How to Fix Spectrum DVR Not Recording Series?

We cannot watch all our favorite movies and TV shows as they air, and so recording videos is helpful.

And DVR aka Digital Video Recorder happens to be our knight in shining armor as it helps record videos.

One can use the Spectrum DVR to record all the digital content and stream it later on. But what if the Spectrum DVR stops recording?

There can be various reasons behind the Spectrum DVR not working, one of the main reasons being lack of storage space.

Or it is also possible that you are trying to record series that are basically not allowed to record and tagged as “On Demand” programming.

And so today we will be discussing how to fix Spectrum DVR not recording series issues.

How to Fix Spectrum DVR Not Recording Series?

The easiest way to fix Spectrum DVR not recording is when you know the reason behind it.

However, if you are not sure of the reason, do not worry. You can go through the various solutions in this guide and see which method works to fix these common DVR issues.

Method 1 – Clear Storage Space

Sometimes, we keep on storing our favorite videos on the Spectrum DVR forgetting that it too has a capacity. And it cannot store content more than its capacity.

And so the first thing you need to do is check your storage. I’m sure you will find various videos that you no longer need.

Spectrum DVR Storage Space

You can remove the videos to clear up some storage space. If the Spectrum DVR Storage is the cause behind no recording then it can be easily dealt with.

You just have to delete some of your recordings, some that you have already watched or the ones that you won’t need in the near future.

However, if you feel that most of the recordings are important to you, then you can create a backup on your flash drive.

Method 2 – Tighten Input Connections

The DVR Spectrum is a machine and sometimes when it stops recording, the issue is not internal but external.

And so if your Spectrum DVR is not recording series, then it might not be due to full storage, but due to loose power cords.

Tighten Input connections

If the cords are not connected tightly, then you will face recording issues. And so start the process by inspecting your cables.

Disconnect your device and make some fresh and tight connections.

Method 3 – Restart Spectrum DVR

Any issue with an electronic device definitely calls for a restart. A reboot of the device can solve a wide variety of problems, so if none of the above solutions worked for you, start Spectrum DVR again.

Restarting the Spectrum DVR might cause you the loss of your previous recordings but it is a great way to get your device back to working.

Restart Spectrum DVR

You can either reboot your recorder via remote or just press the reset button on the DVR. Wait for a few seconds till the device reboots and your Spectrum DVR will start recording.

Method 4 – Check Priority Settings

Spectrum DVR has priority settings that rank the series and the series ranked first will be recorded. You can schedule the recording of just one episode or the automatic recording of the upcoming episodes.

To create the series recording, you need to set the various features like record episodes, start time, stop time and keep until to optimized options.

Method 5 – Wait for Server Maintenance

The last thing that you can do is wait for the technical glitch to be resolved from the other end. Sometimes due to server maintenance or technical work going on, and so wait for the maintenance to be over.

And if the service maintenance is taking a lot of time, then you can always contact customer support for help.

Troubleshooting Tips

If the methods mentioned above do not work, then you can give the following things a quick check –

  • Check your coax cable. Make sure it is connected properly.
  • The Spectrum DVR should be connected to the TV properly, and both should be powered ON.
  • Unplug your device for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Check if the recorder starts recording the series or not.
  • Interference from other objects or electronic devices can also affect the recording. So try to clear up the objects in front of the recorder.
  • Delete needless recordings on a weekly basis.
  • Try recording in SD rather than HD as the former takes less space.
  • Change your setting for record duplicates to No.
  • While recording the series, set the Spectrum DVR capture to only new episodes.


The failure of the Spectrum DVR recording series can be pretty annoying. It not only ruins your weekends but also your mood.

It seems that the record button is not functioning. However, there can be various reasons due to which the Spectrum DVR stops recording. Detect the reason, then go ahead with the respective solution.

If not, then you can try all these methods in steps and check which method troubleshoots the issue.

Also, we have mentioned some simple tips that we usually overlook but can actually resolve your Spectrum TV with a DVR recording issue.

So what do you think of the Spectrum DVR recording series feature and if you know some tricks that worked for you, then share them with us?

Also, shoot your questions and queries and we will solve as many as we can.

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