Ways to Restore Accidentally Deleted Data on Kodi

Kodi is one of the popular media managers. Kodi keeps all added files in order. These files are grouped by type. You can also see recently added files and files that are not being tracked.

If you want to see files, just open them and quickly select the ideal file from the appropriate category. It is certainly a very popular media player. Overall, Kodi is just a Windows Media Player.

However, it is more powerful because it supports more file types and allows you to install add-ons. You can also play with it.

You can delete Kodi data to improve Kodi performance or fix some issues. If you back up your data with Kodi before deleting it, it’s okay.

However, if you do not, you may face the problem of complete loss of Kodi data. The good news is that you can recover your Kodi data by completing the recovery process as quickly as possible.

Below you will learn how to recover Kodi data on Fire Stick.

Recover Accidentally Deleted Data on Kodi

Steps to recover deleted files from Kodi SD card (XBMC)

One of the fastest solutions to recover deleted or lost data (video, audio, photos, etc.) is to select and install Photo Recovery, the ideal Kodi XBMC SD card recovery software.

It is free to open source software that is a media center for playing videos, music, movies, pictures, games, etc. on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux platforms.

It allows live streaming of TV shows, movies, and other videos and allows users to save their favorite programs as well.

However, users reset Kodi regularly to keep it running at its best performance, but resetting Kodi erases all data from the software/app.

Besides that, due to the large size of multimedia files, Kodi users transfer their files to external data storage devices such as portable hard drives, SD memory cards, or USB flash drives and this puts the data at risk of deletion or loss.

Photo recovery - recover data

Step 1- Select the desired location. First, select the drive, external media, or volume to recover deleted media files.

Step 2- Once you have made your selection, click Analyze.

Step 3- View the recovered media files.

Step 4- After the scan is finished, you can preview the recoverable media files.

Step 5- Restore media files by selecting the images, audio, and video files you want to recover and click on the “Recover” button to save them to the desired location.

In conclusion

While Kodi is the most widely used open-source media player, it still has some drawbacks. There is no built-in backup and restore function.

You can use various attachments to manually backup and manage your movies, TV shows, videos, games, sports, and other data.

Manual intervention in the process increases the likelihood of accidental deletion or loss of data, especially when processing large amounts of data.

Hence, if you accidentally lose or delete data on your Kodi SD card (XBMC) and you have no backup, use professional photo recovery software to recover accidentally deleted photos and videos from Kodi and audio files. (XBMC) SD card.

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