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How to Install Pheonix for Kodi (With Screenshots)

Kodi is one of the most used multimedia applications in the world. It’s a GNU / GPL license open-source application and a free media application that allows users to enjoy their favorite entertainment genre at all in one place.

With Kodi you can watch videos or watch streaming TV, make recordings, listen to music, watch pictures, play games, surf the Internet, or check the weather forecast, among many other options.

The goal of Kodi is to bring all of your favorite audiovisual genre options under one simple interface. In this way, we avoid relying on different sources, keeping all content well organized and always available.

Kodi was introduced in 2002. Originally named XBMC (Xbox Media Player / Center), it was designed and installed on the first pirated Xbox consoles to play media content that you put in their internal storage.

Over time, XBMC has been developed for other platforms as well, first for computers and then for mobile devices. In 2014, its creators decided to change the name of the software to Kodi.

What is Phoenix?

Phoenix was originally one of the must-install plug-ins for those using KODI, but after a copyright dispute in early June, the site has been closed.

The reason why Phoenix is so powerful is that it combines digital streaming of movies, TV shows, live sports, and adults.

Also, it is one of the most-installed plug-ins when getting started with applications like KODI. One of the sports plug-ins along with phoenix is the Rising Tides add-on.

It is one of the famous sports add-ons for Kodi that can bring you a variety of streams that too in multiple categories.

Users can play highlights and updates related to sports channels by using this plugin. The Kodi content media center is modest in which new shows and entertainment material are added from time to time.

Install Phoenix for KODI

By using the following guide you can install phoenix add-on or plug-in to your KODI device and enjoy your favorite and popular TV shows and movies. This process includes several steps which are discussed below-

Step 1- First of all Launch Kodi

Install Phoenix for KODI

Step-2 Go to system, then go to file manager

File manager

Step 3- Select Add source option

Select Add source option

Step 4- Type”http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” and press Enter

Type"http://fusion.tvaddons.ag" and press Enter

Step 5- Select and click done

Step 6- Select the blank box directly below “Enter the name of this media source.”

Step 7- Enter F which indicates fusion installer in the application and select the option OK

Step 8- Return to the home screen of Kodi

Step 9- Go to system, then go to add-ons

Go to add-ons

Step 10- Choose the option “Install from Zip File”

Step 11- Select F which indicates again fusion installer

Step 12-Select the folder that says Start here

Step 13- Select the file that contains the words “addon” and “installer”

Step 14- After setting up the add-on installer, return to the Kodi dashboard

Step 15- In the Kodi dashboard, select “Programs”

Step 16- Select plugin installer

Step 17- Choose a plugin category. You will find Phoenix under Featured Addons, so select this.

Step 18 – Select Phoenix

 Select Phoenix to install

Step 19- Select “Install”

Step 20- Wait for some time to receive the message of “add-ons are enabled” on your Kodi dashboard Step 21- Go to the Kodi home screen to launch Phoenix, and then go to VIDEOS. Then select add-ons, and then select Phoenix to start the Phoenix add-on.

How to install the Phoenix Reborn addon on KODI

Follow these steps to install Phoenix Reborn Kodi Addon –

1. Search for the Settings of Kodi

By default, the Kodi developers have disabled the permission to install any third-party add-ons. To install any unauthorized Kodi add-on, make sure you enable the Unknown source option.

2. Go to System Settings

You will find the option to activate Unknown source in the menu System, then Add-ons, and finally, click Unknown sources.

3. Choose the option Add-ons

In the left navigation, choose the Add-ons option.

4. Then go to the option Unknown sources

Drag the mouse to the extreme right and click the option Unknown sources to enable it. Ignore the warning that will appear on your screen and select option YES.

5. Select Yes

Here, click on the option, YES to permit unknown sources installation on your Kodi device.

6. Search for File Manager option

Go back to the previous windows and go to the File Manager option. Here you will see the download address of the repository file.

7. Select the option Add a source

So fill and enter the repository address. Select the option Add source.

8. Select the option “<None>”

Here you need to choose the path of the Kodi repository. Select the option “<None>” and enter the address of the repository.

9. Enter the address of the repository

Enter http://phoenixrebornbuild.com.hr/phoenixrepo/ in the repository address and select OK.

10. Enter the name of the repository

Here, Kodi asks you to enter the name of the repository. Just type ”phoenixrepo” in the box and press ”OK“.

11. Select the option OK

Cross-check the entered information to make sure it is correct. Check it and select OK.

12. Go to the Add-ons option

Once you entered the name and address of the repository, return to Kodi Home. Here just click on the option Add-ons.

13. Go to the Package installer option

Select the install package option or Package installer option to install the repository on Kodi.

14. Go to the option Install from zip file

Now Select and install the repository zip file on Kodi. So, to do this select the option Install from the zip file and find out the location of the repository.

15. Select the folder named Repository folder

Phoenix for Kodi is available on the Phoenix Reborn repository. So select the “phoenixrepo” folder to find the repository file.

16. Select the Repository Zip File

Select repository.phoenixreborn-1.6.5.zip to install Phoenix Repository on the desired Kodi.

17. Select the option Install from the repository

Now install add-ons from the installed repository. Go to Install from repository option.

18. Click on the Kodi Phoenix Reborn Repository

Now locate a new repository i.e., Reborn Repository in your Kodi repository list and select the Kodi Phoenix Reborn Repository from the list.

19. Now Select Phoenix Reborn Free Tv List Addon

Click on the Video Extensions folder, then select Phoenix Reborn Free TV List Addon.

20. Go to option Install

Now click the install option/button and download the Phoenix Reborn Free TV List Addon on Kodi. Choose the Install option.

21. At last, Select OK

Phoenix Reborn for Kodi requires add-ons and additional scripts to function properly. Select OK to install all required dependencies and scripts on Kodi.


Along with Phoenix, you can also try other add-ons to enjoy multiple genres in KODI. Phoenix is the most popular add-on among entertainment lovers in HD and it is easy to install. You can also install Phoenix in different versions of KODI. It contains different sections that make this user-friendly and one of the most popular add-ons since 2018. We hope that you loved this article and follow the steps to install your favorite add-on in all KODI supported devices.

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