How to Fix Kodi Live Mix Not Working Error Quickly

Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming devices and it has various add-ons too. Live Mix is also a Kodi Add-on from a metal kettle. The Add-on helps in enhancing the media streaming experience. But with the latest updates in the Live Mix, many users are facing problems these days. In many areas, Kodi Live is not working and the installation is taking a lot of effort.

You might think of the problems and the possible solutions to fix Kodi’s live not working error issue.

There are a couple of steps that you need to follow to fix this issue. First of all, make sure to have a Live Mix add-on to get automatic updates from Live Mix. After you check everything, look for the ISP. Chances are your ISP might be blocked, hindering your streaming.

How to fix Kodi Live Not Working?

Here we have given a small guide to fix Kodi Live not working errors to help you solve this issue. Scroll down to know more:

Fix Kodi Live Not Working Error

1. Open the Kodi program.

2. On the home screen, search for Settings.

Fix Kodi Live Not Working Error

3. Click on Settings< File Manager< Add source.

4. Select Add Source and Add the file source to it.

Select Add Source and Add the file source to it.

5. Now, enter the link and tap on Done.

6. Add the name to the file and click Ok.

7. Now, return to the Home Screen and select Add-ons.

8. Install the Add-on from the Zip file.

 Install the Add-on from the Zip file.

9. On the given file name, right-click and select

10. A notification will appear. Install repository from Metalkettle Addon Repository.

11. Select Live Mix, and click Install.

12. Wait for the notification. Click Enable.

13. The Installation will take some time. Wait for the installation to complete.

14. You can now access Live Mix.

15. Close the program and restart to get smooth functioning of the Kodi Live Mix.

Install House Mixes Addon for Kodi

The method to fix the live mix working error is slightly different from the one mentioned above, in case you are using the Jarvis version16, follow the steps given below to get it done:

1. Open Kodi Jarvis V16.1

2. Go to Settings< File Manager< Add Source

3. Enter and click on it.

4. Add the name of your choice, and click OK.

5. Once done, go back to the home screen. Tap on the System heading.

6. Click Add-ons and choose a file to install in zip-file format.

7. Select the file you named and select

8. Wait for the notification.

9. Right-click and Install Metalkettle Addon Repository.

10. Select different Add-ons you want to install and Live Mix.

11. Click install.

12. Come back to the home screen. You can now access Music. And Live Mix.

Thus Concluding,

Choose any of the methods to solve Kodi Live Mix, not working errors. Drop your queries below. We would love to answer all your queries.

Happy Streaming!

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