How to Get Music Visualization on Kodi

Visualizations are an important aspect of Kodi. While playing music or listening to a podcast, music visualization takes over your screen.

They are soothing and entertaining to your eyes and preferred by Kodi users instead of watching a black screen.

However with the release of the latest Kodi Leia 18 version, the music player with visual effects has taken a back seat.

Various users have reported that on upgrading the Kodi software, they cannot see the visual effects on the screen while playing music.

If you are also facing the same problem, then this guide will help you.

Today we are going to share with you the step-by-step guide to install Milkdrop addon and get back music visualization on Kodi.

How to Get Music Visualization on Kodi?

There are various Music Visualization add-ons available in the Kodi library. Some of the popular ones are- ProjectM, MilkDrop, and Shadertoy.

Various Kodi users have appreciated these addons. However depending upon your taste, you can select an addon and install it.

Part I- Install MilkDrop on Kodi

The MilkDrop addon originally was a music visualizer plug-in. It creates soundwaves for your eyes as you listen to music. It takes you on a visual journey through sound.

It is one of our favorite Kodi addons and so today we are going to share with you the guide to turn on the visualization in Kodi and enjoy one of the best music visualization effects.

Step 1- Play some songs on your Kodi application. Check if the visualizations are coming or you are seeing a black screen.

If there is a black screen on playing music then go ahead with the next step.

Step 2- Open the Kodi Settings. And then click on System.

Open Kodi and click on System

Step 3- On the left menu, click on Add-ons. And then enable the Unknown Sources option.

Kodi system settings

Note- Make sure that you are in the Advanced Mode. Only then you will be able to see the Unknown Sources option.

Step 4- You will get a warning. Click on Yes to give permission to install addons from a repository that comes from a trusted source.

Warning message to install the addon

Step 5-Now download the visualization of your choice. Here we are going to download MilkDrop 2 zip file. You can save the file anywhere you want.

Step 6- Return to the Settings page. Open Add-ons.

Open add-ons in settings page

Step 7- Now choose Install from zip file option.

Add-on browser

Step 8- Browse the file on your desktop and choose it. Wait for a few seconds and the visualization will be installed on your system.

Install from the visualization Zip file

Step 9- Now return to the Settings page. Choose Player.

Go to player

Step 10- Select Music from the left menu. Scroll down the right section and choose the Visualization option.

Choose the Visualization option

Step 11- This would have been set to None. Click on it and then choose MilkDrop2.

Choose MilkDrop2

That’s it. Now when you play music, you will be able to see the visualization playing as well.

In the same way, you can download and install the Shadertoy addon.

Part II- Install Project M Visualization Addon

Project M is another mega addon that is found within the Merlin Repo. With this addon, you can watch movies, music, sports and a lot more. However, it is popular for music visualizations.

If you like the visual effects of this addon, then here is the complete guide for easy installation of the addon.

Step 1- Launch your Kodi app. Open settings.

Step 2- Click on File Manager.

Install Project M Visualization Addon

Step 3- Choose Add Sources option in the next window.

Choose add sources

Step 4- Then click on None. And paste the following address- in the address bar. Click on Ok.

Enter the path

Step 5- Next give this source file a particular name like Merlin. Again press Ok.

Add file source

Step 6- Return to the Home Screen. Click on the Browser add-ons icon.

Click on the Browser add-ons icon

Step 7- Choose Install from zip file. And then select the Merlin file that you previously saved.

Select the file.

Step 8- Then select the file. file

Wait for a few seconds. The Merlin repository will be installed and you will get a message at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 9- Return to the Add-ons Browser. Choose Install from Repository.

Step 10- Then click on Merlin Repository> Video Add-ons> Project M.

Merlin Repository - Video Add-ons - Project M

Step 11-Finally click on Install.

Project M installed

In a few seconds, the Project M addon will get installed on your system. You can now enjoy the music player with awesome visual effects.


Kodi visualization repository allows you to enjoy various visual effects on your Kodi/XBMC box. These repositories include various add-ons that make music streaming a lot more fun.

Project M and MilkDrop 2 like Kodi’s music visualization add-ons are great options.

If you have recently updated to the latest Kodi version, and are unable to see audio visualizations then you can try these methods.

We hope that with the help of this guide you will have one of the best music visual effects installed on your device.

If you have any doubts or queries, then share them with us in the comment section. Also, do share your favorite Kodi addon for music visualization.

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