Toonami Aftermath Roku Not Working Error – 5 Fixes to Try

We all are starting to get used to digital platforms and Internet television channels.

If you loved Toonami as a kid and still miss it, then you can try the Toonami Aftermath channel on Roku.

Toonami Aftermath is basically an online television channel that is dedicated to the Toonami, Fox Kids, and Cartoon Network’s programs that include cartoons, anime, parody, comedy and action.

With Toonami Aftermath, it seems that the gates of those golden years have been opened for you.

However after Roku introduced the Toonami Aftermath channel in their Store, users have reported some errors.

If the Toonami Aftermath Roku is not working on your device, then here are a few workarounds you can try.

How to Fix Toonami Aftermath not Working Error?

The weekly lineup of Toonami Aftermath channel is quite tempting. The channel hosts more than 20 program blocks that are scheduled for everyday.

The channel also has a dedicated section for original content that ensures thematic and relevant experience for its viewers.

From 2010 the site has been broadcasting 24/7, however, if you are facing errors like – “Toonami Aftermath won’t load” or “Toonami Aftermath failed to load content” then try the given methods.

Method 1 – Check your Network Connection

Some of the users reported that the Toonami Aftermath TV channel could not load on their Roku device.

While we think of various technical solutions, we forget the easiest way that can fix the issue.

A poor Internet connection can also cause Toonami Aftermath Roku not working issues.


Step 1 – As you are on your Home Screen, move down the menu and click on Settings.

 Check your Network Connection

Step 2 – Then under Settings, click on the Network option.

Roku network

Step 3 – Now check the Status of your Internet connection. If it is showing “Not Connected” then check your broadband connectivity.

Step 4 – Also the Signal strength of your connection should be Excellent. Anything less like good or poor strength can also be the reason behind the error.

Roku network - about info

Method 2 – Reboot your Roku Device

If the Toonami Aftermath TV channel on Roku is not working due to some temporary glitch in the device, then a quick reboot will also work.

Step 1 – To reboot your Roku device, exit the Toonami channel and return to the Home Screen.

Step 2- Open Settings. Then scroll down and click on System.

 Reboot your Roku Device

Step 3 – Then go to System restart. Click on Restart.

Roku system restart

The device will reboot itself and start again.

If you want, you can also disconnect the power cable and then wait for about 30 seconds till you plug it back.

A system restart can fix the small technical glitches and reset everything to its original state.

Method 3 – Remove the Toonami Aftermath Channel

If the Toonami Aftermath Roku channel is not working, then try streaming other channels as well.

There are two possibilities.

One is that only the Toonami Aftermath TV channel is creating problems. And second is that the other channels are also not working.

So if only Toonami Aftermath is not working for you, then remove the channel.

Step 1 – Go to the home Screen. And then choose the Streaming Channels option. The Channel store will open.

Step 2 – Now locate the channel that you want to remove, Toonami Aftermath in this case. Click on the channel to open the details.

Step 3 – A list of options will open up. Click on Remove channel.

Channel remove

Step 4 – You will be then asked to confirm your action. Click on Yes when a dialog box prompts on your screen.

Step 5 – Once you have removed the channel, restart the device. And then you can download and install the channel once again.

A fresh install can fix the error with loading of channels. Check if the issue has been resolved and the channel starts working again.

Method 4 – Update Roku

Remember the two possibilities we talked about in the previous method.

Now if none of your channels are working including the Toonami Aftermath TV, then updating Roku can fix it.

Sometimes the channels are not supported due to the outdated software of the platform.

Step 1 – Open the Settings from your Home Screen.

Step 2 – Now move to the menu at the right side. And click on System.

Roku system settings

Step 3 – Next, click on the System Update option from the next menu.

Roku system update

Step 4 – Then click on the Check Now option.

Click on the Check Now option

The system will run a system check and find if there are any new pending updates.

If it shows that you need to update the software, then download them and restart your device. Finally check if the Toonami Aftermath Roku channel starts to work.

However, if you get the message saying “All software is up to date”, then the Roku software is not at fault.

Method 5 – Use a VPN Service

If the Toonami Aftermath TV channel is not working on your Roku device then there are chances that it can be due to your location.

It is possible that the channel is not available in the region you are residing in. And so you can either create a Roku account of the acceptable region or use a VPN service.


Roku has a huge Channel store where you can find all sorts of channels.

Toonami revived its programs and shows by launching the Toonami Aftermath TV channel for Roku.

However, like every other channel, there can be issues in loading up this one too.

And so you can use one of the methods given above to fix the error.

If none of the methods work, then you can get in direct contact with the Channel support team for help.

Let us know what you think of the Toonami Aftermath channel and which solution worked for you.

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