Roku Ultra vs Express: Which is Best for Streaming?

Roku Ultra Vs Roku Express: Which Streaming Device is Best for You?

Roku is a popular media streaming device that is slowly taking over the traditional cable and smart TVs.

If you are thinking of cutting the cord, then Roku and its different streamers are a good option. Roku Ultra, Premium, Express, and the Roku Streaming Stick are four streaming box options that you can try.

Now the question is which one to purchase?

So today we are going to compare two of its models- Roku Ultra Vs Roku Express to know which streaming device is best for you.

So let us begin.

Roku Ultra Vs Roku Express Review

Before starting with our review, here is a little information about what is Roku and how does it work?

Roku started with set-top boxes and slowly paved its way into streaming sticks. Today, with its various devices it allows you to stream your favorite shows from Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more on your TV.

You just need to plug in your Roku streaming stick into your TV and log in to your account. The content is divided into different Roku channels that are dedicated to the TV network, applications, websites, and streaming services.

The company slowly expanded its range of devices and offers variably priced models. And so today we are going to review Roku Ultra and Roku Express to find out which is better.

The Roku Ultra is the premium and ultra-posh model amongst the various devices by Roku. It has all the features to be called a high-end streaming box.

These include Dolby Vision, strong and faster Wi-Fi connection, HDR, voice search, Ethernet port, and more. All of these features ensure consistent streaming.

Roku Ultra vs Roku Express

However, if you are just starting your online streaming journey, then you can opt for the small, simple, and inexpensive Roku Express device.

As it is not Ultra, it offers standard 1080p HD quality streams. If you are a casual watcher, who is not looking for 4K ultra video quality, then Roku Express is for you. It is considered a basic HDMI device with limited features.

Roku Ultra vs Roku Express build

Wi-Fi connectivity

The Roku Ultra’s features include dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet port for steady wired connections and consistent streaming.

On the other hand, the Roku Express box enables Internet connection through Wi-Fi. It comes with an HDMI connection that allows easy and quick streaming of channels on any TV.

Remote control

One of the interesting features of Roku Ultra is its premium remote. It is equipped with two programmable buttons for the quick and easy launch of apps like Plex.

Also, it comes with a jack for headphones so that you can enjoy your shows without disturbing the other folks.

However, with the remote of Roku Express, you can only control the volume and shuffle channels. Though it lacks the headphone jack, it is still better than the Chromecast.

Roku Ultra vs Roku Express remote control

Now that sounds interesting. The remote is definitely the hero of Roku Ultra, but that’s not it.

One additional feature that comes with Roku Ultra’s latest 2020 model is the remote finder functionality.

So whenever you are unable to find the remote, press the button on the box. The remote will start making a noise that you can easily track.

You can also enjoy the voice search feature and motion control while gaming. All these high-end features are not offered by the Roku Express streaming box, except the voice search through the Roku mobile app. The remote control of the latter instead uses infrared communication and so you need to keep it in the Roku box’s visual sight to work.

Video quality

Video quality of Roku Ultra and Roku Express

The Roku Express supports 1080p, full HD quality. However, today most people look for 4K video streaming options. So if you have a TV compatible with 4K- Ultra HD then choose the Roku Ultra streaming box.

But should video quality be considered a parameter to judge?

I would recommend going ahead with Roku Ultra as it will secure you for your future.

Now that we have compared the features of these two streaming boxes by Roku, we can say that Roku Ultra possesses some sophisticated functionalities, while the Express model offers a decent streaming experience at a cheaper cost.

Similarities and differences of Roku Ultra Vs Roku Express


  1. Whether you are using the Ultra or Express box, or the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, all these devices use the Roku operating system. Its interface is slick and user-friendly.
  2. Also, both the Roku models allow the streaming of thousands of channels and content for free. It allows easy YouTube and Netflix casting on your smart TV as well.
  3. The connection of both streaming boxes either requires an HDMI port or a strong Wi-Fi and so you need to have a television set that supports it.


  1. Roku Ultra offers 4K and Ultra HD video streaming. On the other hand, with Roku Express you can enjoy 1080p quality streams.
  2. While Roku Ultra comes with a premium remote having features like a jack for headphones, and programmable buttons, Roku Express comes with a basic remote.
  3. Roku Express allows connection through Wi-Fi, while Ultra box is equipped with an Ethernet port for a stable connection.


So if you are looking for basic features then you can avail yourself of Roku Express at $29.99. However, if you want to have access to the high-end features then get the Roku Ultra streaming box home for $99.99.

Also if you have more budget then you can buy the Roku Streaming Stick or the Roku Streaming Stick Plus.


So which is the best Roku device? Still, confused? I know it can be a little difficult to make a decision, with so many models, offering different functionalities, and priced differently.

But let me make it simple.

The Roku Ultra is best for those who have a high budget and are looking for premium features. You can even buy the Roku Ultra 2020 edition for Dolby Vision and 4K streaming.

However, if your purpose of buying a streaming box is not concerned with high-end features then get Roku Express. It is the cheapest device that takes care of all the basic needs.

We hope that our Roku Ultra Vs Roku Express Review was helpful to you. In case of any doubts, leave your query in the comment section.

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