How to Reprogram Roku Shortcut Buttons? – 2 ways to Know

Roku is indeed one of the most loved tech products on the market.

The users are quite happy with its compatibility and performance, however reprogramming of the Roku shortcut buttons is one arena that disappoints them.

The Roku remote is classic in its shape. But a few of its buttons are designated to specific channels.

Yes, you will find four buttons on the Roku remote that say Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, NOW, and more depending on the place from where you purchase it.

If you stream those channels regularly then these buttons will come in handy. And if this is not the case, then you will want to reprogram these shortcut buttons.

Reprogramming Roku shortcut buttons is not possible. And so today we are going to look at some ways to add TV control buttons.

How to Reprogram Roku Shortcut Buttons?

The users who like the channels that are pinned to their shortcut buttons love the design of the remote. However, if you are not one of those, then I’m sure you would be thinking of reprogramming the Roku shortcut buttons.

Now since these channels have signed an advertising contract with Roku and have paid for being placed at that position, there is no chance you can move it from there.

But, let us have a look at some alternative ways to expand the controls of the remote.

Method 1 – Add Sideclick to the Roku Remote

You cannot reprogram Roku shortcut buttons. However, you can program a side click.

A lot of streamers like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku provide the option of adding a programmable Sideclick to the remote.

You can clip this add-on to the side of your remote. These buttons on this Sideclick are programmable and so you can set them according to your needs.

Add Sideclick to the Roku Remote

It includes a power button, volume up and down, input, A/B, and channel up and down.

So this add-on saves you from the effort of using two remotes simultaneously. It is definitely one of the great options for those who want some additional functions on their remote.

Method 2 – Switch to Roku Ultra

You cannot reprogram the channel shortcut buttons on the Roku remote. However, if you are using Roku Ultra, then you have got a little chance.

Yes, the remote that comes with the Roku Ultra streaming box has two additional shortcut buttons that you can program and configure according to your need.

So the process is easy. Here you will have to use the voice-enabled feature of the Roku remote to give a command.

And the configurable buttons repeat your voice command every time you press the button.

Step 1 – Launch your Roku device. While on the home screen, use the voice-enabled search button and call for any channel that you want to program on the shortcut button.

 Switch to Roku Ultra

Step 2 – For example, say NASA. The channel will load up.

Channel loading up

Step 3 – Now press the shortcut button either once or twice till you hear the beep sound.

Step 4 – So now return to the home screen. And press the button you just configured for a particular channel.

The same voice command will be repeated and the NASA channel will be loaded.

That’s it. Using this method you can simply add any channel of your choice to the customizable shortcut buttons.

So this was one way to program a button for a channel that you like.


Roku keeps updating its features with its newer versions.

And so we hope that with coming models it will introduce more shortcut buttons that can be reprogrammed.

Right now, you cannot reprogram Roku shortcut buttons. But if you want, you can get the side click and attach it to your remote for some extra functions.

Or you can switch to Roku Ultra, as it comes with two customizable buttons that you can program to any channel of your choice.

If you have any more ways to reprogram shortcut buttons on Roku then share it with us in the comment section.

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