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3 Easiest Ways to Reset Roku Without Remote

Resetting a Roku is one of the most hectic tasks for any individual and in case it has to be done without a remote, then it seems to be a big nuisance to many people.

Every Roku player comes with a handy wi-fi remote to stream and watch movies. It is similar to any other remote you have either with a firestick or with your TV. But if you misplace the remote then it can be a harder nut for you to crack.

Well, stay calm if you have to reset your Roku and can’t find your remote. We are here to help you out with this. There are a lot of methods that you can use to reset Roku even without a physical remote.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about some of the simplest and easiest methods to reset your Roku device even without a remote.

Why do you want to reset Roku?

Do you find it difficult to get your favorite shows? Do you have trouble keeping track of your shows?

Does your screen freeze at times? Does it take more time to get loaded to show up? Or Do you want a new Roku player? Do you want to sell it off?

There could be many reasons as to why you want to reset your Roku. In that case, if you too had many reasons to reset your Roku or said Yes to my questions, then all you have to do is the factory reset. The factory reset is the simple thing that you can do to reset your Roku.

Doing a factory reset will do the following:

1. It will erase all your data.

2. It will remove all your customized preferences.

3. It will return all the default settings of your streaming device.

Resetting Roku without remote

If you have misplaced your remote or have lost it somewhere, don’t worry even without the remote you can access your Roku device. There are different ways and methods by which you can easily access your device even without physical remotes.

Well, if you are wondering how to reset your Roku device without a remote then you can consider these ways.

Using Reset Button- The Hard Method

You can reset your Roku device by physically pressing the reset button at the back of the set-top box or on the Roku stick. You can do this directly on the Roku stick but for the set-top box, you’ll need a pin to get through it because of its small size.

Using Reset Button- The Hard Method

Once you have found the physical reset button, you can follow the steps given:

1. Do a long press on the Reset Button for 5-10seconds.

2. Do this while your stream player is on.

3. An indicator light will start blinking to indicate your factory reboot.

4. Once the light starts to flicker then reboot has started.

5. Make sure to look for the no light in the end. This is the indication of resetting getting completed.

If resetting is still not done then consider these alternative steps to reboot your Roku without a remote.

1. Press the reset button on your streaming device for 15-20 seconds. Keep only the power cable plugged into the device.

2. After doing this, unplug power cables and release the button.

3. You can now check whether resetting is done or not by connecting everything back to the streaming device.

Use Roku App on your Phone

Roku remote is wi-fi enabled handy device. In the same way, some apps serve as a remote on your phone. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the physical remote.

Use Roku App on your Phone

You can download the Roku application on your android or your iOS Smartphone.

Follow the steps given below to enable Roku remote in your phone:

1. Install the app from Google Play or iOS store on your device.

2. Once the installation is done, tap on the remote option.

3. Pair it with your Roku device to perform factory reboot using Advanced System Settings.

The application in the phone works similarly to the physical remote. Make sure to connect your device and the Roku device with the wi-fi. If you use your mobile data then use your mobile hotspot. For Roku connected via Ethernet cable

If your Roku streaming player is connected via Ethernet cable, you can still perform a factory reset without the Roku remote.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

1. Plug in your Ethernet, HDMI, and power cable into the streaming device. Wait for the connect remote message on your screen.

2. Access your Network Settings and connect directly to Roku.

3. Once the screen set-up is done, use Remoku Tv using your computer browser.

4. Pair your remote on the browser or on your computer to reset the device using Advanced Network Settings.

Make sure to use a wired connection before setting up your Wi-Fi network Settings. Otherwise, you can perform all the steps either with method 1 or 2.

The benefit of Using Remoku. tv as compared to app

Remoku. tv is very accessible as compared to the mobile app. Though every method is equally beneficial in case you are using, the main benefit is its accessibility. You can use it anywhere, on your phone, computer and even you can add an extension to your chrome for this.

A quick suggestion

1. Make sure you are connected to wi-fi/ hotspot while performing this factory reset without a remote.

2. Take care of the network setting in your device as well as a Roku streaming player.

3. Perform any of the methods to do a factory reset.


Perform your factory reboot on Roku without a physical remote using these simple methods. Do let us know the method which worked for you in the comment section below. Do write your queries. We would love to answer all your queries.

Thank you for reading the article.

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