Steam not Detecting Switch Pro Controller – 3 Fixes

Nintendo has taken the gaming market by storm with their switch hybrid consoles. Their Switch lineup is known for complementing triple A-rated titles on their platform, along with seamless support for Gaming PCs.

Of course, who wouldn’t want the precision of a high-quality gaming controller with their high-end PC games?

But many users have complained about the Switch Pro Controller not working with Steam. There have been cases where Steam just doesn’t seem to detect the Nintendo controller.

No controller attached warning

Well, if you’re looking for a solution to this problem, this guide will help you resolve this issue, once and forever!

Let’s get down to it!

Steam not detecting Switch Pro Controller – 3 fixes

We have compiled a list of the 3 best fixes for this issue. Scroll down to the one that’s applicable for you!

Method1: Connect the Controller via Bluetooth

We observed that connecting the Switch Pro controller through a wired connection was quite glitchy in some situations. This might be happening because of some plug-ins blocking Steam from reaching your controller through the Device Manager.

To get around this, using a Bluetooth connection is the way to go!

Here’s how you do it:

Before you configure the Bluetooth settings on your PC, you need to first enable pairing mode on the controller.

You can do this by simply pressing and holding the Sync button at the top of the controller until the lights flash rapidly.

Sync button on controller
Flashing lights on controller

On your PC:

  • Click on the Windows icon > Settings.
Windows settings in start menu
  • In the menu, select Devices.
Devices settings in Windows
  • Turn on Bluetooth by switching the toggle.
Turn on bluetooth
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or other device.
Click on add bluetooth or other device
  • In the options list, select Bluetooth.
Click on bluetooth
  • Locate your controller in the device list, and click on it.
Select controller from device list
  • Once you’re done with these steps, you’ll see your controller in the list of connected devices.
Select your controller

At this point, you’ll be able to seamlessly use Steam with the Switch Pro controller.

If you’re still facing the same issue, no worries, we have 2 more fixes for you!

Method: 2 Update Pro Controller via Nintendo Switch

In some cases, all your problems with connectivity might be due to an outdated firmware. To get around this, it is advisable to always keep your devices updated to the latest software versions.

To update your controller, you first need to connect it back to your Switch either by using a wired or wireless connection.

Connect pro controller to switch

With that done, follow these steps to update the firmware:

  • On the Switch home screen, head to System Settings.
Nintendo switch system settings
  • Locate Controllers and Sensors and click on it.
Click on controllers and sensors
  • In the Controller settings, click on Update controllers.
Click on update controllers

Once you’re done with that, the new firmware will be downloaded and installed onto your Controller!

With the new firmware in place, check if you’re still facing issues connecting the controller to Steam.

Still not quite perfect? No worries, let’s move on to the next fix!

Method: 3 Enable Switch Pro controller support

More often than not, most of your Steam controller issues might just be arising due to a few faulty controller settings.

We recommend you reconnect your Pro controller to sSeam and enable the built-in support for third-party controllers.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Steam, and click on Settings at the top-right corner.
Open Steam settings
  • Locate Controller Settings, and click on it. Click on controller settings
  • Enable Switch Pro Configuration Support by selecting the tick-box.
Select switch pro configuration support
  • Once you enable the Pro Controller support, all you need to do is restart Steam and run as administrator.
Right click on steam and run as admin

And that’s it! You’re done!


If for some reason your controller doesn’t even show up in the device list, try hovering your cursor over the bottom of the Controller Settings screen, and clicking on the Unhide devices button.

Click on unhide devices

You’re welcome!


So with that pro tip, that’s it for this one, folks!

In this article, we have compiled all the ways for you to easily solve the issue of Steam not detecting the Switch Pro Controller.

We sincerely hope you found this guide helpful, and we look forward to sharing more guides in the future!

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