A Quick Guide on How to Pair Firestick Remote

Have you got the latest Amazon Firestick device for your home?

Or have upgraded to Amazon FireTV Stick from Fire TV box?

You have definitely got your hands on the most powerful Amazon streaming device, but you too need to be smart.

Since your smart TV will not pair itself to the remote, you will only have to pair the Firestick remote to the device.

Pairing the Firestick remote is easy. And once you have completed this task, you can access all the Amazon Firestick features.

So we have created a quick guide on how to pair Firestick remote for different versions of the FireStick device.

How to Pair Firestick Remote?

The pairing of the Firestick remote can be done in one easy step. Just press the Home Button for about five seconds.

You will see the remote light at the top will start blinking. Soon after the pairing, a message on the screen, or three blue lights flashing on the screen will confirm the pairing process.

Method 1 – Pair Amazon Fire Stick Remote Manually

However, if by mistake you have unpaired the remote or had previously paired some other remote, then here is the complete step-by-step guide to pair Firestick remote manually. And some tips that might help.

Step 1 – Remove the Firestick power cable from the outlet.

Step 2 – Place a new set of batteries in the remote. Or just remove the old set and place it again.

Step 3 – Now plug the device back to the power outlet.

Step 4 – After your device starts, point the remote towards your device and press the Home button. This will initiate the pairing process.

Pair Roku remote

Step 5 – Wait till the light present at the top of the remote starts blinking. When you see the blinking from moving to a slow blink to rapid one, it means the device has entered discovery mode.

Step 6 – When you see the menu screen, or three blue flashes on your remote then it means the remote is paired.

Method 2 – Pair Firestick Remote by Adding it

This method is useful when you want to pair the Amazon Fire Stick remote as an additional remote. This means you already have one extra remote paired with the device, and you want to add one more.

So follow the steps given below to add the additional remote-

Step 1 – Turn on the TV to which you have set up Amazon Fire Stick. And then move to the right HDMI channel.

Step 2 – Press the Home Button. And then click on Settings.

The Settings option is given on the top menu. You can use the Up button on the remote to navigate till there. Once you are at Home, navigate to the right using the right button. And finally click on the center button to confirm your selection.

Step 3 – Now choose Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.

 Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.

Step 4 – Next, select the Amazon FireTV remotes option.

Amazon FireTV remotes

Step 5 – If this is the first remote you are pairing, then simply press the Home button for about 5 seconds.

Step 6 – However, if this is an additional Firestick remote you are adding then, click on the Add New Remote option. And then press the Home button for five seconds.

Add new remote

Firestick will look for all the discoverable devices that are ready to be paired. A list of the remotes will be displayed.

Step 7 – As the Firestick will recognize the remote, the name will appear on the screen. Select it and press Ok.

Search to pair

Step 8 – Now you will be able to see your remote added to the Firestick device.

Remote added to the Firestick device.

You can repeat the same process to add more remotes, but not more than seven remotes can be added.


There are different models of Amazon Fire Stick available in the market. From Firestick Lite to 4K, you can buy any model for your home or office.

In order to get the Firestick working, it is important to pair up your remote with the device. And so we have got you this quick guide that will help you pair your Firestick remote or add some additional remote to the device.

Also if you want, you can use your mobile as an Amazon Firestick remote. This will keep you away from the mess of finding a remote every time. You can easily use your phone to stream shows and movies on your TV.

Write to us if you would like to know how you can use your phone as a Firestick remote. We value your feedback and would be happy to help you.

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