Kodi YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded

Quick Solutions for Kodi YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded Error

Your YouTube addon for Kodi keeps crashing and gives you some mysterious error messages such as “Exception in ContentProvider” and “Quota exceeded” right?

Today we will explain to you the simple and easy steps by following which you can solve this problem quickly.

YouTube is better than TV in all possible ways. With Kodi, you can enjoy YouTube on your TV. The remotely driven interface allows you to easily browse your subscriptions and view the complete archive and playlist of any of your favorite channels.

Sometimes, YouTube on Kodi misbehaves, and when you try to do basic things, an error message pops up. This problem seems to be associated with the API key employed by the extra developer.

Google (which owns YouTube) limits API usage, and the rapid growth of Kodi’s user base means that YouTube add-ons are capped every day, usually long before you start watching videos on Youtube.

Thanks to the steps outlined in the official forum written by Kodi by a forum member. This outline is great but as per our assumption, users find it quite easy to follow the instructions and screenshots.

We hope that the Google and Kodi teams can develop a long-term solution. At the same time, you can modify YouTube yourself by creating your API key.

Want to know how?

Follow the steps given below.

Solutions for Kodi YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded Error

Method 1: Using API

Step 1: Start by making a project in the Google Cloud Console

In the very beginning, go to the Google Cloud Platform. Once you click on the option Project, click Create Project. Name your project according to your preference like Kodi-Youtube.

Making a project in the Google Cloud Console

When you do this, please feel free to ignore any bills for Google services. This is for a serious developer, you are just a person trying to make YouTube work.

Step 2: Enable YouTube Data API

Next, go to the library section in Google Cloud Console. Search and select YouTube Data API.

On the very next page, choose option Enable.

There may be a chance that you simply are going to be told to make a project, albeit you only created one. If this happens, you are going too fast. Wait a couple of minutes and then try again.

There is also a need to click Create Project and choose your new YouTube-Kodi folder/project from the list.

 Enable YouTube Data API

Step 3: Create an API key

Next, go to the voucher page. Click Create Credentials and then API Key.

A window will appear with a new API key, a 39-character string of numbers and letters.

Copy the whole key and keep it during a document on your computer. Mark it as an API key for your reference.

Step 4: Try to make few more certificates

  1. Now keep on the certificate page, click Create Credential followed by Client ID.
  2. On the subsequent page, click Other and choose the name as per your convenience.
  3. Click Create and you’ll get two new keys: Client ID and a 45-character string of numbers and letters, followed by pps.googleusercontent.com. Copy it to your reference document, delete apps.googleusercontent.com and mark the key Client ID for reference.
  4. You will also get a Client Key, which may be a 24-character string of letters and numbers. Copy it to your document and mark it as Client Key for reference.

Step 5: Paste your key to YouTube

Now we can fire Kodi and eventually solve this problem. If you haven’t, please log in to your YouTube account within the Kodi YouTube add-on.

You’ll be asked to go to youtube.com/activate and enter the 8-digit code.

You’ll do that on any device, not just the one where Kodi is running.

Do this twice, as instructed.

 Paste your key to YouTube

Next, pull up the submenu of the YouTube plugin, you’ll do that by selecting the plugin then pressing the letter C on the keyboard. Open Additional Settings and attend the API Key tab.

Make sure that Enable Personal API Key is turned on, then paste the key you previously collected into the acceptable location.

Method 2: The other way to solve the “Quota exceeded” issue

You can easily solve the YouTube quota limit exceeded issue on Kodi by simply increasing the system’s cache size.


Follow the steps-

Step 1: First of all, open the Kodi application

Step 2: Then, choose option Youtube add-on

Step 3: Click the Advanced option after clicking on the Setting option

Step 4: Open support for alternative players

Step 5: Increase the cache size from the current size

Step 6: Then click API from the settings

Step 7: Modify Use Preset API key set

Step 8: After increasing the number from 1 to 4, the error message will disappear.

Increasing the system's cache size

Problem solved!


After setting up the API key, YouTube will run smoothly. The speed of browsing the subscriptions and popular videos is fast, just like browsing a YouTube channel.

Functions like watch later list and history have problems outside of the API and hope to be patched in future add-in versions. The error message is a thing of the past. We hope that this tutorial will help you solve your issue of daily limit exceeded error.

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