How to Install Sports Devil on Kodi Quickly in 2 Mins

As far as we know, everyone is fond of sports! But finding the best sports add-on is a bit tricky. Today we will explain to you a step-by-step guide on how to install SportsDevil on Kodi.

SportsDevil is one of the popular third-party Kodi add-ons for live streaming of online sporting events and replays of sporting events.

With a wide range of game reruns and live IPTV HD sports streaming, Sports Devil is widely regarded as the ultimate Kodi sports supplement for various professional sports freak.

You can use this Kodi add-on to stream almost all major sporting events. You can watch videos in 480p, 720p, 1080p, and other qualities.

Install Sports Devil Kodi Addon

SportsDevil is one of the most popular plugins among Kodi users because it offers lots of live TV channels and sports events.

It can be used to watch cricket, NBA, football, badminton, volleyball, hockey, and many other games. It also covers major events such as the World Cup, T20, IPL, PSL, and a range of other sporting events.

Steps to Install Sports Devil on Kodi

By following the steps below, users can install SportsDevil on Kodi and enjoy their favorite sports channel within a couple of minutes.

Method 1- By using the source URL

Step 1: Launch Kodi> Go to Settings> Select Expert> Change permission to allow from Unknown Sources> Select YES.

Step 2: Again go to the Settings> select option File Manager> Double -Click on option Add-on

Step 3: Replace <None> with

Step 4: Name media file as Ezzer Mac and click OK

Step 5: Go back to the home screen by clicking on ESC> Go to Add-on> Click on box type icon> Select install from zip file

Step 6: Now choose option Ezzer Mac > Choose

Install from the ZIP file

Step 7: Go back to the home screen by clicking on ESC again> Select Install from repository> Select file Ezzer Mac Repo

Step 8: Now select video add-on> go to add-on SportsDevil> Select Install

Step 9: Wait for a few seconds for installation> go to home screen> Select Video add-ons> Choose finally SportsDevil add-on

Step 10: Wait for a few seconds to get this done and now enjoy!

Method 2- By using a Zip file

Step 1: Type in your browser> Click to download it

Step 2: Go to add-ons> Select package installer option

Step 3: Click Install from Zip> go to desktop option

Step 4: Search and select the downloaded zip file

Step 5: After installation select the option Install from Repository> select Ezzer Macs Wizard

Step 6: Go to video add-on> select SportsDevil

Step 7: Click install and wait for a few seconds to get this done

Installing Sports Devil addon using a Zip file

SportsDevil add-on error and solutions

  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives an Installation Failed error, then it must be due to the repository. It may be because the repository is corrupted or closed for maintenance. This type of problem always occurs with third-party add-ons. The recommended way to fix this problem is to try the best repository you can trust. Users should try to download SportsDevil from the EzzerMac repository. This repository works very well.
  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives a web request failed error, then it must be due to Kodi being unable to play streaming script or video content format and displaying this error. When accessing a live stream, the Network Request Failure error usually does not occur. To resolve this issue, the user needs to enable RTMP in Kodi. To do this, go to my Add-ons> select VideoPlayer InputStream> go to RTMP and select enable.
Enabling the RTMP input
  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives a Check Log error, then it must be due to an expired repository or an outdated repository. Another reason may be due to cache buildup in case you are not using add-ons. Log check errors are one of the most annoying errors on Kodi. To resolve this, re-install the repository or just update your repository.
  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives a Stream Not Available error, then it means SportsDevil does not offer live streaming at specific times. Wait for sometime when a specific sporting event is available, it starts automatically.
  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives a Script Failed error, then it means the installed plugin is not working properly. The error was caused by an older version of Kodi or an add-on. To resolve this, update your Kodi version or add-on.
  • If the SportsDevil add-on gives a download fails error, then it must be because you downloaded an old version of the plugin. Reinstalling SportsDevil on Kodi may fix the issue.
Reinstalling SportsDevil on Kodi


With the Sports Devil add-on installed on Kodi, you can watch live sporting events, watch exciting events and comment on the latest game reports.

You can watch the latest matches on your mobile device or PC. As mentioned earlier, some of the streams in this add-on are geographically limited, and you will need to install a VPN on Kodi to bypass this restriction.

We have described two different methods above for how to install Sports Devil Kodi addon. For this reason, if you are having trouble with any of the steps, make sure the second step is working.

Also, some people are having the problem that the latest updates are not available because the link has not been updated yet. So when the developer updates the link, everything will be normal again.

If you find this article useful, do share it with other people so that everyone can watch live sports for free.

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