Roku stick overheating

6 Proven Ways to Fix Roku Stick Overheating Error

Roku has made its name and place in the streaming world. It offers various user-friendly devices that ensure a first-class streaming experience for its users.

However, like every other electronic device, the Roku Stick also faces some technical faults.

Yes, since the device is packed with various hardware functions and programs in a limited space, Roku overheating seems to be a common issue. As a result of such errors, your device stops working.

So what to do?

Are you also facing such an issue? And looking for some ways to troubleshoot the Roku Stick overheating error?

If yes, then this guide will give you the proven ways to fix the Roku stick overheating error.

How to Fix Roku Stick Overheating Error?

Before we look into some possible ways to fix the overheating issue of the Roku stick, let us see what are the reasons behind it.

We often fail to take care of the device, due to which various issues pop up. It not only interrupts our streaming but also reduces the life of the device.

So how can one say that your Roku device is facing heating issues? Actually, the device itself indicates it in the form of a red light or a message.

Error Messages

Error Messages

Sometimes when Roku gets overheated, it displays a warning message on your TV screen. The message says- “your device is overheating.” And so when you see this message, it is time to take the necessary troubleshooting step.

Red Light

Red Light

The Roku boxes and sticks have an in-built mechanism wherein they flash a red light on getting heated. And so when you see a red light that is not blinking at all then it indicates that your device has become too hot.

Manual Touch

You can also touch the set-top box or streaming stick to check the temperature. This is another way by which you can regularly stay updated about the condition of your device.

So where are you going wrong?

Now you know that your device is getting overheated, let us understand the reasons that are causing it.

  1. If your Roku stick is placed close to devices like the router or set-top box or any other electronic device, then you might face heating issues.
  2. Another reason for the Roku device’s overheating is its placement in direct sunlight.
  3. Also if you are using the device for a longer period of time, then it can heat it up.
  4. The Roku Firestick can also heat up easily if you have placed it inside a closed box.

All these can possibly overheat any device and damage the television set as well.

Ways to Fix Roku Stick Overheating Error

Nobody loves any sort of interruption while they are watching their favorite TV show. And so if you are constantly getting the overheating message, then here are some proven ways to troubleshoot the error.

Method 1 – Check the Device

The first solution to fix an overheating Roku device is a thorough inspection. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Turn off the Roku Stick and unplug the power cord. Make sure that it is placed in an open space, and let it cool.

Step 2- This solution has proved to work with many, so restart the device. After restarting the device, you probably won’t get the warning message.

Step 3- Another way is to keep the device away from the set-top box, and then only restart the device. Only after it gets cooled down completely check if the solution is resolved or not.

Check the Device

Step 4- And if you feel that your Roku Stick is placed in an area with sunlight, then we would recommend you to place it somewhere else. Wait for a few minutes till it cools down. Plugin the cable and restart the device.

However, if you are still facing the issue then switch off the device immediately to prevent further damage.

Method 2 – Use Wired Connection

So if you are sure that your device is not placed in a closed box or in sunlight, then try this next method to fix the error.

Some users have confirmed that after using the wired connection they have not faced overheating of the Roku stick. Instead of a wireless connection, you can run some wires in the house.

Even though I know that running wires are not practical, it definitely works. Or if you are too worried about the mess then you can use a powerline network to bring the Ethernet near the device.

Method 3 – Place the Device on Smart Power Strip

If your Roku device is working constantly throughout the day, then this method will help you fix the heating issue.

You can get yourself a smart power strip for the device to be placed on. This will cut the power whenever it is off, thus saving energy. So instead of running the device idly, your device will be shut down and its run time will also be increased.

Smart Power Strip

So try out this method and restart your device. If your situation is still not fixed, then check out the next method.

Method 4 – Add Aluminum Foil

There is another great way to transfer the heat faster from the device to the surrounding. So if your device is not placed on a flat surface, then you might want to place a crumpled aluminum foil between the case and the heatsink of the device.

The aluminum foil transfers the heat faster from the heatsink to the case and out.

Soon the heatsinks will cool down and you can resume watching TV.

Method 5 – Get an Extender

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then you can use an extender. So what is an extender and how does it help? From where can you get one, and how much will it cost?

I know there might be a lot of questions coming in your mind. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

So an extender is a wire that helps you place the device far away from the warmer areas. The company provides you with an extender for free. So you just have to fill up a form and submit it. The extender will be shipped to your house for free.


Method 6- Check your Cables

One more way to fix the Roku Stick Overheating Issue is by checking whether all the gadget cables are put in the required slot.

Make sure that the connections are secure and precise. Remove the cables and reconnect them properly. This will help you fix heating issues as well as sound issues if any.

Cables and extenders

Also, it is important that you use branded and high-quality cables. This is another effective and tried and trusted way.


In case of issues like overheating, it is important to take care of the surroundings. The place where the box is placed, other devices, and the room temperature, everything plays an important role.

We hope that this article was helpful to you and your device gets back to normal temperature. However, if you are still facing the issue, then don’t take the risk. We would recommend you to call customer care for help.

Constant maintenance is everything you need. So be alert and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

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