4 Quick Ways to Fix Kodi Unable to Connect to Remote Server

Kodi is popular open-source software that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and all your favorite content in one place. It also comes with add-ons that enhance the overall experience of Kodi.

The Kodi add-ons help you to access almost any content on the internet using scraping methods. Most people use scraper add-ons to search for free movies on the internet.

But sometimes, while refreshing the movie list, you may get an error stating that “Unable to Connect To Remote Server”. If you also face this error, then hang on, we will give you proven ways to fix this error quickly.

Why is Kodi Unable To Connect To a Remote Server?

Before solving any error, we should know the root cause behind it so that it doesn’t happen again. Usually, while watching movies and other video content on Kodi, people use add-ons that search the internet for free content. This technique is called “scraping”.

So, in some cases, it might happen that the add-ons are not working or simply not updated. So, when you try to search movies or refresh your libraries, you may get the error “Unable to connect to remote server”.

This error comes again and again, no matter how many times you try to refresh your library. We know this is annoying for you so read the below steps where we show you how to solve this error.

Fixes for Kodi Unable To Connect To Remote Server

Now you know the reason behind the Kodi unable to connect to remote server error and want to fix it as soon as possible. There are various methods you can follow to solve this.

We have listed them below:

Method 1: Update your scraper add-on

Most of the time, it’s the problem with your scraper add-on that causes the Kodi unable to connect to the remote server error. So, you need to make sure it is updated.

Now, there are different scraper add-ons and you might have a different add-on installed. We will show how to update a scraper add-on, (Universal Scraper here) in this tutorial, and you can use this method to update any scraper add-on you might have.

Open Kodi

Update Kodi

Go to settings by clicking on the small gear icon on top-left

Go to Kodi settings

Click on add-ons

Kodi addons

Click on “Install from repository”

Kodi addon browser

Select “Kodi Add-on repository” from the list

Chose Kodi Add-on repository from the list

Click on “Information Providers”

Click on Information Providers
Click on Movie Information

Locate your add-on from the list and click on it to open its configuration

Movie database Kodi

Click on “Update”

Kodi movie database

Your movie scraper add-on will be updated. Now you can try refreshing your library and you won’t get any “unable to connect to remote server” error.

Method 2: Turn on automatic updates

This is the best way to solve the above error, without manually updating each add-on. This also ensures that Kodi runs in good condition. When you turn on automatic updates in Kodi, all your add-ons will be automatically updated once an update is available.

This will make sure that any bugs in the previous versions are removed. Follow these below steps to turn on automatic updates in Kodi.

In settings, click on “System”

Turn on automatic updates

Go to “Add-ons” tab

Go to Add-ons tab
  1. Click on “Updates”
Click on Kodi Updates

Set it to “Install updates automatically”

Install updates automatically
Turn on automatic updates for your Kodi add-ons

This will turn on automatic updates for your Kodi add-ons and you won’t have any issues with your add-ons further.

Method 3: Clean up your library

If you are trying to scan your media library for updates and your Kodi is unable to connect to a remote server, then you should clean up your library. Follow the below steps to do so.

Go to settings and click on Media

Go to settings and click on Media

In the Library tab, under the Manage Sources section, click on Videos

Under the Manage Sources section, click on Videos

Locate your media folder, “Movies” in this case

Locate your media folder

Right-click on the folder and click on “Change Content”

Kodi Change Content

Click on the first option “This directory contains”

Click on - this directory contains

Set it to “None” and click on Ok

This directory contains - click none
This directory contains - click ok

A prompt will open, click on Yes

Unassign content dialogue box

Your library will be cleaned up.

Cleaning up the library

Now you can try scanning it again and it would scan all the media successfully.

Method 4: Reset/Reinstall your Kodi

If nothing above fixes your issue then your last bet is to reset your Kodi. This will of course delete your settings and configurations but will also remove any malicious bugs lying around. This will solve your error of Kodi unable to connect to a remote server.


Kodi Unable to Connect To Remote Server – is a very common error. Most of the users face this error while trying to scan their media folders for updates.

While the most obvious reason behind this is the outdated scraper add-ons, you should turn on the Automatic Updates option in Kodi to keep this add-on updated. You can also try cleaning the particular library or lastly resetting your Kodi if nothing works. Happy Bingeing!

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