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How to Stream (Also View) The Twitch Chat in VR?

We all enjoy streaming in VR. But many streamers are reluctant to stream in VR because it makes it difficult for them to engage with their chat. Engaging with your audience is a key part of every stream. It gives your stream character and keeps people interested.

VR streaming has come a long way in the last few years and it is now very easy to view your chat regardless of what device you’re on and what game you are playing.

So how do you do this?

We will be discussing how to do this using LIV and OVR Toolkit.

Note: There are other methods of doing this such as using Hotrian’s OpenVRTwitchChat which you can find here. But we don’t recommend using this as it is no longer actively maintained and you might have compatibility issues with it in the future.

Setting Up Twitch Chat in VR

Using LIV

Using LIV

This is what we recommend for most people. LIV is free software that you can download right now from Steam and has many useful features for your stream including adding overlays such as your Twitch chat.

Step 1: Download LIV from Steam and launch LIV StreamerKit.

 Download LIV from Steam and launch LIV StreamerKit.

Once you have launched the LIV StreamerKit, you will have to link it with your twitch account. To do this, enter your credentials in the ‘Twitch’ tab and click on ‘Login’.

Now, repeat this process with the Streamlabs or StreamElements tab, depending

on which one you use, and voila! You are good to go!

LIV Streamkit

Note: You can also customize your alerts using LIV StreamerKit and choose what alerts you want to pop up on the stream and for how long etc.

Pop up alerts

Step 2: Customization

When you put your VR headset on after launching LIV, look up and you will notice a chat box that follows you as you move around.

This chat box has three tabs. The first one is the ‘Messages’ tab which is where your basic chat will go. Apart from that, you have a ‘Mentions’ tab and an ‘Alerts’ tab that you can switch over to, to help keep track of your alerts.

While you can technically start streaming at this point, we recommend that you make some slight adjustments, such as changing the font size and decreasing or increasing the opacity of the chatbox, as per your fancy, to save yourself the trouble later.

chat box customization
chat box customizing options

Note: You might also want to enable the clock so you can tell what time it is.

Using OVR Toolkit

Using OVR Toolkit

OVR Toolkit, available on Steam is an application that helps you overlay desktop windows within VR and works brilliantly. It is, however, not free but for what it offers, we think it is of great value and definitely worth checking out.

Step 1: Pop out that chat window!

As we mentioned above, OVR Toolkit lets you overlay desktop windows within VR. So, you’ll need to first pop out your Twitch chat so it appears in a new window.

So head over to your stream on Twitch and click on the little cog at the bottom that says ‘Chat Settings’

Chat pop up window

An option to ‘Switch to Non-Mod Settings’ should appear now. Click on that and select ‘Popout Chat’.

chat settings
pop up chat

You should now be able to view your Twitch chat in a separate browser window!

Step 2: Launch OVR Toolkit

Now, with your headset on, you need to bring out the OVR Toolkit window. This process differs from one device to another. For most controllers, you need to hit all of the grip buttons twice to do this.

Note: In case you are stuck at this step, we recommend checking out this page for a more detailed list of controls for the OVR Toolkit.

Step 3: Add Twitch Chat Window

Once you have gotten the OVR Toolkit up, click on ‘Spawn New Window’ and select your chat window from the list of windows you have opened.

Awesome! You should now be able to see your Twitch chat window within VR!

Step 4: Customization

You definitely want to customize this chat window so it takes up as little space as it needs and we can start by cropping out the top of it so the window controls and the URL bar aren’t shown.

To do this, you’ll need to select ‘Window Settings’ and click on ‘Crop Window’.

Now, select ‘Spawn Mask’ and resize the white rectangle so that it covers the part of the chat window you want to crop out.

There! It should already start looking a lot better.

Note: Make sure to select the ‘Keep Visible’ option in the ‘Window Settings’ tab. Otherwise, it will disappear once the OVR Toolkit menu goes away.

You can make some more adjustments to the chat window to make your life easier. We recommend keeping the ‘Block Cursor’ option enabled and reducing the opacity of the window so it is less intrusive.

Note: You can also toggle on the ‘Hide when not looking at window option’ under ‘Visibility’ which makes the chat window fade out when you are not directly looking at it.

Once you are happy with this, use your grip buttons to grab the window and place it wherever you want!

Step 5: Attach Twitch chat window to wrist (optional)

You might have seen a lot of streamers doing this. It keeps the gameplay unobstructed and still gives them access to their chat window when they need it.

To do this, first grab your chat window. Notice how a box pops up on your hand saying ‘Drop window here to attach to hand’? Place the window on the box and adjust its position to your liking.

Note: You might want to reduce the size of the chat window before you do this.

Get rid of the OVR Toolkit window by hitting all your grip buttons twice and there you go! You now have your Twitch chat on the back of your hand!

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide gives you the final push you need to start streaming in VR. Streaming in VR can be such an exciting experience for both you and your viewers and the development of VR software has definitely gotten to a point where you can achieve this with no compromises.

Happy Streaming!

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