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How to Dual Boot Kodi With RetroPie?

Kodi is an amazing platform when it comes to streaming a wide range of content from videos, music, movies, TV shows, and more.

It is a complete entertainment package. But what if you can convert this setup into a retro gaming machine? Won’t that be great?

I know you might be wondering whether it is possible to run two different systems like Kodi and your gaming system on the same card?

Yes, you can achieve it with the classic gaming system, RetroPie. You can run both Kodi and RetroPie on your Raspberry Pi.

And so today we are going to share with you the process to dual boot Kodi with RetroPie.

What is a Dual Boot?

Dual boot is running two different operating systems on a single device. It is generally used when Windows and Linux are used simultaneously on a PC.

So if you have Raspberry Pi, then you can run Kodi as well as RetroPie on your device.

You can install various systems on the SD card, and then whenever you want to switch to the other system, just reboot your device and choose the desired option from the boot menu.

How to Setup Kodi in RetroPie?

RetroPie is a software library that works on your Raspberry Pi and emulates the retro-video gaming system.

You can run your gaming suite alongside Kodi with RetroPie. Install Kodi with RetroPie and let it do the magic.

Step 1- Connect your Raspberry Pi to the Internet.

Step 2- Go to the RetroPie main menu. Then choose the RetroPie Setup option using your controller.

Step 3- You will be redirected to a grey text window on a blue screen.

Step 4- From the different options choose- Manage Packages> Manage Optional Packages.

How to Setup Kodi in RetroPie?

Step 5- Next a list of various open-source platforms will open. Scroll down and choose Kodi placed at number 308.

Installing from binary

Step 6- Then click on Ok. From the next menu, choose Install from binary.

The installation process will begin. Wait till the process completes and then follow the given steps.

Step 7- Restart RetroPie. Go to the Main Menu and quit the interface.

Step 8- Now choose Restart Emulation Station.

Restarting process

Remember you don’t have to shut down the entire system, we just have to close the interface and then restart it.

This is important as Kodi will get added to the menu. However, if you wish you can restart the full system through the RetroPie menu.

That’s it. Kodi will be available on the Ports menu of the RetroPie main menu.

So you can start streaming your favorite shows, and then when you want you can switch to the gaming zone.

How to Dual Boot Kodi with RetroPie?

Part I- Prepare Micro SD Card

Running both Kodi and RetroPie on the same system can lead to performance-related issues.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can, and the best way is by installing the two software on a single micro SD card. We can call this the RetroPie Kodi dual boot system. So now you can switch between the two software easily.

There are different ways for dual booting but, today we are going to share with you the easiest one via NOOBS.

Have you heard of NOOBS before?

It is an installer tool that comes installed on the SD card that comes with the Raspberry Pi kit. NOOBS aka New Out of Box System allows you to install more than one operating system without worrying about the writing tool of the SD card. So according to your choice, you can select the OS installed on the micro SD card.

Step 1- Download PINN (NOOBS fork) from the official website.

Step 2- To your freshly formatted SD card, extract the PINN zip files here.

Insert the card into the Raspberry Pi device.

Step 3- Now insert the card into the Raspberry Pi device. Also make sure that the other hardware like monitor, mouse, and Ethernet cable are also connected.

Step 4- Then the menu will load and you will be able to see the different operating systems.

Step 5- With the help of your mouse, first select Kodi, followed by RetroPie. And then click on Install.

Wait till the two operating systems get installed on your device. Once the process is completed you can enjoy streaming and gaming simultaneously.

Part II- Switching Between Kodi and RetroPie

Once the two OS gets installed on the SD card, eject them from the PC and place them in your Raspberry Pi device. When you boot up the system, you will have to select one of the two OS.

Follow the given steps to complete the dual boot process.

Step 1- To begin with, select Kodi as your first OS. Let it boot completely and then open Settings.

Step 2- Now click on Systems. Choose the Add-ons option.

Step 3- Enable the Unknown Sources option. This will ensure that you can install any third-party application on your Kodi interface now.

Warning display

Step 4- Return to the Settings. Open File Manager.

Step 5- Click on Add Source and choose the None option. In the input box, enter- and click Ok.

Step 6- Now give your source file a suitable name like MH. Press Ok.

Source file naming

Step 7- Go back to the main screen, and then click on Add-ons. Go to My add-ons and then choose Install from the zip file.

Step 8- Now choose the MH file that you recently saved and then click on.

Step 9- Wait till the repository downloads. Now again go back to your installed Add-ons.

Step 10-Choose Install from repository> Repository> Program Add-ons> NOOBS Companion. Repository

Step 11- Click on Install and wait till the NOOBS companion add-on download on your Kodi.

NOOBS companion

Now when you open the Add-on menu, the different OS present on your SD card will be shown.

Step 12- You can either select from here or go to the NOOBS menu and set the default OS.

RetroPie2 installed

Step 13- Now to enable quick switching between two OS, choose Install Boot-Back.

Now you can head to the NOOBS Companion add-on and switch to Kodi and your retro gaming system to and fro.


That’s it, guys. Your Kodi application is now running on the same SD card as your gaming system. All thanks to RetroPie and the NOOBS Companions add-on.

This is the RetroPie Kodi dual boot system, where you can choose between the two every time you boot your PC or Raspberry Pi.

However, if you want you can also install Kodi within RecalBox, instead of RetroPie.

This was the easiest way to dual boot Kodi and your gaming suite. We hope this article was of help to you. In case of any doubts and queries, share them with us in the comment section.

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