9 Ways to Fix PS4 Controller on PC Keeps Disconnecting from PC

PS4 is a worldwide famous gaming platform. It provides you the ultimate gaming journey that you have never experienced. It comes under one of the best gaming devices yet.

Console, the most important part of PS4 can also connect with PC. But for the past few days, it’s showing some unwanted issues to the users. They are having difficulties while playing the games with a controller on the PC.

In recent days many of the users have filed a complaint about the PS4 controller that it’s getting disconnecting from the PC continuously.

In this article, we will let you know how to fix the PS4 controller that keeps disconnecting from the PC. This issue is very common with all PS4 users.

Methods to fix PS4 Controller Disconnecting from PC

This connection issue can be faced by any of you at any time. Here are some methods which will help you to resolve the PS4 Controller disconnecting issue in no time. Follow the below-mentioned steps very carefully to do so.

Update Bluetooth Drivers

Sometimes Bluetooth drivers installed in our PC happen to be outdated, due to which our controller keeps disconnected, Best suggestion would be to install the latest Bluetooth driver or update the former one. Readout all the steps to update your Bluetooth drivers.

  • Click here to install the latest update of Intel Bluetooth drivers.
  • Now disconnect your controller.
  • Reconnect it with your PC and check if the issue has been resolved.

Check the wiring issue

If the controller is connected via wire, we will suggest you check the wire properly, sometimes the wire could be nonfunctional due to which we face the same issue.

If it is damaged at any point then just change the USB cable or simply remove it and connect via Bluetooth. Follow the given steps for the same.

  • Turn On Bluetooth in Controller and PC too.
  • Now press the combination key Window + I.
  • Click on the Devices Option and select Bluetooth and Devices.
  • Now click on the + icon and select your wireless device.
Add Bluetooth device

Install DS4 Software

PS4 controllers are not meant to be used separately but when we use them on PC’s we tend not to have appropriate software for best usage. So we would suggest you to install DS4 software on your PC.

DS4 software helps you to configure the PS4 controller in a window operating system.

Download and install more compatible DS4 software for your PC and connect your controller through Bluetooth.

Install DS4

Reconfigure the Controller

Configurations: Sometimes, PS4 configurations are carried on the controller even after disconnecting the same. So we would suggest you to reset the controller and then your PS4. That would resolve the issue.

Just turn off your PS4 and press the reset button behind the controller.

Reset controller

Configure Bluetooth

Sometimes Bluetooth configurations on your PC are improperly set, so we would suggest you to troubleshoot the same to resolve the issue. Follow the given steps to do so.

  • Open the setting and select Updates and security.
  • Now select the Troubleshoot and click on Additional Troubleshoot.
Bluetooth troubleshoot
  • Then Click on Bluetooth
click on Bluetooth
  • Now click on the Run the troubleshooter button and check if it is fixed or not.

Change USB cable and Monitor Ports

When connected via wire, the USB port could be faulty, which results in the disconnection of the controller. You will be suggested to check the USB, and if there lies an issue, contact technical help.

You have to completely examine the cable because it can be damaged at any point. And also, check the USB port. It may be loosened with the tightening strength.

Clear Cache on PS4

The cache memory may be causing this issue within your PC. Follow these steps to clear the Cache memory on PS4.

  • Press the PS4 button and click on Quick Menu.
  • Select Playstation 4
Turn Off PS4
  • Then switch off the power of the console and wait for 5 minutes and reconnect the console.

Reset PS4 to Factory setting

Try to reset the factory setting and restore it to default settings. Follow the given steps for the same.

  • Go into the PS4 setting and select Initialization.
  • Click on Restore Default Settings.
Restore to default setting
  • Don’t disconnect the PC and wait for complete initialization.

Bluetooth Connections

Sometimes our list of Bluetooth connections is longer, so it creates an issue for the PC to take up the proper commands. Try deleting the connections which are not required at the moment and try again pairing with the controller.


This issue of the PS4 controller getting disconnected from the PC might come up with you. We know it’s annoying when you get stuck in the middle of a game, and you notice that your PS4controller stopped working because of disconnection.

And it’s a common issue you face whether you are using a wired controller or the Bluetooth one. Sometimes they disconnect just after the moment when you connect them with your PC.

This issue can occur because of multiple reasons, and we have covered all of them. Follow each step very carefully. These given methods will resolve your issue for sure.

And if you have any doubt or have something to ask, then share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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