3 Quick Ways to Remove Tag From Facebook Comment

Facebook has surely brought us close to our long-lost friends.

We can share pictures, videos, posts, views and comment on our friend’s pictures and posts. However, Facebook too comes with its bag of drawbacks.

If you are not alert then you might end up in a puddle.

Sometimes our friends tag us in some inappropriate posts that we don’t want to be a part of. Also, it can be possible that you are tagged in a post or a comment by someone you don’t even know.

And so the best thing is to untag yourself from the respective comment.

The process is quite easy and you can do it both from the Facebook app on your mobile and the website.

How to Remove Tag from Facebook Comment?

A neutral or positive tag is always accepted. People do not get offended or find a problem with it.

However, if someone mentions you in an unflattering comment on a post that you do not associate with, then this method will help you.

Remove Tag from Facebook Comment in Web Browser

So if you are using Facebook on your laptop or computer, then you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Sign in to your Facebook account. And go to the comment where you have been tagged.

Step 2 – Hover your mouse to the right of the comment till you see the ellipsis. A pop-up menu will appear.

Step 3 – Choose the “Give feedback or report comment” option.

Step 4 – Another pop-up menu will appear. Select Spam.

Step 5 – Now click on Next. And then finally click on the “Remove Tag” option.

Step 6 – Then click on Done.

That’s it. The comment will be hidden from you. And if you want you can unhide the comment and tag by following the same process.

Remove Tag from Facebook Comment in Mobile App

If you are using the Facebook app on your mobile, the process happens to be quite the same. Only a few steps will change. Check out the process here-

Step 1 – Go to the comment you are tagged in.

Step 2 – Press and hold the comment for a few seconds till the pop-up menu appears.

Step 3 – Now choose Give feedback or report this comment. If you are using the old Facebook version, then you might see options like Find Support or Report Comment.

Find support

Step 4 – An all-new window with more options will appear.

Step 5 – Choose Spam> Remove Tag option.

Report the comment

Your name tag will be removed from the comment.

However, your name will still be there. Only the link to your profile will be removed.

And so if you do not even want your name linked to such a post, you can always ask your friend to remove it. It is the easiest and sure-shot way to remove tags from Facebook comments.

Bonus Tip – Change Privacy Settings

If people are tagging you frequently to embarrassing posts or pulling you in their ugly fights in the comment section, then the least you can do is hide it from your friends.

Facebook gives you the option to change your privacy settings so that only you can see the posts you are being tagged to.

While the audience selected by the person who has tagged you in the comment will be able to see the post and comment, you can definitely reduce the audience to yourself.

Step 1 – After you open Facebook, click on the three horizontal lines. And then choose Settings and Privacy.

Change Privacy Settings

Step 2 – Then click on Settings.

Facebook settings

Step 3 – Next you will see the option Timeline and Tagging or Profile and Tagging under the Privacy section.

Profile and tagging option

Step 4 – Here you can select the audience. You can either set it to Me or Friends as you like.

Tagging option

So now even if people tag you in comments that you do not approve of, not everybody can see it. It will be open only to a limited audience that you choose.

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Facebook has definitely made its place in the world of Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

You can share your photos and videos with your friends and stay connected.

However, sometimes even our good friends mention us in comments that are not so flattering or a post that you cannot share with your family or relatives.

In such cases, you can always remove the tag from a comment or hide it from the audience.

Knowing the reach of Facebook, a small tag can reach a large audience all over the world and so it is important you keep a check on who can tag you and who will be able to see the tag.

Facebook values your privacy. There are many other privacy settings from which you can benefit from.

So if you need any help with any other feature or privacy issue on Facebook, then share it with us in the comment section.

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