Roku Channel Install Failed

How to Fix Roku Channel Install Failed?

Roku has an enormous Channel Store that hosts thousands of channels and even more video content.

Apart from the exquisite features of Roku, another reason for which people choose Roku is the content and channels that it offers.

But what if you do not have access to all the channels?

Or the channel you want to access fails to install?

Such situations can be annoying, especially when you are trying to install your favorite channels like Netflix or Hulu.

Now you understand the gravity of the situation.

So today we are going to discuss some ways to fix the Roku channel install failed error.

How to Fix Roku Channel Install Failed?

Some Roku users reported that after installing a few channels like YouTube and Netflix, when they tried to install Amazon Prime or Hulu, the installation failed.

While some users said, they got a message “Channel install failed” when they tried to load the channel.

If you are also facing such error, or any issue while installing a channel on Roku, then try the methods given below-

Method 1 – Check your WiFi Network

Start troubleshooting by checking your Internet connection. Your Roku device might not be at fault every time.

The Wireless connection your device is connected to might be fluctuating and so before panicking or reaching out to the Roku manufacturer, check the Internet connectivity.

Even Roku says that your Wi-Fi network can be the reason behind such an installation failure.

And so the first thing you can do to fix a Roku channel install failed error is rebooting your Wireless router.

If the issue is with the router, then it will be resolved. You can try searching the channel in the Roku Store and install it.

However, if you still cannot install the channel of your choice then try the next method.

Method 2 – Resynchronize Channel Lineup

If you had previously installed some channels on Roku, but they got removed and now you cannot add it back, then here is a simple trick.

Unsynchronized lineup of channels can also lead to channel installation failure. With some simple steps you can resolve the issue-

Step 1 – Go to the Settings of your Roku device.

Go to Roku Settings

Step 2 – Then under the Settings menu, choose System.

Choose Roku system

Step 3 – Now click on System Update.

Click on System Update

Step 4 – And then select the Check Now option.

Select check now

This will resynchronize the channel lineup. All the channels that you have previously installed and were missing will be restored.

Sometimes you will have to login to individual channels in order to authenticate.

This will resolve your channel install failed issue.

Method 3 – Upgrade to Latest Roku

Another common reason behind the channel installation failed error is the old Roku version.

Yes, if you are still using the Roku 2 XS or any other second generation model, then you are in a bit of trouble.

The current Roku models are of eighth generation, and support all the latest technologies and features.

Upgrade to Latest Roku

However, the older versions do not support plenty of the channels and unfortunately Roku does not even provide updates for it.

The channels today require capabilities to load, and the older versions are quite underpowered for it.

And so we would suggest upgrading to the new Roku versions to stream the channel of your choice.

Method 4 – Factory Reset Roku

If you have tried rebooting your router and resetting the Network connections, but still the issue persists then try performing a complete factory reset.

Here is how you can do factory reset-

Step 1 – Go to the home Screen of your device by clicking the Home button.

Step 2 – Then choose the Settings option.

Select Roku settings option

Step 3 – Under the Setting section, click on System.

Click on system

Step 4 – Then move to the next menu, choose Advanced System Settings.

Choose Advanced System Settings

Step 5 – Next click on Factory Reset. And finally click on Factory Reset Everything.

Factory reset

Now follow the on-screen instructions and wait for a few seconds till your system reboots and reset everything.

Factory reset is the definitive way to troubleshoot any issues that occur due to the Roku software.

Method 5 – Use a VPN service

Lastly, there are chances that your ISP may be blocking the download and installation of a few channels.

So if you are residing at the outskirts of the US or in Germany, then access to some of the channels will be denied.

However you can still stream such channels, by installing a VPN service.

As you all know, a VPN hides your identity online. And so you can pretend to be accessing the services from a different location, while residing at some other place.

So if you feel that your geographical location may be causing issues or stopping you from installing any channel then try using a VPN service.


So in this article we have tried to provide you with some basic troubleshooting ways to fix the Roku channel install failed error.

We hope that you will be able to resolve the issue with one of the methods given above.

However, if nothing works, then you can reach out to the Roku customer support and draft your complaint to them.

Roku is an amazing platform with millions of people using it all over the world. They will reach out to your complaint and resolve it in the best possible way.

And if some other method worked for you then share it with us in the comment section.

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