Kodi Unable To Create GUI.Exiting SOLVED (4 Quick Fixes)

We often face the error of Kodi being unable to create a GUI. Oops! Then what would you do, try multiple possible solutions? Read multiple articles? Watch uncountable videos?

Well, today we resolve this problem of yours. We will tell you an effective alternative method to fix the problem of creating a GUI on KODI.

This solution guide shows you how to fix Kodi that cannot create GUI. We also showed you another way that is worth a try anyway.

Ways to fix Kodi unable to create a GUI error in Windows 10

Platforms like Kodi are always very interesting before problems arise. Unfortunately, most users are unable to solve this problem because they do not know what to do, and sometimes there is little information on the Internet. The following is a simple and easy to understand step-by-step procedure on how to fix this specific problem.

Method1: By installing the Driver tab

Step 1

On the Windows PC, right-click on the PC icon representing the host and select Properties.

Step 2

Choose the left-hand side present Device Manager option, select the Show adapters option, and release it.

Step 3

Now right-click on the listed graphics adapter and choose the context menu option Properties.

Step 4

In this menu, select the Drivers tab present at the top of the window and select the button Driver Update.

Step 5

Whenever a new window appears, make sure to select automatically check for driver updates. It will find the best software update available. After installing the driver, close Device Manager.

Step 6

Uploading the Kodi installation should provide a more positive experience.

We hope this solution helps you get started with Kodi17 or 17.3 quickly and easily. Other issues may arise, but this specific issue requires long-term classification. Enjoy the Kodi experience and make the most of your resources.

Method 2: Try Kodi 18 in place of Kodi 17

  • To download Kodi 18, visit the official page of Kodi 18 download options or visit the My Kodi 18 installation page.
  • You can also type http://bit.ly/kodi18beta3x64 in your Windows 10 computer browser to directly download Kodi 18. This is the 64-bit version of Kodi and Windows available only on computers.
  • Installing Kodi 18 is the easiest way to fix the error of not being able to create a graphical interface because it quickly fixes Kodi that can’t create GUI errors.
  • For Kodi18 running on an old PC, download the first file ending in .exe.
Kodi Unable To Create GUI.Exiting SOLVED

Method 3: Replace your Graphics Card Driver

  • Go to the Windows Start menu, enter Device Manager, and click the Device Manager item that appears after typing Device Manager.
  • When the Device Manager starts, expand the graphics adapters section.
  • The video card driver has been updated to fix Kodi that cannot create GUI errors.
  • Then right-click the graphics card and click Properties.
  • Then click the Drivers tab and click Update Driver.
  • Finally, click “Automatically check for updated device driver software.”
  • Then take a pause, let Windows search for and install the updated available graphics driver. In some cases, you may have already installed the latest driver. In this case, you cannot try this solution, so you should try other solutions on this page.

Method 4: Change the KODI launcher to start in Windows mode

Change the KODI launcher to start in Windows mode
  • To do this, find Kodi in the Start menu> right-click the Kodi icon> click Properties.
  • Then find the box labeled Run that displays a drop-down menu next to it.
  • The drop-down menu will be displayed as a normal window.
  • Navigate to Maximize and click OK.
  • Then, start Kodi and cross your fingers to see if Kodi can create GUI errors.
  • If that doesn’t work, scroll down to the Kodi 18 section and download Kodi 18 on your Windows computer.

In Conclusion

KODI is an excellent system application for free entertainment like videos, shows, and games. We have explained many ways and guides that completely resolve the issue and you can easily create GUI in KODI.

We think this article briefly presents all the GUI problems needed to fix “KODI cannot create GUI errors”.

We hope out of the four methods explained above, one will definitely work for you and resolve this GUI issue occurring while using KODI on your device. You just need to follow the above steps and enjoy uninterrupted service.

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