Steam Takes Forever to Open – Fixed Completely (5 Simple Ways)

Steam is online content distribution, rights management, and communications platform developed by Valve and available from September 12, 2003.

Oriented towards video games, it allows users to buy games, content for games, automatically update them, manage the multiplayer part of the games, and offers community tools around games using Steam.

Although this is a stable platform, in some cases certain problems may occur, and we will solve these problems today. In this article, we will address the issue of steam lagging.

Solutions to fix Steam takes forever to open

We recommend that you restart your computer before trying the explained troubleshooting steps for this specific issue. This updates the operating system and removes corrupted temporary data. It is very effective in resolving many software related problems.

Steam Takes Forever to Open Error Fixed

Analyze your download speed you get on Steam with the internet provider’s download speed

In this particular scenario, the first thing to do is to make sure the download speed is slow and this is not the speed you are getting from your ISP.

Most of the ISPs use bits per second to measure their internet connection, but Steam uses bytes per second instead of ISP’s speed bits per second to indicate download speed.

For comparison, download speed conversion is listed below.

  • ISP’s speed of 3 Mbits/sec is equal to 384 KB/s of Steam download speed
  • An ISP speed of 15 Mbps is equivalent to a Steam download speed of 1.9 MB/s
  • The ISP’s speed of 20 Mbits/sec is equal to the Steam download speed of 2.5 MB/s
  • The ISP’s speed of 50 Mbits/sec is equal to the Steam download speed of 6.25 MB/s.

Based on the above data, check whether the slow streaming of Steam still occurs.

Method1: Disconnect other devices from the network

In case other devices are connected to the network, they will also use the same Internet bandwidth. Therefore, make sure you disconnect these connected devices from this network and check if the Steam slow streaming is still low.

Keep in mind that many factors affect the speed of the Steam you get. If your computer is connected via Wi-Fi, the closer you are to the router, the better the signal and the potential for higher download speeds.

Make sure you are not using torrent software to stream videos or download files, as this will consume a lot of bandwidth.

Method2 :Change download location

Steam has several servers that cater to its users worldwide. If you want to download the game, it is best to download the game from the server closest to your geographic location.

Although the Steam client will automatically detect your area through the network and set it as the default area, sometimes servers in a specific area may become overloaded or have hardware failures.

Hence, in this scenario, we recommend changing the download area to solve the issue.

  • Open Steam>click on Settings
  • Select Download> to go to the Download area.
  • Select a region other than yours> restart Steam.

Try to clear steam download cache

Sometimes the downloaded file is corrupted and may cause this problem. To solve this problem, you will need to clear the download cache. Before proceeding, make sure to remember your login credentials.Lakshmi Tulasi

5:39 PM Today

Replace: “which” with

  • Open your Steam> go to Settings (It’s in the top left menu).
  • Go to the download under the settings panel.
  • Select Clear Steam Cache >Click OK.
  • After a few minutes, Steam will ask you to enter your login credentials.

Method3: Add Steam as an antivirus exception

Anti-virus software can constantly scan files being downloaded from Steam, which can affect the download speed. You need to exclude Steam from your antivirus software to ignore your activity and speed up streaming.

Windows Defender

  • Select the Windows option.
  • Type Windows Defender in the search bar and enter.
  • Choose the Windows Defender Security Center application.
  • Go to the option to protect against viruses and threats i.e., Virus and Threat Protection.
  • Access to antivirus and threat protection settings. On Windows, you need to allow administrator access to access this feature. In this case, click Yes.
  • Find the box that says “Add or Remove Exceptions”. Click and it will land you a menu where you can add exceptions. You need to delete the entire Steam folder from the download directory.
  • Go to the Delete folder option and hunt down the Steam directory. When you arrive, select a folder to save your changes.
Windows Defender

Avast antivirus software

  • Open the application.
  • Click the Settings option present in the left corner of the screen.
  • Under Settings, go to General and scroll down until you find an exception.
  • Select the browse option to hunt down to the Steam directory. The default Steam location is (C: Steam Program Files). If you’ve already installed another Steam directory, you can navigate to that directory as well.
  • With the Steam folder selected, click Add in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click OK and Steam will be added to the list of global exceptions for Avast Antivirus.
Computer protection

Kaspersky AV

  • Go to Kaspersky AV present at the bottom right of the screen from the icon on the taskbar.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select the other tab > select the Threats and exclusions tab from the list of specified options.
  • Select Configure exclusions in the center of the screen.
  • Select Add current option.
  • Then use the Browse option to hunt down to the Steam directory. When you complete browsing, select a folder to save your changes.

Method4: Change the streaming limit

One of the reasons for this issue is downloading restrictions set in the Steam client. You have to experiment to get the maximum download speed.

  • Open Run as administrator option> Click Steam.
  • Click the Steam button In the upper left corner. Click on it and select settings from the drop-down box
  • Navigate to “Download” and you will find a drop-down window in it that can be used to limit bandwidth. Choose a speed and continue downloading.
Change the streaming limit

Method5: Refresh your Steam client

If the problem persists and you have ensured that your Internet connection has not caused the problem, you must refresh the Steam client.

  • Press the Win + R buttons. This will pop up in the running application.
  • Complete the dialog box. C: Steam program files (x86)
  • If Steam is installed in a different directory, you can access that directory.
  • Look for the following folders: Steam.exe (applications), SteamApps (folders)
  • Delete all other files/folders/apps except the above files/folders/apps and restart Steam.
  • Steam will download any missing files and folders if they exist and launch when you’re ready.
  • At last, Reboot your computer.


We have explained multiple methods by following which anyone can easily resolve the problem of slow streaming of Steam. We believe the above tutorial content can help each one of you who are facing slow streaming problems on Steam.

Steam users usually have a reliable and expensive internet connection. Many Steam users find difficulty in streaming. We know that it is very frustrating if the steam runs very slowly and you may not be able to do anything. But do not worry, try the above fixes that helped many Steam users to use Steam smoothly.

Slow Steam issues can be caused by outdated network drivers, firewall blocking, cache issues, network connectivity issues, download server locations, resource-intensive programs, and even download caches. We recommend that you try after the suggested solution to easily identify and fix the problem.

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