How to Fix Kodi Waiting for External Storage Issue

Hello readers. I hope all of you and your Android TVs are doing well.

However, today’s post is for all those people who are struggling with their Android TV boxes. Recently various users have reported internal storage issues while streaming Kodi.

Yes, after installing Kodi on your TV, if you are getting an error message saying- “Kodi waiting for External Storage” then this article is for you.

Storage issues on Android TV or Nvidia Shield have been reported by a lot of users. Now there can be many reasons behind the error.

In this guide, we will be sharing some effective ways to set up internal storage on your Android device and how to move data to Android External Storage.

How to Fix Kodi Waiting for External Storage?

If your Kodi application is showing a low storage error then there are a few ways by which you can fix it. You can either optimize the internal storage of your device or add some extra external storage. Using these ways you can easily give your Android TV the required memory boost.

Method 1- Delete Unused Games and Apps

The best and the easiest way to increase the internal storage space on your device is by getting rid of the apps and games that you haven’t used in a while. These apps might be taking up a lot of the Android internal or external storage.

Follow the steps given below to delete such apps.

Step 1- Turn on your Android TV. Wait till the home screen comes to display.

Step 2- Open the Settings of the device by clicking on the gear icon.

Delete Unused Games and Apps

Step 3- Then go to Internal Storage under Storage and Reset.

 Go to Internal Storage

Step 4- Choose the Apps option. A list of all the installed apps will come.

Internal storage - storage and reset

Step 5- Choose the app you want to uninstall.

Uninstalling the apps

Step 6- Click on Uninstall and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

word image

Note- Make sure you remove the apps that you have installed. Do not play with the System apps as it might alter the functioning of the device.

Method 2 – Set Up Internal Storage of Android TV

Another way to fix the storage issue on Kodi is by using an external storage device as your TV’s internal storage or removable storage. By following some simple steps you can set up Android TV storage.

Step 1- Connect your external drive to the Android TV Box. Power up your device.

Step 2- Open the Settings of your TV. Under the Settings section, choose Device Preferences.

Set Up Internal Storage of Android TV

Step 3- Next select Storage. The name of the external storage devices will be displayed. Choose the name of the device you connected.

Device storage and reset

Step 4- Now select the Set up as an internal storage option. Wait till the process completes.

Setting up as internal storage

Your Android TV will hopefully recognize the storage space and allow you to stream Kodi without any issue.

Method 3- Move Data to External SD Card

So now that you have set the internal storage of your device, let’s shift the apps and other data to the external drive. Follow the steps given below to move data to SD card Android TV-

Step 1- Open the Settings of your Android TV. Go to General Settings.

Step 2- Then select Apps. Choose the particular app you want to change the settings of.

Step 3- Go to Storage and then choose the new location where you want to store.

Move data to new storage

Method 4 – Change Data Location for Android

Android app data also plays an important role in the available storage space. The settings folder on Android devices also includes the user data along with the add-on’s information. And so by changing the location you can create internal storage while moving data to an external memory card.

Step 1- Open the Internal storage of your device. Go to the root directory of the SD Card.

Step 2- Create a plain text file of the name- xbmc_env.properties.

Step 3- Next you need to tell Kodi that all the data will now be stored in the xbmc_env.properties. and so create path statement-


a path statement usually has the same structure. However, if you are using an SD card, then it might look like-


You can check the path statement of your device through File Explorer like “Root Explorer” or “File Browser.”

Step 4- Now using the above-mentioned file explorer program, move your Kodi directory from .kodi to the new location you have assigned in the previous step.

So you will be moving or copying the data from-


To the new location-


That’s it. This is one more way to troubleshoot the Kodi waiting for external storage issues.

Method 5 -Restore External Storage to Internal Storage on NVIDIA Shield

If you are using Kodi on NVIDIA Shield, then this method will help you reset your storage location. Follow the steps given-

Step 1- Open the Settings of your device. Go to Storage and Reset.

Go to Storage and Reset.

Step 2-Select the Internal Shared Storage option.

Internal Shared Storage option.

Step 3- On the top, you will see Migrate data to this storage. Click on it.

Step 4-Choose Move Now. The process will start, wait till it completes.

Move data to complete set up

Now all your data has been moved to the internal storage of the device. So now you can eject your hard drive/SD card or any external device that you are using.

Step 5- So select your External storage device. You can either choose to erase and format the drive or simply select Eject.

Step 6- We will be clicking on Eject> Ok.

Seagate USB drive

Now return to the home screen. Launch Kodi and check if it is working properly or not.


Kodi is an amazing platform to stream all sorts of content online. You can easily install the software on Windows, Android, or Xbox.

However sometimes, the internal storage available on Android TV is not enough.

And so we need to add some external hard drive or SD card as an extra storage location.

If while launching Kodi on your device, you are getting an error saying waiting for external storage, then the above-mentioned methods will help you fix it.

Let us know which method worked for you. And in case of any query, share it with us.

Till then, keep streaming Kodi.

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