How to Permanently Fix Twitch Error Code 0495BA16

The current king of video game streaming is Twitch. It has made its name in the industry, however not all its users are happy with it.

The Twitch error code 0495BA16 is troubling a lot of users, interrupting their login and streaming of their favorite games.

A large number of streamers have reported it and are thus looking for ways to permanently fix Twitch error code 0495BA16.

If you are reading this, then I’m sure you too have been stuck in this situation. But don’t worry, as we have got your back.

The 0495BA16 Twitch error came to light after an update, and ever since people have tried different ways to fix it.

It is not exclusive to just one platform, and so if you are using Xbox, PS4, or your desktop, you might face this Twitch avatar error.

How to Permanently Fix Twitch Error Code 0495BA16?

The error 0495BA16 on Twitch typically occurred when the users tried to return to their home screen, or sign in to their already created account.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig into the different causes that might be causing this issue in your system and some ways to permanently fix it.

Server Issue- A maintenance period or an outrage can trigger a server issue. This is a possible reason that you are seeing this error code. And so you can confirm the cause and resolve it.

PS4 Login Glitch- If you are using Twitch on PS4 then it is due to some technical glitch that hasn’t been addressed by the company yet. However, you can still resolve it without the tedious installation and uninstallation process.

Corrupted Credentials- Inconsistent data that is associated with your Twitch account can also lead to an error like this. And so cleaning up your console or PC is a good way to troubleshoot this error.

System File Corruption- Some leftover OS data can also cause this kind of error. And so if you are streaming on your console, then be ready to deal with the 0495BA16 PS4 Twitch app issue.

So now that we know the causes, let’s see how we can permanently fix it.

Method 1- Check Server Issues

The first thing to check while troubleshooting the error code 0495BA16 is whether you can resolve the issue on your end or not.

When Twitch is under maintenance or undergoing an unpredicted outage period, then this error usually occurs.

So check with other people using the same service either manually or you can use DownDetector like services as well.

This initial investigation is important to confirm the cause of the issue.

In case you come across other Twitch users with a similar issue then use the TwitchStatus page to analyze the status of the local Switch server.

So if there are Twitch server issues in your area, then none of the given solutions will work. You will have to wait till the server goes online again.

Server maintenance is not in our hands and only the Twitch platform can resolve the error.

Method 2- Sign-in Using Account Icon

One effective way to troubleshoot the Twitch PS4 error 0495BA16 is signing in to the Twitch account using the account icon.

So instead of clicking on the Sign-in option given on the left-hand side, hit the account icon present at the right corner of the screen.

That’s it. I know it might sound a bit weird, but a lot of users have confirmed that they could sign in again after doing this.

It is the easiest fix. Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1- On the Twitch home screen, Sign In option is present at the left corner of the screen. Do not click on it.

Step 2- Instead click on the user icon at the extreme right corner.

Twitch streaming error fix

Step 3- You will be redirected to a new Sign In screen. Enter the credentials and login without any issue.

Method 3- Spam the Sign In Button

Another potential workaround to fix the Twitch error on PS4 is by forcefully entering into the account. Spam the Sign-in option.

Not sure what we are talking about? Then check out the following steps to complete the process-

Step 1- Put the left thumbstick upward when you try to sign-in.

Step 2- Then continuously tap on the X button for two minutes straight. This is spamming the Sign-in button.

So this will help you enter your twitch account forcefully. And whenever the issue pops up, you will have to manually spam the icon every time.

This seems to be a temporary fix for the PS4 Twitch app issues.

Method 4- Clearing Credential Data

Signing in can become a problem when you have signed in using any other account, say Twitter. And so it is better that you clear all the login data that is stored with your account before you try to login again.

Now depending on the platform, you are using, the process will differ.

So let us take the three platforms one at a time on where Twitch is mostly used.

Part I- Clearing Credential Data on PC

Step 1- When the Twitch error message appears, click on the user icon at the right corner. The Context menu will open.

Step 2- Now from the list of options, select logout.

Log out of your Twitch account

Step 3- Once you successfully log out of your Twitch account, close the window. Then open it immediately.

Step 4- Now from the Home Screen, click on the Sign In option. And try signing in again with your valid login credentials.

log in to Twitch

Part II- Clearing Credential Data on PS4

If you are using PlayStation 4 and facing this error, then here is how you can clear the already saved credential data.

Step 1- Go to the main dashboard. Open the Settings menu by clicking on the icon at the bottom.

Step 2- Within the Settings menu, click on Sharing and Broadcast option.

Step 3- Then click on the Link with Other Services option from the menu. A new menu will open.

Twitch sharing and broadcasts

Step 4- Choose Twitch from the list. And then click on Sign Out.

Step 5- Confirm your action by pressing the Yes button. Now restart your console.

Linking your account to Twitch

Step 6- Let the startup complete and then open the Twitch app again.

Sign in to Twitch

Sign in to your account and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Part III- Clear Data Credential on Xbox One

So next is the Xbox console that we are going to take into account. If you are using Twitch on Xbox One, then follow the given steps-

Step 1- Open Twitch on Xbox. Click on the icon on the right corner and disconnect your account from the device.

Step 2- Return to the dashboard. Choose the Xbox One option and open the guide menu from your controller.

Step 3- A new list will appear. Click on My Games and Apps.

Step 4- Now scroll through the list and locate Twitch. Select twitch and then click on Manage Game/App option.

Step 5-Under the saved data option on the right side, find your Gamertag. Click on it and then delete saved data under the menu button.

Step 6- Now choose Delete from the Console option. That’s it.

Step 7- Wait for a few seconds till the process completes. Reboot your system and login after the startup process completes to check if the issue has resolved or not.

Method 5- Perform Power Cycling

Usually, when we switch on and off our console, temporary data gets saved. This can lead to OS inconsistency as a result of which you see the errors.

Some of the users have reported that power cycling has helped them resolve this common Twitch error.

The power recycling procedure basically cleans up all the temporary data that gets saved between two consecutive restarts.

It also takes care of the power capacitors resolving the majority of the technical glitches as well.

So check out the following two sub-guides, and follow the steps on the basis of the console you are using.

Part I- Power Cycling Xbox One

Step 1- Power on your Xbox One and make sure it is not in hibernation mode.

Step 2- Turn off the console by pressing the power button. Hold the button either for 10 seconds or till the device is completely shut down.

Step 3- Release the button. Unplug it from the socket and wait till the capacitors are completely drained out.

Step 4- Put the cord back in the socket and observe the starting animation. If the animation lasts for a long, then your power cycling process is completed.

Step 5- You can launch the Twitch app after the startup completes.

Part II- Power Cycling PS4 Console

Step 1- Check if your console is not in hibernation mode.

Step 2- Then press the power button and hold it till it shuts down completely. You will hear the second beep, and simultaneously the fans will also turn off. This is when you can release the power button.

Step 3- When you feel that the console has completely shut down, unplug the cord from the socket. Wait for 30 more seconds for the power capacitors to drain out completely.

Step 4- Power the console again and start the system conventionally again.

Step 5- After the startup is complete, launch the Twitch app again and check if the error still persists.

We hope that with this process you will be able to troubleshoot the Twitch error code 0495ba16. However, in case none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, then we have one last solution for you.

Method 6- Unlink Twitch from PS4 Console

This is the last method that you can try to permanently fix the PS4 Twitch app issues. Here you need to unlink your Twitch account and then check if the issue is resolved.

Step 1- Open your PS4 and go to its home screen. Open Settings.

Step 2- Choose Sharing and Broadcasting. Then click on the Link with other devices option.

Link with other services

Step 3- Now link with your Twitch account. Click on Sign out.

Step 4- Close the application and open Twitch on your PC. Login to your account on the web browser.

Step 5- You will see an avatar at the right corner of the screen. Click on the icon and then choose Settings> Connections.

Twitch connections

Step 6- Re-link your Twitch account to the console again and start streaming.

Unlink your Twitch account and check if the error has been resolved or not.


Twitch has been leading the streaming world for a few years now, but it has its share of issues. One of the common errors on Twitch has been the 0495ba16 error.

Different reasons have been identified behind this Twitch error. It is important that you understand the cause and work your way out.

We have considered all the possible reasons and tried to troubleshoot each one of them with an effective solution. We hope this guide was helpful.

And in case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to share with us.

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