How to Make Kodi Look Like Netflix?

Netflix and Amazon Prime are the talks of the town. These two OTT platforms are ruling the entertainment industry.

And you can enjoy Netflix like interface with Kodi as well.

Previously the Aura skin was quite close to giving Netflix like experience. However, if you ask today, then Titan skin is the best way to make Kodi look like Netflix.

If you are missing the Netflix interface, then it is time to go to Titan Bingie mode.

It is a much better clone of the Netflix User interface that many people won’t even notice that they are streaming Kodi and not Netflix.

So let us get your Kodi home screen to look like Netflix.

How to Make Kodi Look like Netflix?

To change your Kodi skin layout, first, you have to install the Bingie Repository.

Following this, configure the home screen layout and further settings to give the interface a look like Netflix.

So we have divided the process into different parts so as to make your work easy.

Part I – How to Install Titan Bingie Mode Skin on Kodi?

If you are using Kodi Leia 18, then only this skin will work for you. So if you are still running the Kodi 17 Krypton, then update it first.

Step 1- Open the Settings. Go to File Manager.

Step 2- Click on None. And enter the given path for your repository file-

Enter the path or browse media files

Step 3- Give the file a suitable name like Repository Bingie. And press Ok.

Step 4- Now go to Add-ons. Open Add-ons browser and select the Install from zip file option.

. Open Add-ons browser and select the Install from zip file option.

Step 5- Choose the repository.bingie file that you previously saved.

Choose the repository.bingie file

Step 6- Click on file file

Step 7- Now return to the Add-ons browser window. Choose the Install from repository option.

 Choose the Install from repository option.

Step 8- Click on Bingie Repository.

Click on Bingie Repository.

Step 9- A new window will open. From the list of options choose, Look and Feel.

From the list of options choose, Look and Feel.

Step 10 – Then click on Skin.

Then click on Skin.

Step 11 – And select the Titan Bingie Mode for the Kodi Leia option.

Select the Titan Bingie Mode for the Kodi Leia option.

Step 12- The information page of the Titan Bingie mode will open. Click on Install.

 Titan Bingie mode

Step 13 – You will get a pop-up message of installation of all the dependencies. Click on Ok.

 Titan Bingie mode

Wait till the installation process completes. It will then ask if you want to switch to the latest skin. Click on Yes.

Part II – Configure Home Screen Layout

The default Titan skin looks quite boring. But you can customize it according to your wish and make it look just like Netflix.

Step 1- Open Skin Settings from the settings of Kodi.

Open Skin Settings from the settings of Kodi.

Step 2- On the left side menu, click on the Home screen layout. And then select the Home screen layout Titan tiles option.

Click on the Home screen layout

Step 3- A small window with various options will open. Click on Netflix-style home menu layout.

Netflix-style home menu layout.

Part III- Change Color Theme

To make your Kodi interface look like Netflix, you need to get that red color. So follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Open the Skin Settings. And this time from the left side menu, choose Color themes.

Open the Skin Settings.

Step 2- Select the Red Passion theme, after all, the Netflix interface is all about the red color.

Selecting the color theme

That’s it. You have got the sexy red color of Netflix on Kodi.

Part IV – Customize SubMenu

The home screen of Netflix consists of widgets that are basically a part of the menu items.

And so you can add different add-ons to your home screen which will fill up the rows with content through which you can browse.

Step 1- Open the Settings. And then go to Skin Settings.

Go to Skin Settings.

Step 2- Under the Homescreen layout section, choose Configure Widget Rows.

Configure Widget Rows.

Step 3- The Edit menu shortcuts window will open. Click on the Add option a few times till you get the next window.

Click on the Add option

Step 4- Then choose None. And click on the Change Shortcut option.

Change Shortcut option

Step 5- Now choose Add-on.

Choose the shortcut addon

This step will differ from user to user. You can select the add-ons that you want. It will give you quick access to your preferred addons.

Step 6- Choose a Video add-on.

 Choose a Video add-on

Step 7- And then select the Genesis option.

select the Genesis option.

Step 8- Within the Genesis build, click on Movies. And then choose the add-on say Box Office.

Customize the sub menu
Choose the sub menu - Box office

Step – Next choose – Create shortcut here. This will show the chosen addon and its content on the main screen.

Create shortcut here

Repeat the process to get your favorite addons on the home screen. Check out the following snapshot to know how it should look like.

Submenu - Set label

Return to the home screen and let the changes that you have made load. And that’s it. Your Kodi skin and interface will look like Netflix.

Netflix interface


Kodi is slowly developing in all its functionalities.

With all the different kinds of skins and builds available, you can customize your Kodi interface according to your choice.

And changing its appearance to look like Netflix is overwhelming. So now you can enjoy watching TV for free and at the same time have the feel of streaming Netflix.

So guys go ahead and get the Titan Bingie Mode for your Kodi. And you are ready for Netflix and chill.

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