LG TV not Responding to Remote Control – 6 Proven Solutions

LG TV is one of the most purchased brands of TVs. It comes with two kinds of remote – a magic remote and a universal standard remote.

No matter what remote you are using, if your TV stops responding to your remote control then it is a matter of concern.

Some users raised the issue of LG TV not responding to the remote control on various platforms looking for solutions.

If you are one of them and still looking for some troubleshooting methods then we are here to help.

Today we will be discussing some working solutions that will come in handy in situations where your LG TV fails to respond to the remote control.

Working Solutions to Fix LG TV not Responding to Remote Control

When a situation like this occurs, there can be two possibilities. Either your TV is at fault or your LG TV remote control is not working properly.

Hence it is important to understand which device might be causing the issue. Once you are sure you can go ahead with the troubleshooting steps.

However, if you cannot find the faulty device, then do a hit and trial to check the problem.

Part I – Check your LG TV Remote Control

Let us start by troubleshooting the remote controller and resolve LG TV not responding issue.

Method 1 – Replace Remote Batteries

Press the buttons on your remote and check if you can see the LED light flashing. If the light is not flashing or is dim then it shows that the batteries have worn out.

Replace old remote batteries

So start by replacing the remote batteries with new ones. And then check if the TV responds.

Method 2 – Unregister and Re-Register the Remote

If you have a magic remote, then follow the given simple steps to unregister the remote. Once you de-link the LG TV remote you can register it again and check if it can control your set.

Step 1 – Press the Home button and Back button on your remote and hold them for about 5 seconds.

Register LG TV magic remote

Step 2 – Hold the two buttons together till the red light flashes on the power button.

Wait till red light blinks

You will get a message on the TV screen that your remote is deregistered. Now follow the steps given below to register your LG magic remote again.

Step 3 – To register your remote, aim your remote with freshly inserted batteries and press the OK button at the center or scroll wheel /trackball button.

Note – Sometimes the Mute button also works instead of the OK button.

Wait till you get the message Magic remote registered successfully on your TV screen.

Magic remote registered

After the pairing process is completed successfully, try using the remote.

Method 3 – Fix your Remote Buttons

Sometimes the remote buttons that we use frequently like the power button or the Volume button get worn out.

If your TV is not responding to a few buttons then it can be because these buttons have got damaged.

Also, there are chances that dust or debris has been accumulated beneath the buttons, as a result of which the remote is not working properly. In such a case, you can either remove the dust and clean your remote or replace it with a new remote.

Method 4 – Reset the Remote

Another method you can try if your LG TV is not responding to the remote control is to reset your remote.

Step 1 – Remove the batteries from the remote. Wait for a few seconds.

Step 2 – Scroll the wheel button or press the power button pointing it towards the remote.

Press the Wheel button

Step 3 – Install the batteries (new) and then try using them.

Lastly, ensure that your remote is not at fault by using the universal remote model. If it works, it shows that your remote is not working properly and so get a replacement.

If the universal control also doesn’t work, then hop on to the next section.

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Part II – Check your LG TV

If the above methods don’t work, then let’s check the TV set for any issue.

Method 1 – Reset TV

The first thing to do in order to troubleshoot unresponsive conditions is to reset the TV box.

Step 1 – Close the TV from the power button. Unplug the power cord from the TV.

Step 2 – Wait for about 5 minutes till the TV resets and all the errors are sorted.

Step 3 – Insert the power cable and check if you can turn on your TV and use it via your remote control.

Method 2 – Inspect the TV

The next step to take is inspecting the TV and its infrared beam receptor. Clean the receptor on your TV.

Also, ensure that no object is interfering with the Infrared (IR) remote signal. It should reach the receiver of your TV so as to follow the commands.


LG TV magic remote controls not only your TV but all the compatible devices.

Users happen to be facing some issues with the LG smart TV remote.

They cannot control their TV using the remote. There can be various reasons behind the issue like outdated TV firmware, hardware errors, remote control signal interference, or some kind of defect in the remote control.

We have tried to cover all the working solutions to resolve the issue.

However, if we missed out on any method that worked for you, then share it with our readers in the comment section.

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