Roku Media Player Waiting for Media Devices – 4 Proven Fixes

Roku Media Player is a well-known channel available in the Roku Channel Store.

It brings your favorite content to your home via USB drivers or the media servers of your local network.

It supports various media devices like Plex, Twony, Tversity, and Windows Media Player.

Almost all the latest Roku streaming devices come pre-installed with this media player.

However, a lot of users are coming up with complaints that whenever they try to stream some video or music file they get a notification saying- “waiting for media devices.”

If you are also unable to play the media content on the Roku Media Player, then here are a few solutions that will help you resolve it.

How to Fix Roku Media Player Waiting for Media Devices Error?

When you get the notification saying Media Player is waiting for media devices, waiting for the error to resolve on its own won’t help.

Even after waiting for hours, you won’t be able to stream content on the Roku Media Player. The notification will continue to appear on your screen.

This can be due to various reasons like a failed network, improper insertion of the USB, or incorrect use of the video codec.

Sometimes due to the lost settings of the Windows Media Firewall the media files are not allowed to share and so you get the error message.

So here are a few solutions that will help you stream Media Player via the local media servers or USB drive.

Method 1 – Use USB2 Extension

Switching the USB drive is the easiest way to fix the media player not working issue.

Sometimes the error occurs due to a faulty USB drive or because it requires more power than the Roku TV.

The older version of TVs, have larger hard drivers or USB3 flash drives.

USB3 flash drives

The USB 3 drives of the TCL TV reportedly do not supply sufficient power for proper interaction. And so if you have connected the media device to USB 3, then switch it to USB 2 drive.

You can use the USB2 extension cable for making secure and working connections. For more satisfying results use the USB2 power hub.

Method 2 – Reinstall Roku Media Player

The Roku Media Player comes pre-installed with various streaming devices. If you too had it pre-installed and facing the media player waiting for media devices issue for long, then try re-installing the media player.

Close the application and uninstall it.

Wait for a few seconds and reinstall it to check if the issue still persists.

Method 3 – Install Plex Server

As we mentioned before, our firewall settings also cause the media devices to fail to share content with the Roku media player. As a result you get a notification saying “waiting for media devices.”

The Firewall suspects your public network connection and blocks your access to media files.

If you feel that this can be the reason behind the media player error then install the Plex server.

Install Plex Server

This has proved to be a great workaround for fixing the Roku media player waiting for media device error.

These servers transform your media into a format that is supported by the Roku device. There are a number of applications that will help you convert videos, but Plex or Serviio are one of the best.

Method 4 – Contact Roku

Lastly, if none of the above methods work for you, contact Roku’s customer support.

You can write to them and expect some help within a few days.


Roku and its features take care of your entertainment needs.

You can enjoy your favorite videos and content from the media files on your USB drive and local media server.

However, if errors like “Roku Media Player waiting for Media Devices” interrupt your streaming, then try these troubleshooting methods.

It is always good to try resolving the issues from our end. And if nothing works then contact the technical experts of the company.

Share your views on Roku errors and which solution helped you resolve the media player error with us in the comment section.

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