How to Make Photo Collages on Facebook

Who among us is not aware of Facebook……I guess all of us are very well familiar with this social media platform. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with 2.6 billion users all around the globe, as of writing this post. FB lovers use Facebook for fun and keep in touch with friends and relatives.

Most of them share photos and videos with others as active users, but Facebook does not have a special feature to create photo collages. However, you can use many third-party applications on your phone to create an interesting collage and share it on your Facebook profile.

Making photo collages on Facebook

With a photo collage, viewers can quickly understand great stories instead of clicking multiple pictures in an album. Creating a photo collage for Facebook is easy, but you have to get it right. In this article, we will explain How to make photo collages on Facebook.

How to make photo collages on Facebook

Through “layout from Instagram”

The layout is a user-friendly photo collage editor made on Instagram. It’s a simple collage maker with no additional features that often confuse the users. With a user-friendly interface, you won’t miss any other function.

Layout from Instagram

Step 1: First of all, download “layout from Instagram” from your play store or app store.

Step 2: Now open the layout application.

Step 3: Choose the image that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select the photographs you want to add to the collage.

Step 5: Now choose your favorite layout options for your collage from the horizontal list present at the top of your screen.

Step 6: At last, hit option Save and share it on your Facebook profile. As it has been designed by the Instagram team (by Facebook), this is the fastest and most advanced tool for your photo collage.

Photo collages for Facebook


If you don’t like the look of your photo, you can change it, or you can use the Mirror and Flip tools to make minor adjustments. Use the Border tool to change the shape. When you are done, click Save to post the photo directly to Instagram.


Sometimes you want to post all your vacay pictures on Facebook but at the same time, you don’t want to post multiple photos on Facebook. Also, you are a sort of creative one who doesn’t easily like simple things. This is where the Photo collage comes into the picture.

We have explained to you above only one way on how to make photo collages on Facebook i.e, from the layout from the Instagram application. However, there are many other apps available in the market for each and every user.

For example, there are PicCollage and Pic Art applications available for iPhone users, Photo Grid and PicStitch are some famous applications available for Android users whereas applications like Canvas are available for the photo collage on Mac and PC. We hope that this will give you something completely fresh to your Facebook profile. Share this article with your friends and family and keep connected…….till then, Bye folks!

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