Logitech Gaming Software Not Detecting Headset – 4 Proven Fixes

Logitech Gaming Software is developed to help users personalize the logistic device for gaming.

It allows to customize and configure devices like keyboard, speaker, mike, headset, and select wheel. The best part about logistic software is that it runs in the background and requires very low resources in your device.

Through this app, users can minimize the use of the external tools required to play a game. It recognizes your gear automatically, and you can also manage and switch profiles.

But there is a time where users face problems in connecting with various tools, and the software sometimes does not detect the headset. It may happen due to various reasons.

Reasons for Logitech Gaming Software Not Detecting Headset

Technology comes with so many problems along with it, therefore facing some issues in Logitech Gaming software regarding detection of devices is common and can happen due to various reasons. Read below to find them out.

  • When the application launches itself after the reboot, it needs to be closed and relaunched in order to detect your devices connected with it. If a user ignores that, he/she might face a problem with the detection of devices.
  • If the device is not compatible with the software, it will not be connected anyway. Therefore, make sure you check this out first.
  • Sometimes more than a technical issue, a personal issue arises in which a user forgets to connect the headset to the computer.
  • Connecting to the computer is one thing. The user needs to then launch the Logitech gaming software along with the device.
  • Sometimes the audio jack fails to work, and it may cause the detection of the device.
  • There are times when users forgot or mistakenly uninstalled the driver for the headset and do not realize the same, which can cause problems with the detection of the device.
  • The user should run as the administrator.
  • This kind of problem may often occur if you are using the new version and the software is not updated manually.

These are some of the reasons which may not let your headset connect to the logistic gaming software.

To solve all such problems with the Logitech gaming software not detecting the headset, read the solutions given below to get rid of the inconvenience.

How to Resolve Logitech Gaming Software Not Detecting Headset Issue?

Below you will find the best methods to fix the Logitech Gaming software not detecting headset. All of the methods are easy to use and super friendly to implement. Or you can try any of these without any struggle. Stay with us till the end and follow each step very carefully.

Update Your Logitech Gaming Software

You need to update your Logitech Gaming Software. So try the below-mentioned steps to fix this issue.

  • Open Logitech Gaming software and click on the arrow which pops up after you click on the Question mark option.
Check for update
  • Now click on check for updates.
click on updates
  • A Logitech Update option will appear. Click on Download.
Click on download
  • Install the update and restart your PC
Click on install
  • Logitech gaming software will be able to detect Headset.

Run As Administrator

Open Your Logitech gaming software as the administrator. Check out the below-mentioned step to do so.

  • Right Click on Logitech Gaming Software.
Open Logitech Gaming software
  • Now click on Run as administrator from the pop-up.
Run as administrator

Uninstall and reinstall the Logitech Gaming Software

Try to uninstall your Logitech Software and reinstall it. Because sometimes issues occur while installing the software. Read all the steps mentioned below to do so.

  • On the Window search bar, search for Add or Remove Program.
search Bar
  • Click on Add or Remove Programs.
click on add or remove programs
  • Click on Logitech Gaming Software from the list.
  • Click on Logitech Software
  • Click on uninstall and then click on Yes.
Click unistall
  • Click Finish.
Click on finish

Now you need to reinstall it again.

Click on Next
  • Read all the terms and conditions and click on I accept the terms in the license, and then click on install.
Accept the terms
  • When the installation is done, click on done and restart your Pc.
Restart your PC

Run LCore As Administrator

If above-mentioned methods do not work out, then try to run LCore as administrator. Follow the given steps for the same.

  • Go to the C Drive where the Logitech Gaming Software is installed
  • Right-click on a file named LCore
Click on LCore
  • Click on the properties.
Click on properties
  • Go to the compatibility tab.
Click on Compatibility
  • Tick the option of Run this program as an administrator.
click on Run the program as administrator
  • Then click on Apply and Ok.
Click on ok and apply


Logitech Gaming Software is very easy and accessible to download and work on it. There comes a time when users face accessing issues, but that can be resolved easily in no time if you follow the above-mentioned instructions properly and can get good gaming experiences.

Follow the steps above to recognize why that is happening to your headset and later search for your kind of solution below. Make sure that you follow each step as mentioned. Follow the image perception for better results.

Also, if you have any doubts, share your thoughts with us in the given comment section.

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