Roku Premiere vs Express: Don’t Pick The Loser!

Are you hunting for a good and reliable streaming service?

Making a transfer from cable to a media player can take some time. However, it won’t be very difficult if you are considering Roku.

Roku is an excellent choice for someone looking for a low-cost, solid yet power-packed streaming experience. But there are various models and streaming boxes available.

So which one to choose?

To help you make the right decision, we have compared the features of Roku Premiere vs Roku Express. Both of them are tiny devices that are extremely popular and quite affordable.

So let us dig into the features of these Roku devices to know more.

Roku Premiere vs Express

Roku Premiere and Express are two popular and affordable devices by the brand. However, when you visually check them out, you will not find a major difference.

Yes, that’s right! When you hold the two devices and their remote in your hands, you will definitely get confused.

But you gotta choose one. And so we have compared them on various parameters, to make your work easy.

Build and design

The Roku Express and Premiere are small set-top boxes that you can connect to your television set via the HDMI cable.

The Roku Premiere box is a little bigger than Express. It is about 1.4x 3.3x 0.7 inches in size. However, the Roku Express set-top box measures 1.5x 0.75x 3.0 inches.

Roku streaming device build

The two set-top boxes are small and light due to which they can get pulled up. So it is better you stick them directly to your Television set or cabinet so as to maintain stability.

It is important to maintain the straight line-of-sight for the Infra-Red remote to work. The set-top box comes with a sticky patch that makes attachment easy.


When we talk about the compatibility of the two Roku devices, they differ a bit.

Roku Premiere has an edge over the other when it comes to compatibility with Windows and Android OS.

Roku Premiere allows mirroring of its screen on your Windows and Android device. In the same way, you can cast videos and shows from your Windows or Android device through the Premiere box.

However, if you are using an iOS device, then you won’t be able to enjoy this feature.

When we talk about Roku Express, it lacks the mirroring capability. But still, it offers casting options from your Android as well as the iOS device.

Both the devices support sharing of personal content via the Roku Play app feature.

Connectivity options

Both Premiere as well as Express support single-band Wi-Fi connectivity.

The two do not have an Ethernet port for a stable connection. And so you need to have a strong Wi-Fi range for unspoiled streaming.

Roku connectivity options

According to some users, their streaming was stalled sometimes due to the Wi-Fi connectivity of the Express box. And so we will give Roku Premiere some brownie points here.

Also, you can get a Wi-Fi Range extender for a better experience.


So as we mentioned before, the remote of both the Roku models are almost similar. And so if you are holding the two remotes together, you won’t be able to distinguish between them.

Roku Premiere comes with a basic remote with no voice search feature.

Also, there is no option of customizing shortcut buttons to switch between your favorite channels.

Roku Premiere vs Express feature

On the other hand, the Roku Express remote is also the standard one. It also lacks the voice-enabled search feature.

However, it comes with a built-in shortcut button for channels.

Roku Premiere vs Express remote control feature

The Roku Express and Roku Premiere remotes work on Infra-red property and so line-of-sight is important.

Streaming channels

The channel availability across all the media streamers is the same. Roku hosts channels and shows from almost all huge names like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, and more.

Also if you are from the UK, then you can enjoy content from ITV HUB and BBC iPlayer as well.

Even though thousands of channels hosted by both the streamers are the same, their responsiveness differs.

But don’t worry. Because how fast these apps will work depends on the specifications of your device.

Sound quality and performance

The next parameter is an important one to decide which is the best Roku streamer? The audio and video quality of Roku streamers differ greatly.

Roku Express supports 1080p HD quality content, with amazing picture quality. It might not be as vibrant as 4K but gives a solid video experience.

Roku Premiere vs Express Sound quality

However, if you are a fan of 4K content then Roku Premiere is for you.

Roku Premiere, as compared to the Express model supports 4K, Ultra HD, high dynamic range streaming. With Roku Premiere you can enjoy powerful streaming at an affordable price. It ensures crisp, vivid, vibrant, and brilliant image quality.

Coming to the audio quality, the two streamers support DTS, Dolby Atmos, and Digital Surround audio quality, ensuring a mesmerizing and immersive audio experience.

Processing power

The Processing Power of Roku Express isn’t strong enough like Roku Premiere.

The former doesn’t work on a Quad-Core processor and is a little slow. However, it ensures smooth navigation and performance.

The Roku Premiere set-top box on the other hand comes with a Quad-Core Processor for fast and reliable transitions between the tasks and apps.

There is minimal to no hang-ups, with swift transitions between channels.

Interface and speed

The OS of every Roku device is almost the same. However, the interface of Roku Express is a bit slower than Roku Premiere. Its slow and old interface is easily observable and feels like you are using an old smartphone.

On the other hand, the Roku Premiere has a clean and smart interface and so you can relax in that case.


So, which is the best Roku streamer? Which Roku media streaming device should we get?

You can make this decision easily. Just ask yourself- Do you have a 4K compatible TV? Do you need a 4K streaming service?

If yes, then opt for Roku Premiere and enjoy a huge range of channels in UHD, 4K quality.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, HD quality streaming experience then bring Roku Express home. It works well with any smart TV and doesn’t demand any extra power.

If we were to ask, we would suggest you buy Roku Premiere as it will be compatible with devices in the future as well.

But the choice is yours. And we hope you get a device that suits your needs and budget.

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