How to Stream Xbox One to YouTube without PC?

Video game streaming is definitely the talk of the town.

It has recently got immense fame, support, and attention from the younger generation. And so now they are looking for some new ways to stream their gameplay.

We all know Twitch as the ultimate streaming platform, but now YouTube is also emerging as a streaming platform for mobile gaming.

And so today we are going to talk about a new way of streaming your Xbox One to YouTube.

Yes, without using your computer or Mac or any other Windows software, you can stream Xbox One to YouTube using just your phone.

Now, this is definitely a complicated method as compared to streaming Xbox using a computer or capture card, but if you are willing to try then keep reading.

How to Stream Xbox One to YouTube without PC?

Live game streaming is no child’s play. You need to ensure that you have high quality tools to support your streaming.

Let’s take a quick look at some pre-requisites for starting a stream before getting started.

To start with, you should have your Xbox One ready along with a decent Internet connection.

Now you have to pay attention that while you are playing the game, you are also uploading it. So both your download and upload speed is important.

Next, you need to have a pro-gaming microphone so that your audience can hear you clearly. Hence if you are investing in some tools, then make sure you get the best microphone and webcam for your streaming.

Now, let us move to the process of streaming Xbox One to YouTube without a PC.

Step 1 – Open the game that you would like to play and stream.

Launch Xbox One Game

Step2 – Once it loads, click on the Xbox button to open the side menu. Slide over to the Broadcast and capture section.

Set Up Broadcast on Xbox One

Step 3 – Here, click on Set up your broadcast. You can make different changes and set up your broadcast.

Step 4 –Click on camera options and turn it on. You can also select and move the camera position on your screen.

Turn on camera on Xbox

Step 5 – Next you can give your stream a suitable title. For this go to More options.

Change Broadcast options

Similarly, you can also turn on other options like Party audio and Chat.

Step 6 – Now go back and click on Start broadcast. As you click on it, you will be broadcasting it to Mixer.

Start Broadcast on Xbox

Step 7 – Next move to your phone and search for Streamlabs Obs in Google Play Store.

Install Streamlabs OBS app

Step 8 – Install the Streamlabs- Stream Live to Twitch and YouTube app. Once it is installed, launch the app and click on the Login with YouTube option.

Select Login in with YouTube

Step 9 – Sign in to your YouTube account.

Sign in to Streamlabs

Step 10 – Next give permission to Streamlabs to record video and audio.

Allow Streamlabs to record audio and video

Step 11 – Next a pop-up will appear. Click on Start now and Streamlabs will capture everything displayed on your screen. It will also appear on your Livestream.

Start Screen Capture on Streamlabs

Step 12 – Now again go to Google Play Store and install the Mixer app. Sign in with your app credentials and keep it ready.

Set Up Mixer app on Android

If you already have it on your phone then you can skip this step.

Step 13 – Let us go back to Streamlabs OBs and start streaming. Open the Streamlabs app, and firstly mute yourself by clicking on the microphone button at the bottom right corner.

Click on Stream Button in Streamlabs

Step 14 – Then click on the red button below it. Click on stream games and choose your Persistent YouTube channel to go live to.

Select Persistent YouTube Channel

You will see the number of viewers on the top right hand side. This indicates that you have started streaming.

Streamlabs OBS screen capture Enabled

Step 15 – Go back to the mixer app. There you will see a message which says “You are live.”

Go Live on Mixer App

Step 16 – You can click on Watch and see how your stream looks like.

You can also edit the settings on your YouTube page like the title, privacy, and more.

Step 17 – Lastly don’t forget to end the stream from the Streamlabs OBS app.

And that’s it. So your Xbox game is streamed to YouTube via the Streamlabs OBS app on your phone.


Live streaming Xbox or PlayStation content to different platforms is a tough task.

However, it is still easy when you are using a PC or TV to stream your game on these streaming platforms.

Having said that, using a phone or a tablet to go live with your Xbox content is surely a bit tricky.

All you have to do is screen record your Mixer account using Streamlabs OBS and stream it live on YouTube.

We hope you get the work done easily and in case you have any issues share them with us in the comment section.

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