LG TV not Connecting to Wifi After Reset – 6 Proven Solutions

The LG Smart TVs open a whole new world of video experience to the users. With both wired and wireless connections, you can enjoy the supreme entertainment experience with various applications.

However, if the LG TV doesn’t connect to WiFi you do not get access to the media hub.

An uninterrupted communication between your smart TV and the Internet can be due to various reasons.

A simple reset can resolve the issue, but what if the LG TV does not connect to WiFi after a factory reset?

Feeling stuck right?

But do not worry as today we are going to share with you a complete guide to fix LG TV not connecting to WiFi after reset issue.

So let us begin.

How to Fix LG TV not Connecting to WiFi after Reset?

Rebooting the TV or router usually resolves every kind of hardware issue. However, if after factory reset the LG Smart TV does not connect to WiFi then it might be due to hardware failure or problems with the Internet provider.

So here are a few ways that you can use to troubleshoot the issue.

Method 1 – Change DNS Settings

Changing the DNS settings of your device can help you fix the issue.

Step 1 – Open the Settings and then go to All Settings.

Step 2 – Then choose Network. And click on Wired or Wireless connection.

Step 3 – Next click on the option which has the status Connected to the Internet.

Step 4 – Your current DNS server setting. Click on the edit option, and uncheck the box against the Set Automatically option.

Step 5 – Then in the DNS Server field, type And hit the Save button.

Change DNS Server Setting

After changing the DNS of the LG Smart TV, check your Internet connection and try connecting your LG Smart TV to the Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2 – Change Time and Date Settings

Changing the date and time of the device might not sound like an effective solution to fix LG TV not connecting to WiFi after reset, but it has worked for a lot of people.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings.

Step 2 – Then click on General> Date and Time.

Change Time and Date

Step 3 – Uncheck the box against the Set automatically option. And then set the local date and time manually.

Method 3 – Power cycle your LG Smart TV

Another way to repair LG TV is by power cycling it and draining the device of its residual power. Issues with audio, video, internet connectivity can be easily resolved by power cycling the smart TV.

Power Cycle your TV

Remove the power cord and press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Give your TV some rest and then power it back on. Plug back in the cord and check the device.

Method 4 – Reposition the WiFi router

Data transmission through WiFi involves radio waves. And these waves quickly pickup the interferences and obstructions causing dropped signals, sluggish data transmission, and network rates.

Position router close to LG TV

And as a result, your TV might be facing communication issues. To prevent such interferences, re-position your router as close to the TV as possible. The wireless network also happens to be obstructed by other devices like microwaves, phones, and household appliances.

So keep such devices away from the router.

Method 5 – Connect to the Right WiFi

After resetting your device, your Smart LG TV automatically connects to the WiFi network. And so there are chances that it is on the wrong network.

So firstly check the network to which your TV is connected. Then check if Guest Mode is enabled on your router. This feature usually conflicts with the auto Internet mode of most smart TVs.

Method 6 – Get a Streaming Stick

If none of the methods mentioned above work, then you can chip in some extra money and get a streaming stick.

Amazon FireStick

If you need to replace the parts of your TV to connect it to WiFi then we would suggest you get Amazon FireStick or Roku stick.

These streaming devices are much more compatible and reliable, and will definitely cost you less than the original TV parts.

Bonus Points

  • Firmware updates of LG TV to the latest version can help you connect to your WiFi connection.
  • Try making a wired connection, and then switch to a WiFi network. Resetting Connection Settings can fix connectivity issues.
  • Turn off the Simplink feature from the Menu options to improve the network connection.
  • Make a direct Ethernet connection of TV to the router.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider if nothing works.


LG Smart TV is an amazing appliance that is compatible with various other platforms.

However, it is possible that it faces connectivity issues and refuses to connect to the Internet automatically.

We have tried to give you some easy fixes that will help you resolve the LG TV not connecting to WiFi after reset.

The best thing about these solutions is that they do not require any major technical knowledge or alteration.

Share your experience with fellow readers and how you fixed the issue.

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