Best Roku Screensaver Easter Eggs List in 2021

Are you using Roku at your home or office space?

Did you notice the new Roku Screensaver Easter Eggs?

Not till now? Then do check out their Easter Eggs Screensaver 2020. They have some really interesting movie and TV show references.

And if you have noticed their screensaver, then how many of the Easter Eggs did you notice?

So the new screensaver is basically a city scrape in dazzling shades of purple. Here Roku has incorporated some 30+ references from different Movies and TV shows that you have to spot.

Still, confused?

For those who have just started using Roku, screensavers can be a whole new thing. So let us start from the top.

What are Screensavers on Roku?

A Roku screensaver is an application that appears on your TV screen usually when your device is not in use. It is in the form of moving images or patterns that covers the entire screen.

These screensavers were initially introduced to prevent the phosphor burn-in effect that happened in older TVs.

However, now they are used from an entertainment point of view. It is one way to customize your Roku device and give it a personal touch.

You can change the screensavers whenever you like. While most of them are free, if you want you can also purchase them.

Just head to the Roku Channel Store to get a screensaver you like.

Roku Screensaver Easter Eggs

It can be a bit hard to find the Easter Eggs on the Roku Screensaver. There are so many, and so we have hunted a few for you.

Keep reading to know how many of the Roku Easter eggs you couldn’t spot.

Titanic Sinking Ship

The first reference is from the movie Titanic. You can see a sinking boat after hitting an iceberg.

Titanic Sinking Ship

Emerald City – Wizard of Oz Castle

The next you can sport is the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. While the castle is clearly visible, you can even see the characters walking down to the castle, when seen closely.

Emerald City- Wizard of Oz Castle screensaver


Right in front of the castle is an island with a ball-like structure. It is none other than Wilson from Castaway.

Castaway screensaver

The Hunt for the Red October

Next up is a submarine. If you think properly, then this submarine can be from the movie The Hunt for the Red October.

The Hunt for the Red October screensaver


As you move forward, you can see the Daily Planet building. We all know that Superman worked here and so this part of the city scrape is from the Superman movie.

Superman screensaver

Ninja Turtle

Then there is a warehouse scene. You can see a huge warehouse with three Ninja Turtles hiding in different places. So you can spot the eyes of Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael in the warehouse.

Ninja Turtle screensaver


Next, you can see a little boat in the waters, followed by a shark. This is the clear depiction from the movie Jaws.

Jaws screensaver


So whenever you see web-slingers from tall buildings, there is one and only one thing that comes to our mind. It’s Spiderman. You can spot the acrobatic superhero, easily near one of the buildings.

Spiderman screensaver


Who can miss Godzilla? You can spot the monster from anywhere. Even though it can just be a monster for the theme, it can still be Godzilla.

Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook

You can also spot a pirate ship, which is probably the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. However, if you look close, there is a hold in its sail. And so, the ship can be from the movie Hook where Peter Pan cuts a hole.

Pirates of the Caribbean or Hook screensaver

King Kong

Another clearly visible hint is the great King Kong. You can find him stuck to one of the buildings.

King Kong screensaver

Avengers Tower

Then there is one of the buildings that look exactly like the Avengers Tower or Iron Man’s building.

Avengers Tower screensaver

Back to the Future

As the Screensaver would move forward, there is a huge courthouse with a hoverboard, it is the place from Back to the Future.

Back to the Future screensaver

Dr. Who

And then there is Tardis from Dr. Who. I hope you were able to spot this one.

Dr. Who screensaver

Independence Day

The most highlighted part of the screensaver is Big Ben. It is covered by a UFO, which is probably from Independence Day where all the spaceships were blowing up the famous landmarks.

Independence Day screensaver

Star Wars

I hope you did not miss the Death Moon from Star Wars. This one was quite hard to find.

A Christmas Story

Next to the Courthouse building, you can see a leg lamp through the building’s window. It is from the movie A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Story screensaver

Singing in the Rain

You can also spot the street lamp with an umbrella by the side of the movie Singing in the Rain.

Singing in the Rain screensaver

Sleepless in Seattle

The Roku screensaver also shows the Seattle space needle, which definitely featured in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

Sleepless in Seattle screensaver


We hope you had great fun hunting these Roku Easter Eggs on their Screensaver with us. We tried to get you as many references as possible.

Roku tries to keep its users entertained with such themes and screensavers.

If we have missed out on any of the movies or TV shows, then share it with us in the comment section.

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