How to Install TeverZ Ultra Build on Kodi

Kodi is the ultimate streaming platform where you can play your photos, music, videos, and much more.

Don’t you agree?

Kodi, which initially started as the local media storage software, today is the entertainment hub for so many families.

This single application can hold personal information as well as commercial content. You can install different builds, add-ons, skins, and more to customize it accordingly.

And one such Kodi build is from the Looking Glass Repository. Have you heard of the TreverZ Ultra Build for Kodi?

It is one of the best Kodi builds that is compatible with the latest Leia as well as Kodi Krypton version.

Sounds interesting right?

And so today we are going to talk about the TeverZ Ultra Build 18, and the steps to install it on the latest Kodi version.

What is TeverZ Ultra Build?

One of the well-known builds in the Looking Glass Community Builds is TeverZ Ultra. It is compatible with both Kodi 17 Krypton as well as the Kodi 18 Leia version.

This build future-proofs your Kodi experience. Even if you haven’t switched to the latest Kodi 18 Leia, it will work perfectly well with both the Kodi versions.

The TeverZ Ultra Build 18 has a huge interface with some of the great working Kodi addons. While there are only a few best Leia builds that cater specifically to the version, TeverZ Ultra is one of them.

It is one of the up-to-date builds that you can rejoice in.

So let us dig a little deep to know about the installation process.

Prerequisites to TeverZ Ultra Build Installation

Before installing any Kodi build or addon, there are a few prerequisite tasks that you need to complete. So make sure you do it before-hand. And if this is not your first Kodi addon installation, then just go ahead.

Install Kodi and Update it

The first thing is to have the Kodi app installed on your device. A functional and updated Kodi software is required to go ahead.

Enable Unknown Sources

This is an important step to download and install any-third party addons, builds, wizards, or more.

So whether you are using the Kodi 17 Krypton or 18 Leia you will have to enable the Unknown Sources option from the settings of your device.

If you are not sure, then check out the following steps-

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. Go to the settings section.

Step 2- Open System settings.

Step 3- Now click on the Add-ons option on the left side.

Step 4- On the right side, look for the Enable Unknown Sources option. Click on the toggle button against this option, and enable it.

How to Install a Looking Glass Repository?

For Kodi Krypton 17 and 18 Leia, you need to have the Looking Glass Repository installed on your device. This repository hosts the Looking glass wizard, and the TeverZ Ultra build.

So let’s begin with the installation of the Looking Glass Repository on Kodi.

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app. Open its Settings.

Install TeverZ Ultra Build on Kodi

Step 2- Then open File Manager. Click on Add Source.

Installion guide for TeverZ Ultra Build on Kodi

Step 3- Click on None. You will be asked to give the file a source location.

Selecting the file source location

Step 4- Enter the following address- Press Ok.

Enter the address

Step 5- Then give the file a suitable name like Looking Glass. Again click Ok.

Adding file source

Step 6- The Looking Glass Repository will now be available as a source on your Kodi.

Kodi file manager

Step 7- Launch the Kodi app. From the home-page, click on the Add-ons option.

Launch the Kodi app

Step 8- Then click on the Enter the Add-on browser option.

Step 9- Choose Install from zip file. Then click on the Looking Glass Repository option.

Glass Repository
Glass Repository Zip file

Step 10- Select Click Ok.


Step 11- Wait for a few seconds. A pop-up message will appear at the top right corner of the screen confirming the installation.

That’s it. Now you have successfully installed the Looking Glass Repository on your device.

So let us move on to the next part, i.e. installation of the Looking Glass Wizard.

How to Install Looking Glass Wizard?

The Looking Glass Wizard is present within the repository. And in order to install the TeverZ Ultra Build 18 Leia version, you now need to install the respective wizard.

Follow the given steps for easy installation of the wizard.

Step 1- Open the Kodi application. Open Add-ons from the menu.

Open Add-ons from the menu.

Step 2- Then click on Add-ons browser> Install from repository> Looking Glass Repository.

Click on Add-ons browser

Step 3- Within the Looking Glass repository, choose Program Add-ons.

Program add-ons

Step 4- Then select Looking Glass wizard.

Select Looking Glass wizard.

Step 5- A new window will open. Start the installation process by clicking on the Install button.

Starting the installation process

Step 6- Wait till the wizard launches automatically. It will ask you to select the items you want to save and the items you want to clear.

Successfull installation of the wizard.

After completing the above step, you have successfully installed the wizard. You can find it under the Program Add-ons menu.

Program add-ons Kodi

How to Install TeverZ Ultra Build on Kodi?

Now, this is the final part of installing the TeverZ Ultra build on Kodi 17 Krypton and 18 Leia. So let us begin.

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. And then follow the given route- Add-ons> Program Add-ons> Looking Glass Wizard.

How to Install TeverZ Ultra Build on Kodi?

Step 2- A new window will pop-up. Choose Community builds and open it.

Choose Community builds

Step 3- A list of all the available builds will appear. Choose TeverZ Ultra build for Krypton 17 or 18 Leia.

 Choose TeverZ Ultra build for Krypton 17 or 18 Leia.

Step 4- If this is your fresh install, then select the Standard Install option. Else if you want to wipe your Kodi clean, choose Fresh Install.

Choose Fresh Install.

Step 5- The Wizard will ask you to confirm your action. Choose “Yes, Install.”

Confirming the install

Step 6- The installation will take a few minutes. Wait till the process is completed.

Step 7- Then click on Force Close. This will ensure a clean installation of the TeverZ Ultra build over the Kodi interface.

 click on Force Close

Step 8- Your TeverZ Ultra build is ready to be explored.

That’s it, guys. We have now successfully installed the TeverZ Ultra Build on the Kodi device.

You can now customize it according to your choice. You will find endless possibilities for personalization in its Settings.

Note – Before using the various Kodi addons, make sure you have VPN protection. It ensures your privacy online.


Kodi is an incredible application that provides you with every entertainment option in one place.

With time it has introduced different, updated versions and every new edition has ensured a pleasurable experience only.

Installation of different builds and addons on Kodi is quite easy.

The TeverZ Ultra build is one of the best Leia builds. You can easily download and install it with the help of this guide.

In case you get stuck at some step or have any doubts, then share it with us in the comment section.

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