A Short Guide on How to Install MetalKettle Repository for Kodi

Before even going to the part that elaborates on how to install the MetalKettle repository for Kodi, let us first dive straight to what genres you can probably expect from its side and whether or not they are of perfect quality.

Honestly, with MetalKettle Repo, you can singularly enjoy a considerable list of addons from numerous sectors which probably alone gives you a greater insight into how it might be.

Ensuring its high quality and sheer worth, they also are very popular side by side, such as Watch 1080p, Kiddie Cartoons, Film Dictator, Movies HD, UK Turk Playlists, Adult Addon, ToonMania, Decado Documentaries, Cartoons8, Live Mix, Sports Mix, HuluBox, among many others that have ranked their value up.

Evidently, if you have to choose from hundreds, this repository is without hesitation an outstanding choice among many. It is one of a kind, made only for your Kodi! Go choose it today!

Probably the most effortless approach to get addons for your Kodi HTPC is to introduce suitable add-on repositories, that empower you to gain admittance to plugins which later becomes very helpful!

The MetalKettle repository is one of the most popular repositories on Kodi, the only exception being SuperRepo. But, Kodi’s addons are more useful than SuperRepo. In fact, Metalkettle includes add-on entries like MK Sports, Movie Hut, Gobble, Live Max, etc.

Although, if looked closely into this matter, then it is quite easy to install the Metalkettle repository and take full advantage of all the addons it offers.

How can you install MetalKettle on Kodi? 

The step by step guide must find you a solution:

  1. We need to add the Metalkettle source from the Add Source tab.
Adding the Metalkettle source
  1. A dialog box pops up and you need to enter “” as the path and “MetalKettle” as the name box. Click OK to proceed.
  2. Once the source has been added, you’re now ready to install the MetalKettle repository.
  3. Go to System, then Settings, then Add-ons, and Install from zip file.
Install the zip file
  1. You will see a path for all sources. Look for MetalKettle and click on it.
  2. Now click on the zip file that appears on the list. This will start the Repository download.
  3. Depending on your internet speed, it should take some time to download the zip and as soon as the download is complete the main download should initiate.
  4. A notification appears on the bottom right of the screen showing that MetalKettle repository has been installed successfully.

After successful installation of Kodi’s Metalkettle repository, go to System, Settings, Add-ons, Get Add-ons. Clicking on the MetalKettle Addon Repository, and on the particular addon fetches it.

If you have, back in the day, thought of using MetalKettle Repository for your Kodi, then you perhaps have mastered your own choice. Speaking of which, and as discussed above, it is one of the most famous Kodi Repositories that even encompasses various addons and programs that you may not find somewhere other than here.

Apparently, it also allows fast streaming of videos, and, not just that, it also permits users to have access to a large number of channels that include Kids’ channels, TV shows, and more than even that!

So, maybe, do not hesitate longer than enough and install MetalKettle on Kodi!

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