How to Install LazyTV on Kodi With Ease

The Kodi community is changing every day, new add-ons and improved features appear daily. Just a few days ago, a new improved add-on was introduced by Kodi.

Lazy TV is an add-on Kodi designed to watch TV on your system and lets you watch missed moments when you return.

The purpose of this add-on is to scan your TV library to see the next automatic broadcast of all your TV shows. When the add-on starts, you will see a list of these events so you can start the search from where you left off.

There are many options you can use to take advantage of the default behavior. See the installation wizard for more information on these options.

LazyTV is one of the best add-ons and offers two key features. The first is to create and run a random TV playlist you want to watch. You can also combine channels (watched and unattended) to make it easier to watch your favorite movies. The second important task is to jump to the next available window t after each TV show. With a single click, the View menu will appear immediately.

Today we will guide you step by step on how to install LazyTV Kodi with ease with required screenshots.

Install LazyTV Kodi With Ease

Directions to use

On the main screen, click Add. Many types of plug-ins are provided and then click Add-ons. You should now see the addition of Lazy TV Kodi.

Browse for lazy TV, right-click, and press and hold the menu button on the touch device or remote control. When you do this, you will see two options, such as information and settings.

Just click settings. After entering the settings, various categories will appear in the menu, including general settings, player options, list options, etc.

Let’s see how you can change this setting and customize the playlist to suit your needs.

The basic functions are displayed under the general settings. The main functions offer four options:

  1. Make a list of the upcoming episodes for each TV show. This will automatically create a list of upcoming episodes for any TV shows that you have not yet seen on your system.
  2. Create and Play a Random Playlist – This feature creates a random playlist containing individual clips from different TV shows. The games will be shuffled.
  3. Allow boot selection – This action asks if you want a list or a random list. Then select View (a list of auto-episodes will appear) or surprise me (to randomly create a list of different TV episodes).
  4. Usually, you also have the option of completing selected TV shows. When you turn on this feature, you will be asked if you want to manually add a TV show or add a nice playlist. The first allows you to manually add TV shows, while the second allows you to add albums when you open the Lazy TVkodi add-on.

How to Install LazyTV Kodi

Step 1: Launch “Kodi”.

Step 2: Go to the “Settings”> Select option “File Manager”> Double click on “Add-Source”.

Step 3: Replace < None> with “”and then hit “OK”.

Adding file source for the installation

Step 4: Name this source as Lazy Kodi> Click “OK”.

Step 5: Go back to the home screen> Go to “Add-ons”.

Go to Kodi>Add-ons

Step 6: Click “Box symbol” at extreme left> now select option “Install from Zip File”.

Step 7: Select option “Kodi Add-on repository”> Select “program add-on”.

Step 8: Click “Lazy TV Kodi add-on”> hit option “Install” and wait for a few seconds.

Lazy TV installed

Step 9: Select “Run”> Go back to the home screen to enjoy the add-on.


You have a big library of TV shows and you haven’t even seen half of them. So why are you bored sitting and looking at things? With LazyTV, you can get the content without hesitation and fear of battle.

With one click, you can view the library feeds or open the content you want to see in the window.

The Lazy TV is definitely a great addition to the Kodi community, but given that the Lazy Kodi Team is the perfect add-on, some people have expressed concerns about the add-on. However, there is no doubt that this add-on is worth your time or at least a try.

We find this add-on very useful for you. We hope the installation process is simple and clear on how to install LazyTV Kodi with ease. If you follow the instructions correctly step by step, you will not receive any error message. If you have problems with Lazy TV, let us know in the comments.

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