite popular.

iTubeGo Downloader

iTubeGo Downloader is fast and supports more than 1000 streaming sites, and so you can try it when Twitch Leecher doesn’t work.

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If you are looking for ways to download the Twitch VODs, then Twitch Leecher is the right option for you.

It is an amazing software that has a clear layout with a stylish and intuitive look. It allows you to download the videos in parts, through its user-friendly search option.

However, your download request can stop in between due to frequent technical glitches.

But do not worry. We have got some easy and working solutions for you.

You do not need to be a coder or tech-savvy to troubleshoot the issue.

Do share your views on the Twitch Leecher error, and if you have any way to fix the error then share it with us.

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