How to Fix PUBG Failed to Initialize Steam Error?

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the most successful Battle Royale games with a massive fan base.

Its extraordinary graphics and unique and well-structured game mode have earned it millions of followers.

Even after the release of a few duplicates, PUBG aka Players Unknown Battle Ground hasn’t lost its essence. However, there can be a few bumps down the road.

And today we are going to talk about one such error that reads- PUBG failed to initialize STEAM error.

This error occurs when you try to play PUBG via the Steam application. While PUBG support says that it is because you haven’t installed the game properly, there is much more to it.

And so let us have a look at some of the solutions that you can try to resolve the Steam initialization error.

How to Fix PUBG Failed to Initialize STEAM Error?

While trying to play PUBG, the users get stuck while getting into the main menu. As a result, they cannot play the game.

In addition to improper installation, outdated drivers, and a bugged Steam app there can be various reasons that cause the PUBG failed to initialize the Steam issue.

And today we are sharing the most suitable ways to fix it.

Method 1 – Verify PUBG Game Integrity

Steam allows you to check and verify the game files and so if your PUBG has some corrupted game files or some files are missing then you can verify it.

Step 1 – Launch the Steam app. And open the Library.

Step 2 – Locate PUBG on the list and right click on it.

Step 3 – A drop down list will appear, click on Properties.

Step 4 – Click on the Local files tab and then select the Verify Integrity of game files option.

Verify PUBG Game Integrity Files

Wait for a few minutes till the process completes. After it is done you can try rerunning the game.

Method 2 – Run Steam as Administrator

Running Steam in the Administrator mode can also fix the PUBG failed to initialize error because sometimes due to privilege issues such errors can occur.

To run Steam client in Administrator mode, follow the given steps –

Step 1 – Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Steam folder. The default location is C\Program Files(x86)\Steam\ or C:\Program Files\Steam\.

Step 3 – Right click on Steam or the Steam.exe file. And select the Run as Administrator option.

Run Steam as Administrator

Now launch your PUBG game and check if you can get past the main menu.

Method 3 – Disable FullScreen Optimization

Sometimes, the new updates and features might be unknowingly causing the error. One such feature is the Windows 10 fullscreen optimization feature.

Although this feature is intended to boost game performance, it is causing connection issues and an initialization error for PUBG.

Step 1 – Open File Explorer on your system. And go to the Steam folder.

Step 2 – Now follow the given path steamapps\common\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\.

Step 3 – You will reach the TSL game folder. Right click on it or the TSL.exe option and choose Properties.

Step 4 – Under the Compatibility tab you will see the option “Disable full screen optimizations.” Tick the check box against the option.

Disable Full screen Optimizations

Step 5 – Click on Apply and then OK to save the changes.

Check if this method fixed the error by running the PUBG game on Steam.

Method 4 – Update Graphics Card Driver

Outdated graphics drivers are also a major cause of this error. And so always look out for updates released by the manufacturer to keep your graphics card driver updated.

Step 1 – Open the Device Manager or Control Panel on your device.

Step 2 – Then go to Display Adapters and locate your Graphics card.

Step 3 – Right click on the graphics card and hit the Update Driver Software option.

Step 4 – In the next pop-up window, click on the “Search automatically for the updated driver software” option.

Update Graphics Driver

This will automatically update the driver. If you want, you can also update the graphic drivers software manually from the official website.

Method 5 – Disable Steam Administrative Power

Another effective solution that worked for a few users is disabling the Administrator privileges of Steam.

You can revoke this feature by-

Step 1 – Go to the Program Files where Steam is installed. Or you find the Steam files by default here –

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam or C:\Program Files\Steam\

Step 2 – Then navigate to steamapps\common\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\

Step 3 – Right click on Tslgame.exe and select Properties.

Step 4 – Now under the Compatibility tab, uncheck the box against the Run as Administrator option.

Disable Steam Administrative Power

Close all the windows and try running the game on the Steam client to check if the bug is fixed.

Bonus Tip

If none of the methods mentioned above work, then here are a few easy tips that you can try.

  • Force restart the Steam app and check if the failed to initialize Steam error gets fixed.
  • End the Steam processes that are running from the Task Manager. And then reboot your system.
  • Uninstall the Steam app and then install the latest version.
  • Lastly, you can disable the Firewall feature or Antivirus program running on your device.


PUBG is a popular and trending game that has been in the news for all the right reasons for a long time now.

However, it too hasn’t been exempted from bugs and technical glitches.

Due to the outdated hardware driver, privilege, and installation errors, users face the PUBG failed to initialize Steam error.

And if you are also stuck on the main menu of PUBG then we have got you some effective methods that can fix it.

So what are your views on the combination of PUBG and Steam? Let us know in the comment section.

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