Quick Ways to Fix Kodi Trakt Not Working

Is your Kodi Trakt not working? Are you unable to access your favorite playlists? This simple and quick guide will show you how to fix your Kodi Trakt not working.

If you don’t know already, Trakt is a powerful tool that helps you stay on “track” with your favorite shows. It allows you to follow and track the progress of all of your TV shows and movies which is also called scrobbling. With Trakt, you can build a collection of Titles you own, build to-do watchlists, discover new content, and a lot more.

If you link your Trakt account with Kodi, all of your created playlists will show up in other Kodi addons such as Exodus Redux, Seren, and Gaia. If your Kodi Trakt is not working, follow the guide below.

How do I know if Kodi Trakt is not working?

Before going further into this guide, you should know if your Kodi Trakt is really working or not. How to check that? Well, it’s simple. The most obvious way to detect Trakt not working for you is to check if you can access your “My Playlist” section.

Your playlists and watchlists are pulled from the Trakt website and displayed on Kodi. If these do not show up, then you know you have a problem with Trakt.

Many users recently reported that their Trakt was not working as it used to do before. After that, many other complaints surfaced. The most common issue was that the users were not able to access ‘my current” Trakt data and the progress bar wasn’t displayed.

But here’s a hint for you. Like all other addons and services, Trakt is also maintained regularly and goes through a lot of changes and updates. It may be possible that, at a certain point of time, Trakt servers might be undergoing maintenance. Thus your Kodi won’t be able to communicate with the server and hence can’t fetch your playlists from Trakt.

One simple trick is to stay updated with the latest news from Trakt. They regularly post updates on Twitter about ongoing maintenance. If you see an update mentioning “server maintenance is going on” then you know the reason behind your Kodi Trakt not working. You can wait till the issue is resolved from their side and then access your favorite content.

How do I know if my Kodi Trakt is working?

It might be possible that your Kodi Trakt is working properly but you didn’t check it the correct way. Trakt has provided a nice service uptime tool that allows you to monitor the current status of Trakt’s service.

If you want to know about Trakt’s service status anytime, just go to Trakt Status Page and you will see its uptime status for the last 90 days.

Kodi Trakt

Look at the chart below “API” and hover over the date and time you want to know about. If the status isn’t a full 100% then you know something is faulty at Trakt’s side and thus you are experiencing issues.

Kodi Trakt service status

This tool will help you to identify whether Trakt’s service is up or down. Keep checking the status if you face issues and try reusing Trakt once issues are fixed.

Now you know how to check the status of Trakt’s service. But what if their servers are 100% operational and still you are facing issues?

Worry not dear, we’re here to help you.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

Fix Trakt not working

If the Trakt status page shows everything’s fine, then the problem is at your side. The first thing you can do here is to reauthorize your account. Follow the steps below to reauthorize your Trakt account and fix issues.

First detach your Trakt account from Kodi. Launch Trakt Official Website → login to your account → Open settings → In “Connected Apps” tab, locate Kodi and click on the “Revoke” option

Trakt for Kodi

Now re-authorize your account using the following steps

  1. Open Kodi.
Open Kodi
  1. Go to Addons tab.
Go to Addons tab
  1. Under “Program Addons” locate Trakt and right-click to open settings.
Under Program Addons locate Trakt
Go to Kodi settings
  1. In the general tab, click on the “How do I authorize Trakt addon to access my Trakt.tv account?” option
Authorizing the Kodi Trakt addon
  1. Follow the steps to re-authorize your account.
 Trakt account authorization
  1. Launch trakt.tv/activate on your browser, enter the code provided in Kodi and click on “continue”.
Enter the Trakt code
  1. Click on “Yes” to allow access.
Allow Trakt access
  1. Your account will be authorized
Trakt not working error resolved
Kodi program add-ons

Now your Kodi Trakt issue will be successfully resolved.


Trakt for Kodi is a wonderful add-on to sync your favorite shows with Trakt.tv account. It helps you keep track of all your favorite entertainment content and stay highly organized. If you face issues with Kodi Trakt not working then it’s due to the server maintenance most of the time.

Wait for a while until the Trakt team fixes the issue. If you’re still having issues, you can follow the steps mentioned above to re-authorize your account. Happy bingeing!

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