How to Install Roku App On Samsung Smart TV?

Hey people, ever heard of the Roku app. Each of its streaming channels gives you a huge collection of audio and video content.

The graphics and immersive visuals are of top quality that automatically adjust for particular bandwidth and TV configurations.

So, what you are waiting for. Just install the Roku app on your Samsung Smart TV and enjoy tons of free TV shows and music.

Other than this Roku channel movies can be streamed on multiple devices that adds value to the user experience.

Roku device

How to install roku app on samsung smart TV

Here I am providing you the step by step guide to download and install Roku App on Samsung smart TV.

  • With the help of your TV remote select “Apps” option. Immediately, the Apps screen will be displayed.
  • Navigate to the upper right corner of your app screen. You will find the “select search tool” option. Click on it.
search for apps
Select search tool
  • Now in the search box type – “Roku” to make a search for the Roku channel.
Type in Roku
  • Click on the Roku channel option. Immediately the Roku detail screen will be displayed.
  • Simply click on install option.
Install Roku on Samsung smart TV
  • Let the installation process complete and your Roku channel is ready to begin.

Remember that you don’t need a roku account to run the roku channel. But having a roku account can give you access to extra content on their platform.

Tips and tricks to resolve roku issues

  • It may happen that you may not find roku channel while searching for the channel as explained in step 3 above. This implies your device is not compatible with roku channel. So you have to bear in mind that roku channel is only available in current roku streaming devices.
  • Well, our users have faced the problem of playback on the roku channel. Many times it starts but suddenly stops or even doesn’t start at all. So here I am guiding you on how to resolve various playback issues-

Issue no-1: Cannot play specific video

Select another video from the current channel. If that video works well then there are

possible problems in bandwidth or internet service. Call the customer support team.

Issue no-2: Video play error from a single channel

  1. Before taking any further step please make sure that your channel is properly linked and signed in with your subscription account.
  2. There is another case where you need to link your channel with the cable or satellite account using your login details. Read the instructions given on the screen carefully.
  3. Again if you Can’t play video from a single channel then try other channels. If it plays well on other channels then contact the support team for further assistance.

Issue no 3: Not a single video is working on any channel

Here in this case you have to check issues with the connection to the roku device-

  1. Visit setting> Network> About.
  2. Read the status. It will show- Connected or roku devices are not connected to the internet.
  3. So in case of non connection you have to select the set up connection and carefully read all the instructions displayed on the screen.
  4. After the connection update follows internet connection testing. For this, select test connection to start the network connection test.

Still playback issue? Restart both roku device and router.

Issue no 4: Poor video quality or rebuffering

  • Here the major issue may be the network. So ask your Internet service provider for possible outages. Close all the extra devices that are consuming internet data.
  • Remember to avoid the connection of Roku devices with the cellular network.
  • Cellular networks always provide poor stream quality with random fluctuations.
  • Do you wish to uninstall the Roku channel from your device- Just flash/ highlight it on your home screen. There is a star button (*) on your remote. Press it and select the “remove channel” tab.
  • Note that the security of your Roku device is equally important. You don’t want everyone to install channels on your Roku device. So create a 4- digit pin for your Roku account.


The content base of the Roku channel is amazing. 10000+ top class Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports, news stc.

Imagine you are holding such a huge amount of free content in your pocket and that too without any subscription fee, first hand purchase or any rental amount.

Samsung smart TVs don’t have roku in built. It is available only in the Samsung Smart TVs of the USA and Canada markets.

The above mentioned step by step guide is very helpful for you to install the Roku app on samsung smart TV. For better clarity and understanding I have used pictures also.

So install it fast and start entertaining yourself.

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