Mac Could not Connect to Samsung TV – 4 Proven Fixes

Samsung Smart TVs are very popular amongst people all over the world.

Its ease of connectivity and high-quality screen has helped it stand out in the world of technology.

Recently, a lot of users complained about the WiFi connectivity issues stating they couldn’t connect their Mac to Samsung Smart TV.

Due to a new update or change in AirPlay settings, you might face the “Mac could not connect to Samsung TV” issue.

Today we are going to share with you some easy and proven fixes to connect Mac via AirPlay to Samsung TV.

How to Fix Mac could not connect to Samsung TV?

Usually while connecting Mac to Samsung TV, users face the AirPlay black screen error. There are no major reasons behind the glitch.

Here are a few methods that you can try to resolve the Mac connection issue on your Smart TV.

Method 1 – Reset the Router

The first method to connect Mac via Airplay on Samsung TV is by resetting the router. According to one of the users, connecting the TV to the router directly with a cord for the first time worked.

The problem was therefore with the signal between the router and the TV.

Unplug the cord from the router and wait for a few seconds. You can repeat the process a few times and then plug back the router. This will refresh the system and all the devices that were connected through the router.

Method 2 – Change WiFi Bandwidth

Another method that might work and help you connect Mac to your Samsung TV is changing the bandwidth.

It is possible that you might be running your smart TV on a 5Ghz band.

When you connect your TV to the Internet at the start, it asks you to change the bandwidth from 2.4 to 5Ghz. Do not do it.

If you are setting your TV for the first time, click on Cancel when prompted. Or you can also change the bandwidth from the Settings.

Go to Settings> General> Network. Then choose an Internet connection without a 5GHz band.

This has helped a lot of users to solve the AirPlay error.

Method 3 – Reset your WiFi Password

There is a possibility that the Samsung Smart TV isn’t connecting to Mac because your WiFi password has been changed.

Sometimes any password other than the default password can also interfere with the airplay connection.

Samsung TV Wireless connection

Reset the WiFi password to default and then try reconnecting your iPhone or Mac to the TV.

Method 4 – Update Samsung TV Firmware

The next method that you can try to fix AirPlay black screen error is updating the firmware. The firmware of the device you are running should be the latest and in accordance with your TV model and your regional location as well.

Follow the given instructions carefully to download the latest firmware software on your computer.

Step 1 – Visit the official Samsung TV website or click on the given link. And select the TV model that you own.

Step 2 – Hit the download button and wait till the process completes.

Step 3 – Then use a USB to extract the files. Ensure that your USB is completely empty.

Step 4 – Now connect the USB to your TV and open the menu by pressing the Menu button.

Step 5 – Select Support> System Upgrade. And then from the list of methods available to update the firmware, choose “By USB”.

Samsung TV software update

Step 6 – You will get a prompt message. Just click on Okay and wait till the update gets installed on your Samsung TV.

Confirm Update option

Once the process finishes, try reconnecting the Mac device to your TV.


A lot of MacBook users complained about the crashing of their connection with Samsung TV.

Some of the users even complained that they could see their device on the screen mirroring list but couldn’t connect.

It can be due to a few reasons like incompatibility, outdated firmware, or router problems.

We have tried to cover all the possible and working solutions for you. All these methods are easy and quick.

However, if none of the methods helps, you can share your query with us.

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