How to Fix Windows Kodi SMB Not working

Windows 10 offers various file-sharing options for sharing files quickly within the local network. One such Windows File Sharing process is Server Message Block aka SMB.

It is the standard client-server procedure where Windows shares the resources over its network. SMB is present on all Windows devices and you can easily set it up.

However, when it comes to Kodi you need to add a network source. And since you are on this page, it seems you have set up the SMB, and are now facing some issues.

Kodi doesn’t support SMB v1. And so you need to have SMB v2 or the higher version for Kodi.

If you are also facing issues in accessing other files, finding other networks, or while adding SMB share, then it is possible that the Windows Network SMB is not working.

There can be various reasons behind the error and luckily we have a few fixes that will help you fix it.

How to Fix Windows SMB not Working with Kodi?

Various users have reported different problems with the Windows Network SMB.

Here are a few ways that you can try to fix the Kodi can’t connect to a network server error.

Method 1 – Check the Network Connection

The first thing to do when you are facing an error while trying to share files using Windows Network is to check your connection.

It is the basic troubleshooting step but has worked well for a lot of users. So make sure that your Kodi device and your Windows system is running on the same network.

For this, you just need to check the IP address of both the devices, whether they are running in the same scope.

Another way to check if they are connected to the same network, and working properly is – try to ping your Kodi device. If you are able to ping your Kodi device from your computer, then your network connection is working fine.

Method 2 – Manually Browse the Address

Another way to fix the Windows SMB error when you cannot connect to the network server is by manually browsing it.

According to some users, while they were trying to add some videos, nothing shows up on the screen while browsing the network.

It might be due to two reasons. Either your Kodi device is not being able to scan the network appropriately or the SMB share is not being broadcast.

In such a case instead of browsing for the shares, you can type the address manually and search it.

Type the share name you are browsing in the following format- \computer IP\sharename, like \\music.

Method 3 – Change Sharing Settings

If you are creating a HomeGroup to share the media content, then it might be leading to the Kodi Windows Network SMB not working error.

And so if you are using your Windows device, you do not need to create a HomeGroup to share files. Follow the steps given below to change the sharing permissions.

Step 1- Right-click on the folder you want to share. Choose Properties.

Step 2- Go to the Advanced Sharing option.

Step 3- You can now give the share a suitable name. It is advised that you keep the name the same as the folder name and then set the share permissions.

Changing the sharing settings

Test your settings by keeping the group-wide open, so that everyone has full control.

Method 4 – Check the Samba Version

Sometimes we forget to update our system with the latest version. And so it is possible your device is using SMBv1.

However, SMBv2 has been declared as the default successor of the previous version.

And so if you are seeing an error message like-

“SMB Network browsing no longer supported” or “Windows user requires a password for access to SMB”, then you need to enable SMBv2 on your device.

Enable SMBv2 on your device

Once you enable the latest version on your Windows server, you can easily add the network location on Kodi.

And voila. Now you just need to enter the login credentials and things will work.

Method 5 – Enable SMB1/ CIFS File Sharing Support

For users of Raspberry Pi, the SMB V2 network might be creating this issue. And so if your device is not supporting the file-sharing network, you can try degrading to SMBv1. Follow the steps given below to enable SMB 1.0 file-sharing support.

Step 1- Click on the Start menu option. In the Search bar, type Control Panel.

Step 2- Click on the first result to open the Control Panel.

Click on the first result to open the Control Panel.

Step 3- Change the view option to Category. And then choose the Programs option.

Step 4- Locate Turn Windows Feature On or Off. Click on it.

Control panel - programs

Step 5- In the next window, scroll down to find the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support option.

Windows features

Step 6- Click on the checkbox against the option to enable it. Click on Ok.

Step 7- Finally reboot your system to apply the changes made.

Step 8- Now go to Kodi. Open Settings> Services.

Step 9- Under the SMB Client, make the following changes.

Maximum Protocol Version=SMBv1

Minimum Protocol Version=SMBv1

This is one of the best ways to work with Raspberry Pi Samba Windows 10 not working. You can now add the source location in Kodi and check if the error still persists.


The Windows 10 SMB feature can be used to add network sources on Kodi and share files with your local network.

However, recently people are facing various errors with the setup of the system and network server.

One such issue is the Kodi SMB Network not working with Windows 10. If you are also facing issues like Kodi error 2 sharing not available, then try these methods to fix it.

Before modifying or editing any setup settings, try basic troubleshooting methods. If those methods don’t work, then move into the settings and configuration mode.

And in case of any query or doubt in the above-mentioned method, hit us up in the comment section.

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