15+ Roku Secret Menus and Commands You Need to Know Right Now

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices available in the market today. It is gaining popularity among people who want to jailbreak this device.

Also, it has many advantages that make it an obvious choice for the users to binge-watch. With secret codes, it opens up the way to more and geo-restricted channels and shows as well.

Roku is simple and easy to use. It can be used with any TV and makes your TV a smart TV. But all you need to have is your Roku account and then you can easily stream and cast your favorite movies and shows.

Roku Secret Codes and Menus

There are some quick steps associated with the setting up of a Roku device. You can easily connect Roku by following the below steps:

1. Power up your Roku.

2. Connect with wi-fi. Set up a Roku account and you are good to go.

Various menus are visible to you and you might be already accessing them. Let me give you good news. For those, who are always in search of some secret little things, here it is. Roku devices also have some of the secret codes and menus that you should know right now.

In this blog, I am going to tell you some of the secret codes and menus to make it fun and more interesting. Stay tuned till the end because the best is yet to come.

Why use Roku Secret Menus and Codes?

Various channels are restricted due to various factors such as geographical location, third-party issues, streaming adult content, and many more. So, normally when you are browsing through Roku you won’t be able to find it. But using some secret codes and menus you will be able to find and stream those channels as well.

Roku Secret Menus to access

Everything has a veil until you don’t press the wrong button. Various secret menus are accessible using the Roku remote. Using some settings that we are gonna talk about can help you access those restricted channels easily.

Here is the list of private channels on Roku:

  • TED Talks
  • Hubblecast HD
  • HBO GO
  • HBO Max
  • White House Press Briefings
  • Universal Sports Networks

By pressing a combination of buttons on the remote, you can directly go to the channel you were searching. Therefore, be aware of what you are looking for.

12+ Secret Codes that you need to know right now

Roku Secret Codes

Home Button

Pressing the home button five times will reveal a list of channels present on your device. The home key is very important for your Roku device. Pressing this key you can exit any screen on your device.

Fast Forward

Press the fast forward button 3 times, it will take you from Home to Settings and then to Search. Now, you can search for any channel or show by typing in the name of that particular channel and you will get there.

Rewind Twice

Pressing the Rewind button twice will reveal a Secret Hidden Menu Screen. You will find Factory Reset, Cycle Software Updates, Update Software, and Debugging logging.

Centre and OK

Pressing the Centre button along with OK will give you a Factory reset option. You can now reset your device if you wish to.

Centre and OK

Pressing the Centre and OK again will change the option to the second line on the top right-hand side. If you are facing any issue with one server, you can simply change your server.

Updating Software

Centre and the OK key have various things to do. You can update software as well using this combination.

Additional Combinations of Secret Codes in Roku

Reboot the device

You can use the following combinations to reboot your device. Make sure to use only one combination at a time.

  • Press the Home button five times
  • Fast Forwarding five times
  • Up Arrow and Rewind two times
  • Fast-forwarding two times

Wi-fi Menu

To check the signal strength, you can access the menu in the following fashion:

  • Press the Home Button five times
  • And finally, use the Up, Down, Up, Down, and Up button.

Antenna Menu

You can check the hidden antenna menu by the following combinations or single key multiple presses:

  • Press the Home button five times and the screen will change to show the Hidden antenna menu.
  • Fast forwarding, pressing Rewind, Down, and again Fast forward

Channel Info Menu

There are also multiple ways to check the channel info menu by Pressing the Home button three times, Up two times, and then Left, Right, Left, Right, and Left.

Taking Screenshot

  • Press the Home button five times
  • Then press Up, Right, Down, Left, and then Up.

It helps you to remove auto-pair, log theme info, cycle banner, and cycle ads.

Bit Rate

In order to check the bit rate in Roku, use the following secret code.

  • Press Home Button five times
  • Rewind thrice
  • And then fast forward twice

Developer Mode

Using the secret code that I am going to tell you now will help you access the developer mode in your Roku device. If you are curious to see developer mode into your device then you can see this.

  • Press the Home button thrice.
  • Up twice
  • Then press Right> Left > Right > Left > Right


  • Press the Home button five times
  • Then press Down. Left
  • At last press Up thrice.

This will help you change the color from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 and will help you resolve the compatibility issues and HDCP problem in HDR.

Key Take-Aways

  • There are a lot of combinations for accessing one menu or screen.
  • Do not use more than one combination at a time.
  • Use another combination when one is not working.
  • Try to use it remotely while accessing these hidden channels and menus.

The Final Note

We have covered almost every possible combination and channel that we found wasn’t not directly accessible. Use these combinations and access your favorite hidden channel on your Roku device.

Tell us in the comment section below, the combination that worked for you. Feel free to shoot your queries too. We would love to answer all your queries.

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