5 Ways to fix Kodi Won’t Connect to Internet Error

Since the rise of online media streaming, most people have shifted to popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Though these platforms provide affordable entertainment at your fingertips, you might think twice before spending your hard-earned money just for the sake of entertainment.

No worries dear, Kodi comes to the rescue. With the help of Kodi, you can watch your favorite content online without spending a penny!

That, however, is all fun and games until you bump into an annoying error which completely ruins all the fun. The most common error out there is when your Kodi won’t connect to the internet. Kodi shows a big “Unable to Connect” error in this case.

But hey,

We’ve got you covered! If your Kodi won’t connect to the internet and you are facing issues with Kodi not working properly, then we have some quick fixes for you to get your Kodi up and running.

Why your Kodi won’t connect to the internet?


What’s causing the “Kodi Unable to Connect” Error?

The issue occurs due to the third-party add-ons that we usually install. This error occurs when you try to add a file source to install an add-on or Kodi build.

Many Kodi users might have faced this issue before and it is very frustrating. But oftentimes, there’s a simple and quick fix to this issue which you can fix in under 1 minute.

Follow the quick methods shown below to solve this problem.

Fix Kodi unable to connect to internet Error

Method 1: Check your Internet Connection

This is by far the most common issue that leads to the Kodi not connecting to internet error. So, your first step should be to check your device’s internet connection properly.

All your devices such as TV, Firestick, Android, or PC are connected to Kodi via WiFi. So make sure your internet connection works on the respective device you are using.

If you’re facing problems connecting your Firestick to WiFi, you may try these quick solutions:

  1. Try restarting your firestick
  2. Disconnect and reconnect to your network
  3. Try resetting the firestick if the issue still persists.
  4. Restart your WiFi router

Method 2: Check the URL information you entered

If your internet works fine and still you are facing issues, then the URL you entered might be wrong. Most of the time when installing an add-on you might mistype a URL which may lead to this error.

When entering the wrong URL, you get this error

Kodi unable to connect error

Here, we are installing the repository “Superrepo” whose address is https://www.srp.nu

But as seen from the image above, we have mistaken the URL by adding an extra ‘r’ in the link.

Double click on the URL to edit it.

Editing the Kodi file source

Now correct the URL and click “Done”

Edit the Kodi file path

Now click on ‘OK’ and your repo will be installed successfully without any internet issues.

Editing the Kodi file source

Method 3: Check if the URL you entered is working

If you still face the error “Kodi unable to connect” then you should verify the URL. As Kodi users know, most addons and repositories are constantly maintained and updated. It may happen that the repo you are installing is no longer working or maybe permanently shut down. So, to ensure if it’s working properly, try to access the same URL through a browser.

On typing the URL in your browser you will get one of these two messages:

  1. If URL is working, you will see the index as shown below:
Kodi index

2) If the URL is not working, you will get the below error message:

Kodi service unavailable

If you see the above message or something like “This site can’t be reached”, it means that the add-on you are trying to install is not available. You might try other alternative add-ons or builds that serve your purpose.

Method 4: Use VPN

Most of the popular Kodi add-ons come from third-party developers and might not be allowed in some areas. If you aren’t using VPN it might happen that your ISP or Government is blocking your access to a specific IP. In that case, you should consider getting a good VPN service to browse Kodi anonymously.

Method 5: Update your Kodi Add-ons

If your Kodi won’t connect to the internet, it might be because your Kodi Add-ons are not updated. Usually, new updates are installed automatically in Kodi. But if you still face an error connecting to the internet, you should better check the updates manually.

Follow these steps to make sure your Kodi Add-ons are up to date:

  1. Open Kodi
  1. Go to Add-ons tab and click on “My add-ons”
Kodi platform
Kodi - My addons
  1. Select the small gear icon from the bottom to open options
Kodi addon options
  1. Click on “check for updates” and Kodi will install new updates automatically if available
Kodi updates

Now restart your Kodi.

And thus, you have solved the internet issue!


Considering Kodi’s wide range of availability on different devices, troubleshooting an error is actually easier than you might expect.

Kodi relies on a lot of third-party add-ons to serve its full potential. So it’s not unusual that some of these third-party add-ons might also halt the operation of Kodi.

To be on the safer side, it’s always better to use a VPN while using Kodi. Next time if your Kodi won’t connect to the internet, make sure you follow the above steps carefully. If you found another quick fix, feel free to mention it in the comments!

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